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PRESIDENT’S DAY Remembering George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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1 PRESIDENT’S DAY Remembering George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

2 The Top TWO Presidents

3 The Symbols of the Presidency

4 George Washington FIRST President Set the “standard” and rules for the presidency. First to voluntarily surrender power

5 George Washington – Rebel? Richest man in the colony of Virginia and in the top 5 richest in America. Why would he choose to throw that all away by fighting the most powerful country on earth? (England)

6 George Washington – Commander of the Continental Army Dealt with not enough ammunition, food, shelter, or money. Dealt with defections. After the war the Continental Congress – owed two years of pay to all the army.

7 Congress acts on the problem DISBANDS the army. –After all, they aren’t “needed” anymore. –They’d “pay up in the future.”

8 The Army’s Reaction??? Go to Philadelphia!

9 George Washington’s First Act of Giving Up Power Convinced his officers not to start a rebellion. Voluntarily gave up power. Had NEVER been done in history! Rule of Law – even if not a good one.

10 Washington as First President Had to establish what the powers of the office would be. Had to establish the “traditions” of being Mr. President. –“His Excellency”? –“His Temporary Majesty”? –Uniform or not?

11 George Washington’s SECOND act of voluntarily surrendering power Giving up the presidency. –Walked away from power. –NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

12 Abraham Lincoln’s Legacy  BBuilt the Republican Party.  FFreed the slaves.  FFought the Civil War  RReminded people that we were a country “by the people, of the people and for the people.”  KKept the Constitution intact.

13 Abraham Lincoln One of the founders of the Republican Party –A “one issue” party in 1856 – end slavery. –Lincoln made the party mean more than just Abolition of Slavery. –Made it mean Federalism. –Made us think of our selves as Americans.

14 Abraham Lincoln Freed people of color. 15 Presidents before had not been able or willing to do that! –A couple presidents after didn’t like Lincoln’s actions, either! –4 million men, women and children freed.

15 Any President’s nightmare: Civil War Abraham Lincoln faced a nation at war. Did not give in or give up. Did not throw out the Constitution and become a dictator.

16 The Civil War Worst war for the United States. 700,000 dead Americans between 1861 – 1865.

17 Lincoln’s Vision Followed the Constitution the best he could. Never removed the rebel states from the American flag. Continued Washington DC as the capitol.

18 Lincoln’s Legacy Never has a president faced the problems that Abraham Lincoln did. He is the “Gold Standard” for all presidents since to measure themselves against.

19 President’s Day!

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