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COOPERATION. Cooperation and Interdependence among the world’s peoples and nations is not new…

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2 Cooperation and Interdependence among the world’s peoples and nations is not new…

3 Transactions of many forms have taken place across borders throughout recorded history.

4 Some nations decide to offer assistance to other nations, working independently (unilateral action.)

5 U.S. Monetary Aid

6 Yet, cooperation among governments and people (multilateral action) can also achieve desired objectives and has been essential to world peace.

7 In recent years, however, the need for international cooperation has become more intense and the need to cooperate more urgent.

8 The impact of industrialization has called for cooperation to address environmental concerns such as pollution…

9 The continued struggles of oppressed peoples seeking human rights have threatened regional stabilities…

10 The world’s people use many ways of addressing conflict..

11 1.Avoidance – ignoring it. Avoidance can be useful as a temporary measure to buy time…In some cases, it can involve severing a relationship.

12 2. Accommodation – surrender one's own needs and wishes to accommodate the other party.

13 3. Competition or Aggression – assert one's viewpoint at the expense of another.

14 4. Cooperation – working together to find a mutually beneficial solution.

15 Many experts in international relations suggest that COOPERATION is the only “win-win” solution to conflict.

16 Solutions to common problems or conflicts are often addressed through the actions of international organizations…

17 Some of the most active international organizations are intergovernmental organizations- comprised of sovereign states (member nations) who voluntarily join together to solve particular problems.

18 Common goals are: to preserve peace through conflict resolution, improve standards of living by addressing issues such as environmental protection, human rights, social development (education, health care) humanitarian aid, or economic development.

19 Common types of intergovernmental organizations include:


21 Global organizations: generally open to nations worldwide.

22 This category includes the United Nations (UN) and its agencies, Interpol, and the World Bank.

23 Regional organizations: open to members from a particular region or continent.

24 This category includes the African Union (AU), European Union (EU), and the Organization of American States (OAS).

25 Regional organizations’ representatives and leaders meet frequently to discuss common problems and agree to solutions.

26 Economic organizations: aimed on developing members’ resources or encouraging trade.

27 Some are dedicated to open and free trade, such as the World Trade Organization.

28 Often nations agree to treaties, establishing special relationships with one another, such as the freer trade established by NAFTA…

29 Others are focused on the protection of regional resources, such as the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (OPEC).

30 International banks, created by a group of countries, provide financing (loans and aid) for the purpose of regional projects, such as irrigation…

31 …clean water, agriculture, technology, education, and health care.

32 U.S.- Mexico joint attempt to protect the environment along the border (La Paz Agreement, 1983)

33 Annual International Aid (Per Capita) Post-Conflict

34 Collective Security organizations: military alliances based on the need for mutual defense and peacekeeping missions of its members.

35 Modern alliances include: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, United States Treaty Organization.)


37 In addition to the United Nations, the European Union, African Union, and NATO maintain an additional 100,000 military police, assisting local police worldwide…


39 How successful are COOPERATIVE actions by the world’s peoples?

40 Let’s look at the data…




44 USA Western Europe



47 COOPERATION Created by Pam Merrill, Edmond Public Schools

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