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Forum on Oil and Gas Revenue for Development Call to Action and Strategies for Influence.

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1 Forum on Oil and Gas Revenue for Development Call to Action and Strategies for Influence

2 Strategy for Influence (1) September 23, 2014 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM Strategy for Influence Committee Update, Presentation and Discussion

3 Strategy for Influence: Role and Composition Strategy for Influence Committee (Mr. Henry Adigun, Chair) Committee Members: Hadiza Khamofu, Mohammed Bello, Alkassim Mohammed Committee’s Scope of Work: Identification of Platforms and Persons the forum can work with to achieve influence

4 What we have done Two meetings: virtual and physical Test of idea with parties Presentation to EIE, Power Up, NAEC


6 Manage the Oil Better – We Will Be Rich!

7 The Revenue Trail

8 EFFICIENCY & EQUITY OF SPENDING 8 Source:s: FMF, NBS and our forecast

9 INVESTING FOR GROWTH Which are the key sectors likely to promote rapid economic growth? Electric power? Railways? Telecommunications &Internet? Domestic refining capacity? Banking? Education? Healthcare? Have adequate investments gone into each of these sectors? Have we achieved satisfactory results in each area? Electric power – e.g. Power consumption per capita Railways – e.g. Rail travel between state capitals Telecommunications – e.g. Percent of population with access to telephones Internet – e.g. Percent of population with internet access Domestic refining capacity – e.g. increase in domestic refining capacity Banking – banking industry provision of credit to the private sector, improvements in pay and receive service Education – enrolment, quality of output Healthcare – Percent of population with adequate health insurance cover 9


11 PRIVATE SECTOR INVESTMENT HOW DO SPOT REFORMS THAT ARE SUCCESSFUL? Government ownership in the sector must reduce significantly – at least to minority stake Government must not manage any of the key businesses in the sector – directly or indirectly There must be fiscal incentives for new entrants post reform Strong independent regulator must emerge The sector must attract new investment – local and foreign The size of the industry must grow significantly It must create a lot of new jobs The sector must pay more taxes to the government (Corporate, Spending and Personal) 11

12 Recommended Approaches Identification of messages that resonate Simplification of these messages Identification of platforms for dissemination Identification of “Messengers” for message Creation of access to platforms for dissemination Review of understanding of the message and levels of resonation

13 Identification of Messages Gather all text from other committees, similar forums or research ‘floating” Breakdown of these material for easy assimilation and understanding Production of visual aids, auditory materials, literature for dissemination Test of content with focal groups

14 Suggested Platforms for engagement Traditional media: Meetings with Energy Correspondent, dinner with columnist (Simon Kolawole, Sam Omatsaye, Haruna Mohammed, Tunde Fagbenle, Segun Adeniyi, Ayisha Oshori) Social media agents: Gimba Kikanda, Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri, Petra Akintia, Soni Akoji e.t.c. Debating platforms for elections partnering with DFID, USAID projects working to increase voters awareness Workshops organized to discuss the future of oil

15 Government Partners and Platforms Explore working relationship with NEITI, NSWG and other agencies Explore partnerships with projects working to improve livelihoods across the country Seek partnership with Corporates to commence a debate with Tertiary Institutions on the Oil Sufficiency question Produce mini documentary on alternatives to oil, with evidence of impact on economy captured

16 Messenger Selection Identification of champions with voices Engagement with these champions to increase understanding Development of an engagement plan for platform Establishment of linkages with these platforms Guided dissemination of materials

17 Identification of Platforms Review of existing platforms, categorization, scaling, review visibility/influence of platforms Selection of platforms based on analysis of importance, access and neutrality Facilitation of access to platforms using tools for engagement Capacity building of messengers for proper dissemination

18 Potential Messengers Entertainers (Don Jazzy, Olu Jacob, Tiwa Savage, Dele Odule e.t.c. Political activists, Femi Falana, Shehu Sani, Bishops of the Niger Delta, CSO Activists: Jaiye Gasika, Jibrin Ibrahin, Otive Igbuzor, UP group, EIE) Research Experts Youth Activists: Gimba Kidanda, Soni Akoji, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu) Network of Women Groups (FOMWAN) Trade Unions (MAN, NASME, NASSI, LAPAN etc)

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