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Generating Social Capital Revenue Streams for Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations.

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1 Generating Social Capital Revenue Streams for Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

2 Definitions What is philanthropy? –A moral response to a social dilemma –As a phenomenon, philanthropy is actively practiced throughout the world through voluntarily giving of time, talent and resources in support of the common good (Wagner et al, 2003, p 442)

3 Definitions What is a community investment? –The act of investing resources (human and financial) into community projects and non- profit or charitable organizations What is corporate social responsibility? –A business strategy incorporating community, environment and financial values

4 Definitions What is social enterprise? –Social enterprises are social mission driven organizations which trade in goods or services for a social purpose. The profit from the business is used to support related social aims, or that the business itself accomplishes the social aim through its operation (Wikipedia)

5 Definitions What is Venture Philanthropy? –Venture Philanthropy is a model of building long-term relationships between an investor and its beneficiary, providing capacity building expertise, and implementing Return on Investment (ROI) and Social Return On Investment (SROI) models strategies to create social change.

6 Who are the players in philanthropy? Individuals –Families –Giving Circles Corporations Foundations –Public –Private Government

7 Stages of Corporate Philanthropy Cheque Book Philanthropy Strategic Philanthropy Community Investment Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Citizenship

8 Corporate Philanthropy in Canada Imagine Canada Research –3% of businesses claimed just over $1 billion in charitable donations on their 2003 tax returns. –Represents less than 1% of the pre-tax profits of these companies, –15% of the $6.5 billion in donations came from corporations

9 Corporate Philanthropy in Canada Imagine Canada Research –More than half of all donations claimed by businesses came from two industries: Finance and Insurance (32.1%) and Manufacturing (19.4%) –Accommodation and Food Services companies gave the largest percentage of their pre-tax profits

10 Corporate Philanthropy in Canada Imagine Canada Research –Businesses with annual revenues between $5 and $25 million contributed 1.9% of their pre- tax profits to charity. –In comparison, companies with annual revenues over $25 million donated only 0.6% of their pre-tax profits.

11 Where are companies investing their charitable dollars? only 20% of charitable and non-profit organizations received corporate donations, grants, or sponsorships in 2003. Sports and Recreation (33%); Grantmaking, Fundraising and Voluntarism Promotion (15%); and Arts and Culture (10%)

12 Why do companies invest in community? 1)market the company’s brand; 2)success of the company depends upon having strong communities; 3)because of the need for a social license to operate; 4)improves the ability to recruit and retain employees. Companies contribute to charities and non- profit organizations primarily because of their philanthropic commitment to communities

13 How is your company investing in community? Discussion

14 For Further Information Imagine Canada – Rosso, Hank; Achieving Fundraising Excellence Pelosi, Peggie; Corporate Karma

15 Contact Information Gena Rotstein Community Investment Strategist Dexterity Consulting 403-860-7572

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