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OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Standard Gayle W. Fratto Manager, Safety Engineering Branch.

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1 OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Standard Gayle W. Fratto Manager, Safety Engineering Branch

2 Why is OSHA Recordkeeping Important?? Provides information to employers & employees on injuries/illnesses & related hazards in their workplaces Employers: Management tool for administration of company safety & health programs Employees: Raises awareness level Provides OSHA compliance staff with information to facilitate inspections Produces statistical data, thereby measuring magnitude of nation's injury & illness problem


4 New Forms 300 Log 301 Supplemental Form 300A Summary

5 Recording Criteria Injuries and Illnesses Work Related New Case Meet one or more of Gen. Requirements Additional Criteria

6 Additional Recording Criteria Needlestick and Sharp Tuberculosis Hearing Loss Medical Removal MSD Cases

7 Exceptions to Work Environment EE member of the general public Symptoms at work but source isn’t Results voluntarily from wellness/recreation programs Eating/Preparing foods Performing personal tasks outside of normal work hours Personal grooming, self medication (for non work related illness), self inflicted. Motor vehicle accident in co. parking lot Common cold/flu

8 Exceptions (continued) Common cold/flu Mental Illness

9 Travel Status Hotel Detours

10 General Recording Criteria For Injuries and Illnesses Death Loss of consciousness Lost work day Restricted work time/Job transfer Medical treatment Significant injury or illness diagnosed by physician or licensed health care professional

11 Lost Work Days Count Calendar Days Doctor/Licensed Health Care Provider’s Opinion Counting Cap – 180 days

12 Restricted Work Days/Job Transfer Count Calendar Days Capp – 180 Days Permanent Transfer

13 Medical Treatment - Exceptions Visits to Medical Professional Solely for Medical Observation First Aid – (ex. Butterfly Dressings) Diagnostic Procedures Prescription Medication (ex. eyes drops)

14 First Aid Enclosed list of First Aid Treatments No other treatment!

15 Significant Diagnosed Injury or Illness Diagnosed by Physician or Licensed Health Care Specialist Cancer Chronic Irreversible Disease Fractured or Cracked Bone (ex. Broken Toe, Broken Rib) Punctured Eardrum

16 Hearing Loss STS of 10db or more at 2000, 3000, and 4000 htz. Adjusted for Age Retesting – STS not Recorded if New Test Performed Within 30 days (with negative results)

17 Recording Within 7 Calendar Days Centralized Records Recorded within 7 calendar days Make copies available Employees Former employees Government Reps. Employees Reps

18 Privacy Concern “Privacy Case” – In Place of EE Name Injury or illness to intimate part of the body Sexual assault Mental illness HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis Contaminated needlestick/sharps cut Other illness – If employee voluntarily requests it

19 Privacy Concern (cont.) No Other Cases Classified as Privacy Case Additional – Allowed Discretion in Describing Injury

20 300A - Summary Separate Page February 1, through April 30 Signed by Company Executive Company Owner – If sole proprietorship Officer of Corporation Highest ranking company official at worksite Immediate supervisor of the highest ranking company official at the establishment

21 300 Disclosure Disclosed by the End of the Next Business Day Employee or Former Employee Authorized Rep. Personal Rep. Designated by the employee or former employee in writing Legal rep. of a deceased or mentally incapacitated employee or former employee

22 301 Disclosure Within 7 Calendar Days Authorized employee rep. Only supply section entitled “Tell Us About the Case” Next Business Day Personal rep. Employee or former employee

23 Retain/Maintain 300, 301, 300A Must be Retained for 5 Years Minimum 300 Must be Maintained for the 5 Years

24 Other Reporting Fatalities/Mass Hospitalization (3 or More Employees) Reported orally (to the Area Office nearest the incident) Must be reported within 8 hours Central number – 1-800-321-0SHA

25 Other Reporting (cont.) Exception (Fatality/Mass Hospitilization) Motor vehicle accident on public street or highway. Public Transportation More than 30 days past accident Still needs to be recorded

26 Government Representatives Required to Supply Copies of Records Must Be Supplied Within 4 Business Hours Reps. Include: Rep. of Secretary of Labor Rep. of Secretary of Health and Human Services (including NIOSH) conducting and investigation Rep. of State agency responsible for admin. of state plan

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