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Regional Forums Deputy Secretary Disability, Housing and Community Services.

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1 Regional Forums Deputy Secretary Disability, Housing and Community Services

2 Agenda Provide an Update on some – DHHS matters – Whole of Government issues

3 Overview of the Community Sector – from DHHS perspective DHHS funds: – 244 organisations – $233 million – to provide 709 separate services – across 14 program areas Very important and growing sector

4 Community Sector Relations Unit (CSRU) DHHS has established a central co-ordinating unit responsible for community sector relations. The CSRU involves: – Strategic and policy issues (Jo White) – Quality and Safety Team (Mandy Bosworth) – Grants Management Team (Ulo Raabus)

5 Governance Peaks Network and Government – Strategic Forum Regulatory and Government Policy Partnership Agreement Industry Development Unit DHHS Community Sector Steering Committee Program Policy and Performance Service Standard development Community Sector Contract Management Network Contract Management & Monitoring Roundtables on multi-service organisations External Interface (Strategic) Internal DHHS (Strategic) Internal DHHS (Operational)

6 Quality & Safety Framework Evaluation Quality Futures introduced in 2009 Commitment to review Framework after 3 years Riley and Riley feedback: – Lots of positives common set of principles and standards Useful framework to ensure NGO’s doing the right thing All organisations now have a process and a Quality Improvement Plan in place and are 98% compliant. Quality and Safety team – helpful and supportive Lot of value, especially the on-site visits

7 Riley and Riley feedback (continued) Areas for Improvement – Framework needs to be more nuanced - one size does not fit all. – Diversity of views on workbooks, some regarded them as onerous, others a useful tool – Too much focus on safety, not much on quality – Many do not see it as part of service delivery – Multiple DHHS contact points for CSOs

8 Overview of Quality & Safety changes Wont have ‘one size fits all’ - no requirement to formally submit Workbooks after July Have to demonstrate a process for continuous quality improvement – show evidence that standards are being met Agree which standards, depending on your service type, fall back position will be Quality Futures Participate in audits to the agreed service standards Continue to report Code 1 and 2 rated incidents

9 Quality & Safety changes (continued) Quality and Safety monitoring will become more integrated into operational contract management processes Quality and Safety Team – take on regulatory role perform independent audits Provide tools, resources and support to Operational units and NGOs New process commence after the last workbooks - towards end 2012 Information session later in the year

10 Other Government Issues Indexation Fair Work Australia decision – Treasury – DHHS project Joint Reference Group Survey of sector State of the State Address Cost of Living Round Table 28 th March

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