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South Staffs Council 6 th July 2012

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1 South Staffs Council 6 th July 2012

2  Through a unique health and social care economy-wide Strategic Partnership Engaging Communities Staffordshire has developed as an innovative new social enteprise which is intended to bring County wide public, patient and user health and social care involvement, advice and feedback together in a central place in a simple, accessible and more efficient way  Lessons learned mean that by coordinating a repository of this information we will be able to get a holistic picture of services, population views, trends and service quality in a way that has not been possible before  It is ECS’s ambition to provide an early warning system for when things are going wrong  It will also create intelligence and evidence to support commissioning from wider and more diverse experiences and views  ECS will give a representative voice knowing for the first time who is being engaged on what and who is not About the Project

3 Nov 2009 Initial Project March 2010 Concept Testing August 2010 Concept Development March 2011 ECS development and planning April 2012 ECS goes live


5 Public Consultation Findings - Summary

6 92% agreed it was important for the public to have their say on health and social care services 55% felt that quality of care varied by service Only 21% felt that everyone in Staffordshire receives high quality health and social care services 62% knew where to go for information 44% knew how to make a complaint 42% felt they could have their say 36% knew where to go to give feedback Current Involvement 89% of respondents felt it would be useful to have one independent organisation help and support them in finding their way through health and social care services

7 Current Involvement People perceptions of their ability to have their say varied by: -Geography -Age -Previous experience Those working in the sector, either professionally or voluntarily felt more able to have their say, particularly in comparison with relatives of those receiving care.

8 Providing Feedback 59% of respondents felt unwilling to give feedback on health and social care services 31% felt it was unlikely to be acted on 26% did not know who to speak to 10% feared victimisation 6% did not want to take up staff time

9 Providing Feedback Therefore 78% overall saw a role for an independent organisation 48% felt that the organisation delivering the service should be approach first, followed by the option to use an independent organisation 30% felt that they should be handled by an independent organisation throughout However, likelihood to provide feedback in any of these scenarios varied by whether it was positive or negative

10 Closing the Loop 82% of respondents felt there would be a better understanding of the ‘big issues’ if public feedback was looked at in one place 76% wanted to see information about public feedback on health and social care services being published

11 Value of an Independent Organisation fair mindednothing to hide true account things will not be swept under the carpet

12 What should the independent organisation be? Independent Knowledgeable Fast Powerful Representative Resourced Authoritative Characteristics of the Organisation

13 The ECS Business Plan

14 ECS Governance

15 ECS Services ServiceDescription Evidence and insight analysis The provision of comprehensive qualitative data sets on patients’ views and provider stats. CCGs we spoke to were very interested in having access to comprehensive performance data. Community research and engagement The provision of community research and engagement services based around the flexibility of being able to access a well resourced organisation that could carry out labour intensive research and engagement activities in a short period of time. Information sign posting Provision of information, signposting and non-clinical advice to the public on health and social care services in the Staffordshire area. Advocacy services The provision of advocacy services to those who wish to engage with or lodge a complaint against health and social care services in Staffordshire. NHS complaints advocacy will form part of the core Local HealthWatch contract. Complaints/ compliments Over time ECS may take on an element of complaints/compliments services currently provided by the Local Authority or NHS Trusts. However, this is not a core Healthwatch service

16 ECS News First Chair person appointed 4 Non Executive Board Directors appointed Evidence and Insight Manager appointed Hosting the Local Involvement Network Providing support to the NHS and Council to engage local people Working towards providing Local Healthwatch from April 2013

17 Questions Further information from

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