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Group members: Lily Chen Hannah Wu Fran Wu Eunice Tseng Betsy Huang.

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1 Group members: Lily Chen Hannah Wu Fran Wu Eunice Tseng Betsy Huang

2 Outline Introduction Learner’s characteristics and learning condition Learning style Behaviorism Innatism UG, CPH and Monitor model Interactionism

3 Introduction Who is Dennis?  A senior student in Dept. of Marketing & Distribution Management

4 Educational Background Sesame street (1~2 years) Northfield Manor Primary School (Grade 3~6)  Birmingham, UK Bournville School (Grade 7.8)  Birmingham, UK 石門國中 Jinwen University of Science and Technology  Major in Department of Applied English  Five year program NKFUST  Studying in Dep. of Marketing & Distribution Management  Two-year program

5 English Certificates TOEIC score 960 (second time) First time 795 How did he improve his score?  Time control in Reading is very important  English environment  Be familiar with the question form

6 Experiences Teaching assistant in English Summer Camp Taught poor children English in community center for free  Warm story Part-time job - Translator  For a technology business company  Chinese to English  About 2 to 3 cases a week  Gain knowledge and make money

7 Future Goal International businessman Europe or U.S. Interaction with people

8 Why do we choose him? He is good at speaking, listening, reading, and writing. He got a very high score in TOEIC. He is very good at translation (Never being rejected)

9 Data Collection Methods Questionnaires Face to face interview Recording MSN messenger

10 Analysis of characteristics Attitude Motivation Personality Learner preference Learner beliefs

11 Attitude Having a positive learning attitude Learning English voluntarily English is like a part of his life just like Chinese

12 Motivation Intrinsic: He thinks English is interesting, and would like to learn better. Instrumental: He uses English as a tool to communicate with others and acquiring latest information.

13 Personality Outgoing Friendly Not afraid to ask Not afraid to try new things

14 learner preference Multiple Intelligence Inventory: -Visual-Spatial; Bodily-kinesthetic; Interpersonal Moderately extroverted - He likes to make friends. - He likes to talk with his friends who speak English.

15 Learner beliefs Make Learning English a habit to you!!

16 Learning conditions Age of acquisition Learning process Learning material Difficulties (how to overcome)

17 Age of acquisition He started to learn English at eight.

18 Learning process In Taiwan He went English classes in Sesame Street. He learned alphabet. He had simple conversation with teachers and classmates.

19 Learning process In England He had education there, from grade 3 to grade 8. He constantly practiced speaking & listening. He communicated with native speakers in daily life.

20 Learning process In Taiwan He majored in English in high school. He learned reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. He worked as an English tutor for poor children in neighborhood.

21 Learning process In Taiwan He majors in Marketing in university. He studies English by himself. He obtains knowledge of economics in English and improves his reading and writing ability. He does translation work for some companies.

22 Learning material He listens to English songs and English radio programs. Ex. ICRT He reads English magazines. Ex. “Times” and “The Economics” He speaks English to foreign friends.

23 Difficulties First, he was afraid to speak to others in English.  How to overcome his fear : The joy of understanding what others are talking has given him a lot of confidence to speak out.

24 Discussion

25 Behaviorism Imitation Practice Reinforcement Habit formation

26 Behaviorism Imitation By Listening to ICRT Language learning audiotapes Teacher and Classmates  Improve the pronunciation and intonation

27 Behaviorism Practice Listening---Listen to the radio program Speaking---Have conversation with others every day Writing and Reading---Read more articles to improve his writing ability.

28 Behaviorism Reinforcement Praises and Appreciates  give him confidence

29 Behaviorism Habit formation Watching foreign movies and listening to ICRT everyday Reading English magazine --- Times

30 Innatism: LAD-UG Dennis went to England. It’s an English environment. No one taught him English grammar rules. Generalize the grammar rules by himself. So, he… Can’t explain the grammar rules for his friends. Take the TOEIC test by his intuition. (score: 960 )

31 Innatism: CPH 8 years old: started to learn English. 9 years old: went to England. 13 years old: came back to Taiwan. Critical period: He learned English from 8 to 13.

32 The monitor hypothesis Speaking Mistake  He (has )had many things to do yesterday. He would notice the mistake, but he would not correct it again.

33 Natural order hypothesis The order of Learning  Pronunciation (without KK phonetic symbol )  Vocabulary  Grammar  Writing

34 Input hypothesis: i+1 The sources of English learning:  Reading: National Geographic, The economist, Times  Listening: foreign movies, ICRT When coming across a new word:  He would check it up in dictionary. When encountering a new term:  He would search on the Internet. Ex. English Wikipedia

35 Affective filter hypothesis Encounter the difficulty When he studied in England.  He felt frustrated in listening.  He would ask them to say again.  He would felt embarrassed but he still kept to ask.

36 Social Interaction Exposed to the English environment.  Being in the environment he must speak in English. After he came back to Taiwan.  He speaks English with friends frequently.

37 Thanks for your attention!

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