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Bezirksgemeinschaft Überetsch - Unterland Regulatory framework and current status of the volunteering associations Federation of municipalities Bassa Atesina/

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1 Bezirksgemeinschaft Überetsch - Unterland Regulatory framework and current status of the volunteering associations Federation of municipalities Bassa Atesina/ Italy

2 LEGISLATIVE FUNDAMENTALS State Laws  same as Unione Terre Verdiane Province Law July 1993, Nr. 11 and following modifications The Province South Tyrol honors and supports the social role of voluntary organizations as an expression of participation, solidarity and pluralism. It gives them their right recognition, promotes their independent development and encourages their contribution to social, civil and cultural development, stated in this law.

3 TARGETS/DEFINITION Voluntary work = personal, voluntarily without any profit, exclusively for solidarity and social awarness Voluntary work has a non profit purpose and is provided in the following areas: Health and welfare Culture, education and training activities Sports, recreation and leisure activities Civil protection, environment and landscape preservation Consumer’s rights defense, human rights, equal opportunities and development cooperation

4 The voluntary organizations can take any legal form that is suitable for their goals of solidarity and that respects the Civil Code dispositions. The statute of the organisation must contain: that the organization operates without a profit motive that it is democratically structured that the board is appointed through election and works voluntarily that the members work voluntarily the criteria for joining or expulsion of members and the rights and duties of the members

5 Once a year the organization must also present its accounting statement and its statement of assets, which are approved during a general members’ meeting. The financial resources are available through membership fees, contributions from individuals, contributions or other subsidies from public corporations, donations and inheritance, compensations through agreements and sponsorship.

6 The province register of voluntary organizations It regulates the voluntary organizations. The registration is made by the president of the province and is the precondition for the demand of the foreseen state taxation reductions. The province government has established a guarantee fund for extraordinary cases of damage caused by voluntary organizations (for the maximum of 1 million Euros). The Province administration and public corporations can conclude agreements with voluntary organizations to provide certain activities. The province observation committee for the voluntary work is responsible for: the criteria for the entry in the province register training and up-dating courses information about voluntary work promotion and development of volunteering. The committee is chaired by the province president and includes experts of volunteering and the presidency manager.

7 STRATEGIES AND OPERATIONAL APPLICATIONS In the Social and Health Care Plan of the Province the voluntary work is considered again as a main pillar of the civil society. Umbrella organization Since the volunteer activities are more and more subject to legal regulations and to extensive bureaucratic requirements, it became necessary to establish an umbrella organization that supports the matters of complex administration (accountancy, taxation, privacy, insurances, safety at work, liability etc.). This umbrella organization provides the voluntary organizations with valuable resources and competences (e.g. legal counseling, internet access, website etc.).

8 The bigger voluntary organizations have employed staff for the administrativ and burocreautic work. These employees, however, are subject to the decisions of the voluntary members of the organisation. Each voluntary organization operates according to the principle of subsidiarity, which means that employed workes undertake only those services that can’t be done first by the volunteers. Furthermore, there is the principle of participation, which means that in the voluntary organisations each member has the same rights and valences, independently from status, profession or education.

9 QUALIFICATION Training and up-dating courses are continuously offered to the volunteers. A written task description for every single volunteer also contributes to the quality of the voluntary work.

10 THE GENERAL SITUATION IN SOUTH TYROL Difficulties for the voluntary organizations: to find the necessary financial resources to recruit new volunteers liability issues the long-term commitment of the volunteers legal dispositions and increasing bureaucratic requirements to improve the image and visibility of the voluntary organizations and their activities.

11 The strengths of the volunteering in South Tyrol: many voluntary organizations and many members many different areas that are covered by the voluntary work a good support to the voluntary organizations by the umbrella organization

12 Weak points In the welfare area there are few young volunteers. For the public institutions, it is difficult to use volunteers where they are needed, without giving them the impression to be stopgaps and to reduce their independence, and by that make a real cooperation impossible. Furthermore, the voluntary organizations give us a clear signal, that the recognition through awards and decorations are of secondary importance to them. Instead, they wish to have real recognition and factual support (e.g. rooms for particular activities or other resources such as photocopies etc..) and a true and more equal partnership.

13 Improving suggestions Increase the recognition for voluntary work in the education system and in the economy. That’s why the umbrella organization issues a “certification for social voluntary work”, which is recognized as education credit in some schools. It would be desirable that voluntary activities could contribute more to the revaluation of the Curriculum Vitae A further future vision would be the qualifying for the pension calculation.

14 ANALYSIS OF THE QUESTIONNAIRES Volunteering landscape in Bassa Atesina Population of Bassa Atesina: 71.435 Active volunteers: 1.612 Thereof: - 1.219 in the welfare and health area - 393 in the area of civil defense for health (=Red and White Cross), added subsequently to the health sector 60% are engaged in the welfare sector 25% in the health sector 15% in both, health and welfare sector

15 Activities in the voluntary organizations 70% care 25% counselling 5% prevention

16 Age groups 15-25: 5% 26-35: 23% 36-50: 24% 51-60: 30% 60 +: 19% Thus, the age group over 50 years constitutes almost 50% of the total volunteers.

17 In all the returned questionnaires the relationship with the public services was rated as good or very good. This positive result could be caused by the project "Districts in motion”, because as a result of this project, representatives of the voluntary working groups have a seat on the advisory board "district committee“ of the pubic social services, which facilitates a true partnership between public services and volunteers (for more details later). Also, the lack of improvement proposals in the questionnaires is due to this satisfaction. From the questionnaires are shown only a few suggestions, which relate mainly to - reduce bureaucracy, - increase information sharing and - provide better premises.

18 Strategies for membership recruitment - Mouth advertising - Mouth advertising at celebrations in social institutions and in the parish - The “Day of the Volunteers”: an organized day for the whole province, on which interested citizens can try out different kinds of volunteer activities, followed by a big closing ceremony with wide media coverage - Publications in local print media, leaflets - Larger voluntary organizations (for example the White Cross) have their own volunteer management: own youth groups and – in the case of the White Cross - recall of retirees who were formerly in the service there.

19 Specific strategies for the recruitment of young people: The majority of the organizations have no specific strategies for the recruitment of young volunteers. This is considered to be a difficult matter. The following strategies were mentioned by some organisations: - Own youth groups, in which young people can learn significant social competences. Thereby organizations try to make them comprehensible, that volunteer activities can provide a meaning of life to everyone. - Cooperation with youth organizations / Youth services - Experience reports of active volunteers in schools - Cross-generation projects in schools and nursing homes - Confirmation groups

20 Specific strategies for the recruitment of immigrants: Non of the voluntary organizations have specific strategies for the recruitment of immigrants. This can also depend on the fact that in our small villages there aren’t many immigrants.

21 BEST PRACTICES in Bassa Atesina: 1. “Districts in motion”: for a better collaboration between citizens and the public institutions 2. “Tu/Du”: the involvement of young people in voluntary activities

22 “Districts in motion”: for a better collaboration between citizens and the public institution citizens‘ assembly every 2 years e.g. working group „immigration“ e.g. working group „family“ e.g. working group „public health“ e.g.working group „seniors“ e.g. working group „people with disabilities“ …and others… speaker District advisory board of the public social services Budget 0,50 Euro/district inhabitant

23 Get a mermbership card Choose the social institution Tackle and collect points Exchange accumulated points in vouchers Redeem vouchers In the youth services or in the youth centers In the different villages In the social and public institutions In the youth services or in the youth centers In one of the partner enterprises of the project (restaurants, cinemas…) “Tu/Du”: the involvement of young people in voluntary activities

24 Thanks for your attention!

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