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English D Eyal Soffer Lesson # 4. Menu Divorce - vocabulary Divorce - reading the text, p.79 Q & A.

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1 English D Eyal Soffer Lesson # 4

2 Menu Divorce - vocabulary Divorce - reading the text, p.79 Q & A

3 Divorce - vocabulary divorce agreement herein whereas apart therefore definitions terms shall be mean above גירושים הסכם בזאת בעוד ש בנפרד לכן הגדרות מונחים עתיד / ים להיות משמעותו לעיל

4 property real personal such support includes separate custody access joint residence however generous limited רכוש אמיתי אישי כזה תמיכה כולל נפרד משמורת גישה משותף מגורים יחד עם זאת נדיב / ה מוגבל / ת

5 alternate pick up must visits each entitled period extended annually additional represents approximately independent legal חלופי, לסירוגין לאסוף חייב ביקורים כל זכאי תקופה מוארך שנתי נוסף מייצג בקירוב, בערך עצמאי משפטי

6 Advice Financial Disclosure Acknowledges Entirety Contents Complete Circumstances Reasonable Signing Voluntarily עצה, ייעוץ כלכלי, פיננסי חשיפה, גילוי מכיר בזה בכללותו תוכן מלא, מקיף נסיבות הגיוני חותם / ת מרצונו החופשי

7 Divorce This is a final divorce agreement made this 20th day of June 2006, between Wilma Anne Hackburn (herein called the “wife”) And Damien Alexander Hackburn (herein called the “husband”) Whereas A: The parties have one childe together, namely William Charles Hackburn born Dec. 17 2001 (herein called the “child”). B: The parties have been living apart since 22, 2002. Now therefore the parties agree to the terms of a final divorce as follows:

8 1: Definitions: in this agreement: A: The terms “husband” and “wife” shall be understood to mean the above parties. B: “Property means real or personal property or any interest in such property. C: “Support” includes child support and payments to the wife. 2: Separate: The parties will continues to live separate and apart. 3: Custody and access: the parties shall have joint custody of the child with the main residence being with the wife. The husband, however, will have generous access to the child, including but not limited to the following: i) Alternate weekends from Friday to Sunday, with pick up time 4 pm Friday. The child must return 6 pm Sunday.

9 ii) Alternate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day visits, with the child visiting one parent up until 1 pm Christmas Day. iii) Each party shall be entitled to up to three one week periods of extended holiday time annually (with additional time also an option). 4. Child support: The husband represents his total income as $54,000.00 and the wife’s is approximately $48,000.00. The husband will pay child support to the wife in the amount of $400.00 per month. 5. Independent legal advice and financial disclosure: Each of the husband and wife acknowledges that he or she: a. Has had independent legal advice

10 b. Has read the agreement in its entirety and has full knowledge of the contents. c. Has made full and complete and complete disclosure of his or her financial circumstances to the other. d. Acknowledges that the terms of this agreement are fair and reasonable. e. Is signing this agreement voluntarily. f. Accepts all the terms of this divorce as written here.

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