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Conservation Gabriel Cuerva Sergio Balsalobre Carlos Cañete.

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1 Conservation Gabriel Cuerva Sergio Balsalobre Carlos Cañete

2 1.- Species extintion 2.- Poaching 3.- Habitat destruction 4.- Invasive species 5.- Endangered species INDEX


4 Species extinction  Clearly the main culprit of the extinction of many animals is the MAN.  The mankind has destroyed a lot of species because it had some element that man can use or because it were a problem

5 poaching


7 POACHING The poachers attack and kill a massive number of animals making faster the extinction of many species.

8 Habitat destruction


10  Habitat destruction is the process in which natural spaces are destroyed by human acts or natural disasters.  It impacts in animals lives in different ways.

11 Invasive species  Invasive species are animals, plants or other organisms that have been taken by man to another region that is not theirs, which are harmful.  It’s harmful because it can produce changes in the ecosystems.  Humans have caused changes in ecosystems across the planet, as they have distributed plant and animal species on a voluntarily or a accidentally way on sites that is not theirs.

12 dddd

13 Endangered species  The endangered species are those that are not very frequent to find, such as the panda, fox and the whale and the whale Panda

14 Fox

15 Whale

16 Group opinion  From our point of view we think that conservation it’s an important thing and it’s probably one of the difficult challenges that the human specie will face in the future.

17 Information  Extracted in the majority of wikipedia and its links, google.

18 The end

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