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Bonanza Potential in Wyoming Investor Package November, 2014 1.

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1 Bonanza Potential in Wyoming Investor Package November,

2 The information contained herein, together with any amendments or supplements and any other information that may be furnished by the company, includes forward-looking information. Such information is based on assumptions as to future events that are inherently uncertain and subjective. The company makes no representation or warranty as to the attainability of such assumptions, including the completion of a financing or as to whether future results will occur as projected. Forward Looking Statements Note this is not a technical presentation – additional technical information is available upon request 2

3 Highlights Current Shares Outstanding 73,600,000 Fully Diluted 73,600,000 Stock Range $.01-$.09 Current Price $.02 Symbol OTCPK: FCEN Focus Wyoming E&P Principal Project Rocky Ford & Phosphoria Financing Up to $250,000 Senior Convertible 10% Notes Special Opportunity: A shareholder friendly to management has acquired approximately $570,000 worth of debt in the company for $150,000. The shareholder will provide the company the ability to allocate half of the debt, $285,000 in return for a new $75,000 note. 3 Summary

4 Balance Sheet Current Assets Cash $1,344 Notes Receivable, net of allowance of $878,354 - Total Current Assets $1,344 Oil and Natural Gas, Unproved $210,000 Total Assets $211,344 Liabilities and Stockholders Deficit Current Liabilities Bank Overdraft $19 Notes payable (current portion) $750,097 Related Party Payables $870,578 Interest Payable $319,515 Accrued Expense and other liabilities $159,550 Total Current Liabilities $2,099,759 Total Liabilities $2,099,759 Stockholder Deficit Common Stock $26,100 Additional Paid In Capital $347,900 Deficit accumulated during the development stage ($2,262,415) Total Stockholder deficit ($1,888,415) 4 1.The Note Receivable while written off for accounting purposes will we believe see a recovery of about 50% of value over next year. 2.The Note Payable current is with large shareholders who we have advised would only receive payout of future revenue or convert as the company grows at the companies option. Over half is not expected to ever be paid given holder recoveries from other security but we have been unable to reach other parties since In seven years it can come off book. 3.Related Parties were previous management or directors they have been advised would only receive payout of future revenue or convert as the company grows at the companies option. 4.Accrued Liabilities is almost totally a payable under review to former CEO. He has been advised would only receive payout of future revenue or convert as the company grows at the companies option.

5 Proposed Convertible Debt Deal Shareholder has four parties it will share its portion of debt with. This is done to stay under 4.9% ownership an avoid insider status. Shareholder owner of debt would keep half debt and trade half for a $75,000 current note from company. Providing company ability to give new note holder(s) a combination of past debt which can be converted and new debt. Company would agree to convert 30% of debt over and agree to convert another 35% over at 50% of market in three and six months from date of investment. 5

6 Our Target- Wyoming 6

7 Why Wyoming-Macro Prolific Oil and Gas Production 3 rd Largest Producer of Natural Gas in USA 8 th Largest producer of Oil Oil Production in 1980 was 130,000 BOPD - 63,000 MBPD in 2012 Pipeline, Heavy Oil Refineries, Production Infrastructure in place Well educated labor force 7

8 Why Wyoming - Micro Joint Venture with experienced successful Evergreen Petroleum team. Principals George Wulf Joe Banks Forest Twiford 40+ Years In Wyoming E&P Well site Geo on 451 Minnelusa wells Discovered 6 New Minnelusa Fields Excellent local reputation 40+ Years in Wyoming E&P Drilled and or Operated 1522 wells Mud engineer Gillette based Established & Respected 40+ Years Global E&P Engineer, Geologist, Research Geophysicist Texaco, Mobil, Pan American Ventures Discovered Edgemnot Minnelusa field & Burnt Hollow (Sun Oil) 8

9 Evergreen Proprietary Research Study Began January 2008 – Ongoing- Investment of over $2,000,000 Includes all 319 known Minnelusa Fields to present Geological, Geophysical, and Engineering Reference Information Wyoming Oil & Gas Commission Database Published Papers, especially Wyoming Geological Society Purchase Proprietary Data, Retained Consultants Corporate Information Files 9

10 Minnelusa Formation Permian Age Sandstone; 220 Million years ago Major producer of oil Wyoming Total production end Billion bbls Est. Discovered oil in place – 3.5 billion bbls Open Federal, State and Fee Lands Reasonable land costs- $50-$200 acre Shallow depth – feet Est. undiscovered reserves – 8.5 billion bbls Source Proprietary Evergreen Research Study 10

11 Minnelusa Reservoirs Dune Sandstones acres per original dune Thickness feet Porosity 10-40%; permeability very high Black sour crude oil API degrees Solution Gas Drive initially; later water injection 4-5 million recoverable per dune. Many wells produce over 1 million bbls/well One of the World’s best reservoirs Source Proprietary Evergreen Research Study 11

