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Young Professionals Report to TAC August 2014 Greg Johnston – YPC TAC Liaison Kim Hicks – YPC Chair.

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1 Young Professionals Report to TAC August 2014 Greg Johnston – YPC TAC Liaison Kim Hicks – YPC Chair

2 Changes in the Young Professionals Committee Current Committee Membership = 18  Decrease of 7 since last report  Members aged out or no longer active  Current applications for 3 additional members being reviewed Chair: Kim Hicks Deputy Chair: Tim Hinerman Acting Deputy Chair: Justin Kugler BoD Liaison: Ryan Rudy Has established presence on social media through Facebook  391 Members (and growing) - Up 63 members from last report!  Plan to establish presence on Twitter next YPC BoD Liaison: Ryan Rudy Acting Deputy Chair: Justin Kugler YPC Deputy Chair: Tim Hinerman YPC Chair: Kim Hicks

3 Current YPC Liaison Positions Corporate Member: Tim Hinerman Public Policy: Justin Kugler Career and Workforce Development: Ben Boesl Technical Activities: Greg Johnston

4 What the YPC has been working on Completed Section Award Judging  Will be looking to RSAC for guidance on future award implementations Preparing for Sperry Award Judging  There are 9 nominations for this year  Judging will commence by the end of the month YP BoD Liaison nomination process  YPC will begin advertising and looking for next BoD Liaison starting this month Committee clean up and evaluation Looking to revisit current YPC objectives and goals and make sure it is aligned to YP value and AIAA goals and purpose New YPC Newsletter Editor  We have a new editor: Tracie Prater!  Big thanks goes out to outgoing editor Mallory Johnson! YPC Newsletter Editor: Tracie Prater

5 Upcoming Plans YP Survey  It has been 5+ years since last YP survey  Use this as a measure of how well we meet the needs of AIAA’s YPs  Results used to shape YPC and AIAA YP objectives and events –This helps us retain YP membership in AIAA YPC Value/Purpose - Restructure  Overall goal is to develop and guide future leaders in aerospace and provide value  Based on survey results & YPC discussions charter & strategic plan will be updated  Continue to focus on communication and RLF events Begin planning for 2015 Rising Leaders in Aerospace Forum sessions and activities  Host either full RLAF at conferences or certain aspects of it  Purpose is to attract more YPs  Work with sections at RLC to promote ‘mini RLFs’ at section events and symposiums Next F2F meeting is TBD, currently scheduled for SPACE 2015

6 New Initiatives – YP Mentoring What – Provide mentoring to YPs  Grow YP enthusiasm and hone career goals to benefits our aerospace profession.  Provide YP possible opportunities for growth (contacts, new projects, jobs, etc.). How – Identify, Match, Develop, and Execute  Identify the mentor and mentorees.  Match the mentor and mentorees.  Develop career goals for mentoree (2/5/10 year plan).  Execute the plan and retain mentor / mentoree relationship. Why – Grow successful YPs with AIAA influence  Young scientists and engineers are the conduit to advance our scientific knowledge.  The responsibility lands on the shoulders of our society. When – Depends on level of engagement and support  Clarity in career goals directly affects the outcome of scientific advancement.  Evaluating interest amongst AIAA at an institute level.  Identifying interested parties to begin initial discussions and framework.


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