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New Staff Induction AOI. Orientation Who: Human Resources Manager What: Welcome new staff-Business teacher When: 1:30pm,1 June 2012 Where: AOI Meeting.

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1 New Staff Induction AOI

2 Orientation Who: Human Resources Manager What: Welcome new staff-Business teacher When: 1:30pm,1 June 2012 Where: AOI Meeting room How: presentation Why: Compulsory

3 Congratulations! Congratulations on your appointment to our institution. I welcome you to the AOI community and trust your time here will be both challenging and rewarding

4 Business Background AOI Institute was first established in May 2003 and we are proudly the first fully online institute in Australia delivering Information Technology courses Australia wide. Later on in 2005 we were registered to deliver our courses for international students. Our delivery scope was also extended for Hospitality, Electrotechnology and Business courses. English language courses were also recently added to our wide range of qualifications delivered to local and international students.

5 Campus and facilities Our campus is located right in the heart of Melbourne CBD, therefore it is convenient for students living in city or in surrounding suburbs. The tram stop is just at the front of our building. Our students are enjoying free internet access in all class rooms and common areas including photocopying and printing service at the reception. We are also providing students with a full range of services including assistance with accommodation and various counseling services. Studying at AOI Institute We are offering a wide range of courses at very competitive prices which are starting at as low as 116 AUD per week! The fees are payable in easy monthly installments and there are no fees to be paid before commencement of studies (except 100 AUD enrollment fee). Our lecturing style course delivery allows students to choose a timetable that best suits them, including weekends. This is to ensure that students have the flexibility to choose which lectures are more convenient for them.

6 Local Workplace Induction Under VIC OH&S regulations, supervisors and managers are responsible for Induction in their workplace. Your supervisor will conduct your local workplace induction The check list comprising pages 3 &4 of your induction resource booklet provides a list of the information and activities that should be addressed.

7 Health and Safety Induction Have you completed the AOI health and safety induction? It sis a requirement that you undertake the induction and the successfully complete the assessment. Training is done through your desktop PC. Access the Human Resources web-page and clicking on the link in the new staff box titled health and safetyinduction, or type health and safety induction into the search box on the home page. The course will take 20-30 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or suggestions on Health and safety matter, please contact a member of the health and safety team.

8 Induction check list Complete and return the list to human resource services The completed check list becomes a institution records. It provides an assurance that critical information and resources have been provided to you.

9 Managing for performance session Provides an overview of AOI performance management scheme and the associated software and procedures Managing for performance does not commence formally until confirmation of your appointment. Intended for all staff, regardless of employment type or status.

10 Code of conduct/policy framework session The code of conduct set out the expecte standards for behaviour and conduct by all staff within the institution. The policy library contains university legislation, rules, schedules, policiesm procedures and guidelines. All staff must attend a session.

11 Institution Chart PRICIPAL: Human resource services Human resource services team Remuneration and benefits team Health safety and environment team Organizational development team Employee relations team Human resource information team

12 Agreements Academic staff workplace agreements 2012 General staff workplace agreements 2012 Teacher workplace agreements 2012 Individual transition employment arrangement

13 Probation Periods and requirements vary based upon the position level and type of appointment Periodic performance reviews are conducted during probation During probation the supervisor meets with the staff member to discuss concerns and provide an opportunity for response.

14 Flextime (General staff) By agreement between manager and individual Subject to requirements and operational needs of the business unit Flexible hours between 7 am & 7 pm Average 35 hours per week( over a 4 week period) Rosters Results in a rostered day off after A 9 day fortnight A 19 day block (4 week)

15 Salary packaging Salary packaging options are available to staff Information can be obtained by contacting HR team To arrange pre-tax sacrifice to superannuation, contact remuneration and benefits team

16 Pay Fortnightly-paid thursdays View and print payslips via hr online View and print end of year summaries via hr online Set up automatic deductions to other accounts via hronline

17 Leave Annual leave 4 week per year + institution holidays Christmas- 3 days Easter-1 day Long service leave 3 months after 10 years service Personal leave 25 days per year (accrues from the commencement of employment)

18 Equity and diversity The institution's equity and diversity initiatives seek to create a workplace where: Fair practices and behaviors are evident There is improved access and participation of EEO groups The workplace is both skilled and diverse

19 Disability All staff have responsibilities to students and employees with disability Reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure that students or staff with a disability are able to access to classrooms, lectures and course materials. The disability education standards and the AVCC guidelines relating to students with a disability clearly outline the responsibilities of AOI staff

20 Women at AOI Provides programs, networking opportunities and information targeted to female academic staff and general staff at AOI

21 Complaints The AOI values feedback and opinion about your working and learning environment. If you have any complaints we need to know Contact HR team

22 Privacy Become familiar with the 12 information protection principles and apply them to the way you handle personal information: Collect only the information you need Take steps to ensure the quality of the information Secure the information Advise people why you need the information and how it will be used and disclosed Use and disclose for the primary purpose of collection unless the person consents or an exemption applies

23 Services and facilities A comprehensive range of on campus facilities and services is contained in your AOI staff induction resource booklet

24 Purposes of Orientation To help new staff first impressions positive, that you belong in the company, feel welcome and supported To gain a positive perception in the local workplace To assists & understand the culture and values To potentially retaining staff longer To improve staff efficiently, work standards, revenue and profits To improve staff moral

25 Business Teacher Duties: To ensure the associated organizational and administrative work, preparation and marking is undertaken. To provide the appropriate student welfare and academic/non academic counseling responsibilities To undertake an annual teaching workload of contact hours for category “A” duties of 814 maximum to 761 minimum as detailed in the institute workload agreement. To conduct curriculum development work including identification of consumer requirements, planning, development and evaluation of courses and course materials. To ensure the administration and management of subjects/unit/modules of education and training, Or of significant facets or subdivision of these, is carried out. To support publicity and public relations related to the college is carried out at all times. To participate in appropriate team and committee meetings. To ensure unit/subject/module administration and group tutorial duties, including interviewing, induction and assessment (including satisfactory retention rates, exam results), monitoring student progress, placement and destination, monitoring, reviews and evaluation is achieved. To support the institute quality assurance and control procedures. To participate in the institute staff development review and appraisal process.

26 Any questions please directly contact HR Team

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