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Collaboration and Leadership Alliance: Teaching All Learners October 5, 2010.

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1 Collaboration and Leadership Alliance: Teaching All Learners October 5, 2010

2 Your Experience (January, 2010) 50% meet regularly, daily or weekly to review lessons, content, and/or specific student consideration 38% have periodic collaborative meetings to discuss instructional strategies and/or to review progress against IEP goals Three said you discuss student strengths, weaknesses, or needs (unclear how often) 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 2

3 Your Thoughts (January, 2010) The way I would like to collaborate with general/special education teachers to provide math instruction is…. 85% mentioned wanting to have lesson specific co-planning 15% prefer to have collaboration on strategic plans and independently develop and implement lesson plans and instruction 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 3

4 Poster Task Read each person’s comments on collaboration Put a green dot on the one that you feel the most reflects what you might say if asked about your thoughts about collaboration Put a red dot on the one that you find the most problematic in terms of showing good and productive collaboration Return to your table 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 4

5 With your table group… Discuss what is valid about what the “characters” said. 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 5

6 Collaboration Defined Interpersonal collaboration is a style for direct interaction between at least two co- equal parties voluntarily engaged in shared decision making as they work toward a common goal ( Friend and Cook, 2010 ) 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 6

7 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 7 Collaboration for Teaching Math to All Learners Goal is mathematics instruction that supports all learners “Parties” represent special and general education May be: –Focused on a specific student(s) –Focused on teaching the same content –Focused on co-teaching

8 Defining Characteristics of Collaboration Collaboration is voluntary Collaboration requires parity among participants Collaboration is based on mutual goals Collaboration depends on shared responsibility for participation and decision-making Individuals who collaborate share resources Individuals who collaborate share accountability for outcomes. (Friend & Cook, 2010) 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 8

9 In your groups… Read Defining Characteristics of Collaboration (pp. 8-13) Discuss and be ready to share out responses to the following: –Which characteristic is the most readily established? Why? –Which characteristic, if not present, could be the most detrimental to developing effective collaborative relationships? What might prevent this characteristic from being present? 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 9

10 Leadership/Collaboration Project Set goal for yourself that centers on facilitating conversations and working to increase the collaboration between yourself and a general or special education teacher(s) in mathematics instruction- November 2 Turn in a summary of progress and artifact- January 11 & March 15 Turn in final summary of progress and identification of what helped or “got in the way”- May 3 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 10

11 Examples The resource teacher and I will plan, use and evaluate the effectiveness of supports for students who are struggling with the language of geometry. These will be used in pull out supplementary sessions and in the general education classroom Mr. Parker (sixth grade teacher) and I will use alternative teaching, station teaching, and one teach, one support with during the fraction unit. 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 11

12 Examples 4/30/2015copyright All Rights Reserved. 12

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