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Parent-Athlete Meeting Fall Sports 2013 August 12, 2013 Opening Comments/Presentation – Michael Lerner (AAM) Boosters Information – John O’Connell, President.

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1 Parent-Athlete Meeting Fall Sports 2013 August 12, 2013 Opening Comments/Presentation – Michael Lerner (AAM) Boosters Information – John O’Connell, President Welcome to Golden Bear Country!

2 Fall Sports Meeting Boosters Overview 2013-2014 John O’Connell President, HHS Boosters

3 Boosters...Mission, Scope and Objectives Enable/Support Extracurricular Activities ◦ Athletics ◦ Clubs / Classes ◦ Performing Arts What We Do ◦ Fundraising ◦ Community Building / Spirit ◦ Event Support (i.e., concessions) Other Booster Groups ◦ Activity specific costs (e.g., performance trips, uniforms) Hammond High School Boosters is an organized group of volunteers that promotes school spirit and pride by supplementing funding of Hammond’s extra-curricular activities through partnerships with the school Administration, Club Sponsors, Coaches, Student Support Groups, and local businesses.

4 Who We Are Board President: John O’Connell 1 st VP: Nancy McClanahan 2 nd VP: Sean Trainor Treasurer: Carole Wiedorfer President-Elect: TBD Secretary: Sue Mangan At Large 1: Ralph Albano At Large 2: Rick Mantsch At Large 3: Denise Richards At Large 4: Caren Mitchell At Large 5: TBD At Large 6: TBD Coordinators Bull Roast: Caren Mitchell, PollyKhoury Camps: Tim McClanahan Communications: Denise Richards Concessions: Chip and Gina Eddy Cookie Dough: Christine Smith Golf Tournament: John O’Connell Holiday Tree Sales: Sean Trainor Homecoming: Laura Borowski Membership: Polly Khoury Spirit Wear: Caren Mitchell Sponsorships: Polly Khoury Staff Appreciation: Boosters Board Trattoria: TBD – Position Open Team Parent Liaison: Rick Mantsch Yankee Candle: Christine Smith Interested in joining the team? Let us know.

5 We Succeed Together Financial Support ◦ Membership: Family - $40; Individual - $25; Staff - $10  Tax-exempt: HHS Boosters is IRS qualified 501 (c) (3) organization ◦ Patronage: Spirit Wear, Cookie Dough Sales, Concessions, Trees, Gala/Bull Roast, Yankee Candle Sales ◦ Sponsorships: Golden Bear Sponsorship – Local Business Participation ◦ Volunteer – New Members Needed ◦ Committees: Gala/Bull Roast, Sponsorship, Golf Tournament ◦ Events: Concessions, Spirit Wear, Tree Sales The Boosters’ ability to maximize the Hammond High School experience depends on the ongoing support from our community. You can help!

6 The Boosters stand ready to answer your questions; we also welcome your suggestions and feedback. Contact Us Individual Team Meetings Email: Web: Mail: HHS Front Office Phone: 410-313-7615 We look forward to hearing from you!

7 Important Dates Pictures Football, Hockey, Cheerleading 9/4, All Other Sports – 9/9 Back to School Night /Thursday, August 29 6 p.m. – 9 th Graders (Eat, Meet, and Greet) 7 p.m. – 10 th -12 th Graders Homecoming / Saturday, October, 12 Parade – 10 a.m. Game – 12 noon

8 JV and Varsity Philosophies Junior Varsity Developmental for varsity level Playing time is NOT guaranteed. Practice times/locations may vary All games may NOT be played (weather) Varsity Developmental for higher level Playing time is NOT guaranteed. Practice times/locations may vary Priority over JV games (make-ups)

9 Academic Eligibility Policy 9070 A full time student earns academic eligibility to participate in extra-curricular activities by maintaining a 2.0 GPA calculated using credit and non-credit courses, with no more than one E for the marking period which governs eligibility. (4 th Quarter/Fall Sports) All incoming 9 th graders are academically eligible.

10 Out of School Participation MPSSAA Policy Students participating in an interscholastic program may only participate in an outside of school program (club) at the same time and retain eligibility as long as he/she does not miss a practice and/or game due to outside participation.

11 Late Arrival/Early Departure Student must be present for a half day to participate in athletic events held that day (minimum of three periods or in school by 10:40 a.m.) All exceptions need PRIOR administrative approval.

12 Academic Help and Locker Room Security Plan Academic Help and Locker Room Security Plan In the event a student needs to stay after school for academic help, he/she should go to the locker room, inform the coach, get ready for practice, then go see the teacher by 2:30. The team rooms will be LOCKED by the coach when he/she heads out to practice.

13 Concussion Testing/Return to Play If an athlete suffers a concussion and is cleared to return by his/her physician, the school trainer will commence the “return to play” process (5 levels). For more information go to - athletics- sports injury

14 Communication You Should Expect from Your Child’s Coach Philosophy of the coach Expectations the coach has for your child, as well for the team Dates, times and locations of all practices and contests Player accountability Fundraising opportunities Additional team policies

15 Issues NOT appropriate to discuss with Coaches Playing time and/or position Team strategy Play calling Other student athletes

16 Coaches/Parents/Participants Coaches have the final say over team selection, playing time and discipline of players. Coaching strategy is determined by the coaching staff. Accepting a position on the team includes acceptance of the procedures and guidelines of both HCPSS and Hammond High School for the student and parent/guardian. If a parent needs to talk to a coach, please email the coach to set up a meeting time. All conversations should be conducted in a calm and non-threatening manner. If the issues are not resolved, contact the AAM.

17 Ways You Can Help the Program Join Boosters. Volunteer at concession stands. Help keep up with scores on CSZ. Be a positive fan. Ask the coaches if they need help with administrative tasks. Do NOT yell at referees. Pick up your athlete or fan at the end of a contest.

18 Spectator Rules of Conduct We ask that fans refrain from: Intimidating or harassing the players, coaches, officials or fans Using profanity Throwing objects Entering the playing area Loitering in the hallways or on school grounds. Focus on being positive toward our players rather than negative toward our opponents.

19 The Varsity Club Each sport will have one to two student-athletes to represent its program. Student athletes will be a liaison for their program, working with the AAM to promote and improve Hammond athletics. The club will foster and promote community relations.

20 Entrance Into Athletic Events Admission to athletic competitions is a privilege. Any acts of unsportsmanlike conduct may result in removal from the event. Tickets are $3/students and $4/adults. No re-entry into events. No outside food or drinks are permitting into the gym or stadium.

21 Break Out Sessions Sport 1. Cross Country 2. Girls’ Soccer 3. Boys’ Soccer 4. Football 5. Volleyball 6. Field hockey 7. Cheerleading 8. Allied Soccer 9. Golf Location Room 214 Front Auditorium Back Auditorium Cafeteria Gym Room 216 Room 215 Room 213 Room 210

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