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Dr. Adrian Todd -

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1 Dr. Adrian Todd -

2 1 Peter 5 Dr. Adrian Todd -

3 Who is Peter? Dr. Adrian Todd - We need to remind ourselves who Peter is  walked on water (Matthew 14)  recognised Jesus as the Messiah (Mark 8)  present at the Transfiguration (Mark 9)  involved in “who is greatest discussion” (Mark 9)  denied Jesus (Mark 14)  restored by Jesus (John 21) The Bible is a relational book  it is about people  in relationship with God  tells a story (factual not fictional)

4 vv 1-4 Servant leadership Dr. Adrian Todd - Look for leaders with these qualities  people who are willing, enthusiastic v2  voluntarily, not greedy for money v2  servant-hearted not lording it v3 (c.f. Matthew 23:10)  people who will be examples worth following v3  in submission to the Lord Jesus v4 Then follow them!

5 vv 5-6 Humility Dr. Adrian Todd - towards one another v5  see Phil 2:2-4 towards God v6a  Jesus is our supreme example of humility  see Phil 2:5-8 ‣ did not grasp at equality (2:6); Trinity ‣ poured himself out (2:7) ‣ humbled himself (2:8) ‣ died to self (2:8) it is not done to be exalted v6b  doing this shows you are exalted (Christlikeness)

6 vv 7 & 10 Tough Times Dr. Adrian Todd - cast all your anxiety on Him v7a  we are yoked with him, he carries our burdens because He cares for you v7b  we have no idea just how much God cares for us  Psalm 25:7 according to your lovingkindness remember me faith is tested by fire (1 Peter 1:7 & 4:12)  see 1 Cor 3  see an enemy has done this (Matt 13), and God turns it around, redemption  Yes, there are times when God tests us

7 vv 8-9 Dealing with the enemy Dr. Adrian Todd - sober spirit (NASB) / be self-controlled (NIV)  abstain from wine, morally alert be on the alert (NASB)  the devil is devious and actively prowling!!!  but he has limits resist him, standing firm in your faith  keep away from the edge  drinking blurs your judgement (c.f. 4:3 & 4:7)

8 vv 5 & 13 Redemptive Mentoring Dr. Adrian Todd - v5 “younger men, likewise, be subject to your elders”  elders more about age than church government  “likewise”, referring back to the shepherds working under the Chief Shepherd  be constantly open to the Holy Spirit… …and to wise people v13 “my son, Mark”  Mark abandoned Paul & Barnabas (Acts 15:38)  Barnabas (son of encouragement) still took him  here is the fruit  restored to Paul (col 4:10, 2 Tim 4:11)

9 Dr. Adrian Todd - Acts 16:6-7

10 v 10 The Improved Product Dr. Adrian Todd - The work of Jesus in you is to… perfect you  prepare, fully train, render fit for purpose, equip confirm you  set fast, make secure strengthen you  to make stronger establish you  to lay the foundation, something to build on

11 Summary Dr. Adrian Todd - Growing in our walk with God  recognise that the church is made of imperfect people  seek out good leaders  find a mentor  live in humility  draw on God in the tough times  stand firm against the enemy  know we have a redemptive God ‣ and He will work in your life, ‣ if you allow Him

12 For further info: email: website: Tel. 020 8558 0367 / 07957 306558 PowerPoint files downloadable from; Go to Student page Go to Student page and click on QMCU link. Dr. Adrian Todd -

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