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The Role of the Human Resources Manager Group Teaching Activity BBI1O1.

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1 The Role of the Human Resources Manager Group Teaching Activity BBI1O1

2 Your Group Task: Each group will be assigned a different “Human Resources Role” (pages 156-160) Your group will have only 10-15 minutes to prepare a brief lesson about your assigned role (Be CREATIVE!) You will be given one PowerPoint slide that outlines what you will need to prepare You will present your lesson to the class The class will summarize your presentation in their graphic organizer BBI1O1

3 Roles of the HR Manager 1. Determining the need for a new employee 2. Looking for the right employee 3. Application process 4. Interview process 5. Job training 6. Employee development 7. Keeping good employees 8. Departures, Dismissals and Retirement

4 Role #1 - Determine the need for a new employee Must forecast employee turnover The rate at which employees VOLUNTARILY leave the company (e.g.??) Depends on new technology, changes in economic conditions, etc. Try to hire internally (transfer from another department), but may have to look externally (outsiders to company)

5 Role #2 – Look for the Right Employee Write a job description Places to search for applicants: – Advertise in paper – Recruit from university/college/high school – Post job on Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) – Post job on online recruiting websites (examples?) – Post job on company’s website – Use a search firm (headhunters) – Look in your files

6 Role #3 – Application Process Receives completed application forms Receives cover letter asking for interview Receives Resumés listing experience, education, interests, abilities, etc of applicant Chooses who to interview for a job

7 Role #4 – Interview Process Conducted by HR manager and the relevant department manager Ask questions to determine the applicant’s personality, work habits, values, interests May be many rounds of interviews Reference check conducted

8 Role #5 – Job Training Orientation – New employees meet other employees and tour the workplace – Company outlines compensation, work hours, benefits, rules, health and safety Training – Teach equipment that will be used by employees – Job responsibilities

9 Role #6 – Employee Development Ongoing training for all employees (i.e. new technology, new duties, health & safety, etc.) Motivational speakers Training in management skills Team-building activities

10 Role #7 – Keep Good Employees Why? – It costs a lot of money to do ROLES #1-6! Many companies offer perks – Special benefits beyond ordinary compensation – Examples: relaxed dress codes, daycare, fitness facilities, massage therapy…even napping rooms!

11 Role #8 - Departures, Dismissals and Retirements The HR department tires to make this transition as smooth as possible 1. Departures Leave voluntarily due to family needs, job dissatisfaction, better job elsewhere, etc. Hold an exit interview (Is leaving best for you? How can our company improve?)

12 Role #8 - Continued 2. Dismissals If employee is not fulfilling duties – corrective interview – severance package 3. Retirement Voluntarily withdraws from the labour market – Pension qualifications

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