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El Peru antes de Inca Peru Before the Incas Derrick Vires Dominick Joseph.

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1 El Peru antes de Inca Peru Before the Incas Derrick Vires Dominick Joseph

2 Thousands of years before Christianity Peru had a developed culture. The settlements on pacific coast; the height of the Andes. Peru tenia una sociedad anos mil antes cristianismo.

3 The north mountain range of the Andes is the culture Chavin, - they achieved their peak in 1000 BC – They produced glass bottles with stirrup spouts made of Andean ceramics and religious architecture on the Temple of Chavin, in Huantar, depicted their religion. En los Andes norte cordillera es la culturo de Chavin. Chavin crearon estribo vasos desde ceramicas Andean. Los Chavin construieron ‘El Chavin de Templo’. El Chavin de Templo fue constrio en Huantar. Estos vasos y Templo representaron religion.

4 Late that century, the Peru coast is arid ground. The Paracas culture had created awersome pieces of textile art which was left in incredible condition because of the climates’ dryness. The art was preserved. La costa de Peru es arido. El Paracas creaban arte de textil fenomenal. Esta arte fueron preservado.

5 During the first century of the new era developed In the ‘Classical period’, many refined ceramics flourished. – Mochica culture found and used precious metals (silver, gold) in their craftsmanship. Durante del periodo Classico ceramicas florecia. Cultura de Mochica utilizaron minerales en el material grafico.

6 The Peruvians during this time had an impressive artistic gift in the South Coast. – the mysterious Ica-Nazca Lines – they formed a series of enormous drawings in the desert sand. These drawings represented a series of animals; birds, reptiles, whales, a monkey, a spider. The system of lines extended for many kilometers. Peruano en esta epoca tienen caracteristica artistico. Peruano dibujaron Lineas de Ica- Nazca.

7 Ica- Nazca Lines

8 We don’t know what purpose their drawings had; many amazing drawings that were so huge only able to be observed from the air. In other words, the indigenous created and had art that they never were able to view in that glorious perspective.

9 The period of 600-1460 ad a series of states, built powerful city centers in urban cities and in some cases conquered vast territories such as Tiahuanaco (close to the lake of Titicaca in Bolivia) and Huari (not far from Ayacucho, Peru). Finally the empire of Chimu, whose capitol ‘Chan Chan’, in the north coast of Peru – near present day Trujillo – which will be the major center up until the Incas appeared in the Andean region. Nativos de Americas fueron imperialismo. Indigenas conquistaron otro territorios.

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