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Luzerne County Five-Year Financial Plan Update Town Hall Meeting September/October 2014.

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1 Luzerne County Five-Year Financial Plan Update Town Hall Meeting September/October 2014

2 Welcome  On behalf of Luzerne County, the County Manager has applied for and been awarded a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) to update the County’s Five Year Financial Plan, last completed in 2009  The purpose of today’s session is to brief all County staff on the update process, and your role in it 2

3 Who Are We?  Public Financial Management, often referred to as PFM, is the nation’s largest independent financial advisor to state and local governments  PFM’s Management & Budget Consulting practice is made up of former local and county staff, like you, who now support governments in Pennsylvania and around the country on issues ranging from budgeting and financial planning to improving operations  In recent years, PFM has worked with Cumberland, Montgomery, Columbia, and Montour counties in Pennsylvania, as well as Montgomery County, Maryland; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; and New Castle County, Delaware 3

4 Selected PFM Staff for Luzerne County 4  Dean Kaplan, former Budget Director, City/County of Philadelphia  John Cape, former Budget Director, State of New York  Nicole Westerman, former Assistant Deputy Mayor, City/County of Philadelphia; former chief of staff to the Budget Secretary, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  Seth Williams, former Cabinet Liaison and Deputy Director of Management and Operations, Office of the Governor, State of New Jersey  Eryn Santamoor, former Public Safety Director of Strategic Initiatives and Deputy Managing Director for Performance Management, City/County of Philadelphia

5 Our Goal 5  Update County budget projections for the period from 2015 through 2019  Develop implementable ideas to improve financial performance, service quality and efficiency across the County  In other words, a checkup for Luzerne County

6 Methodology - Overview 6  Apply guiding principles to the work  Collegiality  Consultation  Comparison  Cost basis  Review all divisions and departments to seek opportunities for cost savings, revenue enhancement and organizational change based performance enhancement and improved efficiency  No restriction on source of ideas  Employees  Managers  Citizens  Best practice examples from similar governments in Pennsylvania – especially third-class counties – and from elsewhere

7 What We’ll Need From You 7  Your best insights and ideas  Information on your mission, staffing and resources  What should the County do that:  Needs investment for long- or short-term payoff?  Has been held up due to lack of consensus, apparent legal or political obstacles, tradition or inertia?  Has been tried and abandoned but should be tried again with a different approach or due to changed circumstances?  Needs legislative or other statutory change

8 Methodology - Process 8  Updating baseline financial model (underway)  Town Hall meetings, week of September 29  Meetings with Division heads and others (in coming weeks) to understand  Current operations, staffing and finances  Known and potential future changes  Ideas for improvement, including those that that may require upfront investment

9 Methodology – Process, continued 9  Selected benchmarking with other counties/governments  Best practices  Alternative approaches  Development of options menu  Integration of options with financial model (scenario analysis)  Written report and presentations

10 Areas for Investigation 10  Resource reallocation/organizational structure  Productivity improvements  Shared service opportunities  Alternative service delivery  Workforce training, duties, deployment, etc.  Cost recovery  Non-tax revenue options

11 Next Steps/Timing 11  Meetings with divisions/departments commence over the next few weeks and continue through October  Staff can expect ongoing engagement throughout the fall as process develops past initial meetings  Final report date to be determined

12 12 Questions? Reactions? Comments? Ideas? Thank you! Your Turn

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