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The War E.Q. What were the causes of the War? P.T. Who won the US Presidential Election in 1860?

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1 The War E.Q. What were the causes of the War? P.T. Who won the US Presidential Election in 1860?

2 Southern Names for the War Second American Revolution War for Southern Independence War of Confederate Independence War of Northern Aggression War Between the States The War

3 Northern Names for the War Civil War War of the Rebellion War of Insurrection War of Secession

4 Definition of “ Civil War ” According to the Oxford Dictionary the term is defined as, “ A war between citizens of the same country. ” Webster states, “ A war between different factions of the same country. ”

5 Fundamental Causes of the War These causes developed over a long period of time: –Economics (tariffs) –States Rights –Slavery –Nationalism (Culture Differences)

6 Immediate Causes of the War Immediate Causes come into being just before the major event itself occurs: –John Brown ’ s Raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia –1860 US Presidential Election

7 Presidential Election of 1860 Republican Party –Founded in 1854 –Favored Protective Tariffs –Opposed Slavery in the Territories –Supporters of John Brown –Sectionalist Party –Abolitionists

8 Republican Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln –Illinois –Sectional President –Running Mate Hannibal Hamlin from Maine –Received No Votes from 8 Southern States –Only Received 40% of the Popular Vote

9 Democratic Party Split in Party Northern Democrats Nominate –Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois –Hershel V. Johnson of Georgia Southern Democrats Nominate –John C. Breckenridge of Kentucky –Edward Everett of Massachusetts Constitutional Party Nominate –John Bell of Tennessee –Joseph Lane of Oregon

10 Lincoln Wins Election was held on November 6, 1860. The split among Democrats assures the win of Lincoln. Lincoln states before the election, “ America could not continue permanently half free and half slave. ” This convinced Southerners that his goal was total abolition of slavery.

11 Lincoln Wins

12 Georgia ’ s Lawmakers ’ Reaction November 21, 1860 called for Special Session Meet in January to discuss action South Carolina Secedes December 20, 1860 132 counties send delegates to Milledgeville Delegates decide secession January 16, 1861 four Southern states out of the Union

13 Governor Joseph E. Brown Writes open letter to the people of Georgia on December 7, 1860 Says GA is not endangered by Lincoln the man but endangered by Republicans and abolitionists

14 States Secedes South Carolina December 20, 1860 (unanimous) Mississippi January 9, 1861 (84 to 15) Florida January 11, 1861 (62 to 7) Alabama January 11, 1861 (61 to 39) –Calls for Convention in Montgomery, AL to create new government

15 Georgia ’ s Decision Meet January 16, 1861 Immediate Secessionists –Gov. Brown, Robert Toombs, Howell Cobb, T.R.R. Cobb Wait and See People –Alexander H. Stephens, Herschel V. Johnson, Benjamin Harvey Hill

16 Debate Three days of intense debating Preliminary Vote –164 for secession to 133 against Final Vote –208 for secession to 89 against Ordinance of Secession adopted January 19 January 21, 286 signed the Ordinance and 6 signed in protest but pledge to protect the state

17 Republic of Georgia Union is a compact among states Voluntarily join/ voluntarily leave Georgia 1788 Ratification repealed Georgia membership in the Union dissolved Georgia become a free and independent country

18 Georgians ’ Loyalty Resigned from Federal Jobs Resigned from the Military Supported their Country (Georgia) Georgians first/ Americans second

19 Reflection What did you learn today?

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