12 Location Map Crook County 12

13 Regional Activity- Prospect Overlay 13

14 Potential of Minnelusa Heavy Oil Production Play Area Fee acres in Crook County, Wyoming Depth to pay feet (average 500 feet) Potential Reserves - 5 Billion BO API Gravity - 7 to 24 API 60°F surface Rock Temperature 100 to BH Three Types of Prospects ROCKY FORD Depth feet; Core md, 25% par, 82% oil, 24.5 API, reservoir temp 115 degrees F (?) Near 1909 cable tool well with 15.6 API; swabbed oil Estimated 30 mm bo in buried sand dune BURNT HOLLOW Depth -670 feet; Log md, 26% par, 68% oil av, 9 API at surface, reservoir temp 135 degrees F (?) Flowed water and low gravity oil through perfs Steam injected and recovered 25 bo Estimated 126 mm bo in sand dunes ZIMMERSCHIED 19-T53N, R66W (P&A 1967) Depth feet; Core to 1000 md, 25-30% par, 60 to 80% oil, 7 API at surface, reservoir temp 140 degrees F Well 0.5 mi to east, 5 ft of tight sand with light oil stn & flecks heavy oil 14 Opportunity is to test Rocky Ford. Sizeable land package current and considerable upside to add additional land at Rocky Ford and analogous prospects Burnt Hollow & Zimmerschied

15 Rocky Ford Prospect 15

16 Rocky Ford Analogies Rocky Point & Brennan Fields 16 CharacteristicRocky FordRocky Point API15 – 25 API16 – 19 API Permeability27 md – 1900 md500 md average Porosity12 – 27%20% Net Pay5 ft – 40 ft76 ft Acres300 acres880 acres Primary Recovery10,500,000 bbls CharacteristicRocky FordBrennan API15 – 25 API23 API Permeability27 md – 1900 md 585 md average, 1.8 md – 2850 md range Porosity12 – 27%16% Average, 30% Max Net Pay5 ft – 40 ft72 ft Acres300 acres320 acres Primary Recovery 723,898 bbls (15.5% recovery) Secondary Recovery 2,444,651 bbls (52.6% recovery) OOIP4,648,000 bbls

17 Rocky Ford Initial Production Expectations Main analogy fields Rocky Point & Brennan Brennan Initial Production : 362 barrels of oil / day Rocky Point Initial Production : 480 barrels of oil / day Rocky Ford Economic Expectation Low Case : Initial Production 50 barrels of oil / day Average Case : Initial Production 150 barrels of oil / day High Case : Initial Production 400 barrels of oil / day

18 Project Economic Low Case

19 Project Economic Average Case

20 Project Economic High Case

21 Sections Currently Owned 21

22 Rocky Ford Prospect 22 Two Initial Sand Dune Targets

23 Blue Sky Multiple wells per Sand Dune Sand Dunes range from 4-5 Million Barrels Recoverable Two Initial Sand Dunes well supported Multiple Sand Dunes in larger package Only $100,000 USD to Test including land Theory supports existence of up to 5 Billion Barrels 23

24 Davis Family -Phosphoria Project – 30,000 Acres 24

25 Davis Family Investments Deal Convey 10% of common stock for rights to land package Have two years to commence drilling Control 30,000 acres in productive oil producing region 80/20 deal on drilling Study on land package by credible engineering firm concluded there was 700 MBO in Place and over 300 MBO producible Needs seismic and geological study to advance to drilling stage DFI to provide IR/PR support as part of deal 25

26 Next Steps Acquire Equity Conversion and New Financing - November 2.Announce Davis Trust Drilling Deal - November 3.Acquire additional acreage around Rocky Ford - November 4.Announce drilling plans for Rocky Ford - December 5.Drill Rocky Ford - January 6.If Rocky Ford is successful we will acquire as much acreage as possible around Rocky Ford, Burnt Hollow and Zimmerschied 7.Raise $1-3 Million to conduct seismic on Davis land and advance Rocky Ford 8.Move to AMEX 26

27 Terry Lynch - Chairman Patrick Johnson - CEO Co-Founder Pacific Tiger Energy CEO Victura Construction CEO Chilean Metals Super Bowl Champ Management Team & Advisors Mike Cvetanovic Denis Clement Scott Davis Peter Kent Advisor O&G Hedge Fund Fmr Pres. CGX Energy R D Davis Partner LLB Exploration Geologist $1 Billion Raised 1,000,000 acres Multiple M&A 27

28 100 KING STREET WEST SUITE 5600 TORONTO, ONTARIO M5X-1C9 O/F (888) Contact: 777 MAIN STREET SUITE 615 FORT WORTH, TEXAS O/F (888) Bonanza Potential in Wyoming 28

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