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Tricksters Ancient and Modern. Tricksters: habitually have the capacity to cross between worlds—the paranormal and the ordinary ones (p. 199). They “know”

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1 Tricksters Ancient and Modern

2 Tricksters: habitually have the capacity to cross between worlds—the paranormal and the ordinary ones (p. 199). They “know” veiled spaces (p. 199, 200) Take on alternating figure (shape-shift). And present “secure path” from this world to the then. They enjoy cherished comprehension of remedy and discipline traverse existence.

3 Contemporary Tricksters from TV Series Touched by an Angel (1994-2003)- Monica, Tess (both guardian angel and herald) and Andrew, the Angel of Death take on mortal figure and feign diverse function (, 2010). all of them “fools” populace into consider they are community employees, acquaintances, etc with the intention to assist or encourage a “correct” decent act. Andrew, certainly, the solitary gentleman archangel also endow with secure passageway from the ordinary into the mystical. His attendance inexorably prefigure catastrophic incidence such as the Oklahoma City bombing and approaching fatality due to other usual and abnormal conditions (2010). all of them disclose their “angel” condition at a the majority decisive instant with luminosity from God dazzlingly unblemished down on every of them. just Gloria was created as angel (2010). consequently, she further flawlessly fits the established trickster means as a unswerving successor of God. Yet, all of the angels explain here are altered by God and consign position by God and therefore pass through connecting worlds, educate, direct and often deception people into believe and/or doing the correct thing.

4 Trickster: Highlander- The Series In Highlander-The serial, several deceivers come out. One gave notice character references including Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod is a deceiver. Subsequently he frequently scouts “novel immortals” those who were born to endure earthy demise except for losing their heads thru a sword, i.e. (Internet Movie database, 2010). He wears numerous purposes in life, masquerading a human a different divinities and “tricks” people into acting the decent thing within the “immortal” world, all the while knowing ultimately that there can be only one. This conduct demonstrates and/or encourages a definite ethic in a world wherever everybody fights to be the exclusive divinity. Consequently, all immortal is selected prior to birth, certain to shift between worlds, across time and space, if they survive (Internet Movie database, 2010).

5 Other Highlander-The Series’ Tricksters  Coltec, in the sequence called “Something Evil” is a Amerindian priest-doctor with the unusual power to absorb the evil from quickenings (takes place afterward decapitations of immortals) (Internet Movie database, 2010).  As a shape-shifter/immortal in human being form, he not only transform between the spiritual and normal regions but also aids maintain an ethical code and degree of safety for humans and immortals. He is a priest-doctor and a doorkeeper (Internet Movie database, 2010).

6 Coltec, Duncan MacLeod and “Something Evil” Continued  In this sequence, however, Coltec absorbs immoderate evil. He, himself, despite shamanist rite cannot sanctify himself. He then turns evil Internet Movie database, 2010).  Duncan MacLeod, his acquaintance efforts to prank him into further rite, applying the techniques Coltec shared with him a century earlier. Yet, he is unfortunate (2010).  Finally, Duncan MacLeod must be the one that tricks him into a fight in which Duncan MacLeod releases Coltec from the intense evil and decapitates him (2010).

7 “Something Evil” Key Points  In this specific sequence of Highlander-The serial, both Coltec and Duncan MacLeod are deceivers.  Both are selected immortals and figure shifters.  Both are deceivers, who cross between realms and worlds and direct people both human and immortal.  They conserve society and its ethical codes by crossing yet different agency.  Even so, the situation and the imminent perils to society instigate Duncan MacLeod’s actions—to decapitate his acquaintance and wise man and risk absorbing immoderate evil himself (Internet Movie database, 2010).  For these causes, both are deceivers, but Duncan Macleod’s actions further definitively prompt the power structure and “trickster” character and title.

8 The Snake People and the Tewa Dance  The contemporary Hopi Tewa Dance is a perpetuation of a to a greater extent ancient story.(p. 202).  Established upon the account about a Hopi man determined to see the “Lower Place” (Hell) for himself and the travel he commenced, the Katchina Gods appeared before him warning him that such a journey was inconceivable. It would take excessively long (p. 201).  Deer-Kachina-Cloud god told him he could make the serpent folks Village (p. 201).  Star-Flickering-Glossy Man came out and assured him he could venture no further than the Snake village, but he also needed a peculiar herb to protect him (p. 201). As he was an nonbeliever, the Snake People would most unquestionably bite him (p. 201). Hence, he needed protection (p. 201).  After spending the night in the Snake People village, he got married the governor’s daughter with whom he spent the night, made a particular bread offering and together they commence for the Mesa (p. 201). However, she could not make it all the way. At the foot of the Mesa, she was ready to deliver. The man ventured for assistance, but could not avoid being touched by anybody or touching anyone, despite his attempts (p. 201, 202).  His wife, a shape-shifter herself with experienced knowledge of realms knew this before he returned, contemplating the Shaman traditions of herbal knowledgeableness to changes shape between human and snake form and travel between realms.

9 Tewa continued  The Tewa dance nowadays is executed by descendents of the Snake people/Hopi heir. The dance retells the narration and climaxes in “a special offering that reveals the four sacred colours of the Tewa” (p. 201).  Tewa youth are marginally placed in the borderland, traversing between immaterial, animal and human realms. They are contemporary deceivers reflecting the ancient priest-doctor customs and the figure shifting abilities accounted throughout the Egyptian “Thoth” narrations and those of “Hermes” in Greek ones (p. 200, 222).

10 Traditional and Contemporary tricksters  Apparently, most of the contemporary deceivers, the angels, immortals and even the Tewa people share shape-shifting powers, transformational abilities, and the ability to masquerade as human beings in diverse personas.  The angels alike Hermes are celestial couriers (p. 200). Duncan MacLeod could also generally fit into these family.  Possibly, the Hopi man’s past lover, who rushes to him as he condescends the mountain and embraces him most precisely reflects the Norse God Loki (p. 200, 201, 202). Afterward all, she departs to embrace him, apparently cognising that this will induce harm and sever the ties the Hopi man has with his Snake People wife. Accordingly, her knowledge appears to arise from “the Lower Place” exactly as Loki’s does (p. 200).  Indeed, contemporary deceivers and the ways in which they are complex is, maybe, more complicated. Varied levels and degrees of deceivers exist for different even crossing reasons and aims.

11 References Internet Movie database. (2010). Highlander. Retrieved from Nadelberg, L. (2008 May 1). Cultural heroes and mirrors of darker desires: Transitioning tricksters of our past into contemporary society. Retrieved from nt.cgi?article=1000&context=anthrohp (2010). Touched by an angel. Retrieved from touched05/index.php Leonard and McClure. (2004). Myth & Knowing: An Introduction to World Mythology. Chapter 4: The male divine.

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