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Infomed’s Interactive Human Histology DVD Installation & Activation.

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1 Infomed’s Interactive Human Histology DVD Installation & Activation

2 DVD supplied to you with Serial Key (CD key/DVD key) Insert DVD into disk drive. Double click on hhistology.exe Allow installation of “Microsoft Sql lite” Allow installation of “Human Histology”. Use serial key for installation

3 Troubleshoot “Not enough memory to perform this action” may show up on some computers. Close the box. Installation will commence. If program does not run on clicking hhistology.exe file, Right click on.exe file and select “run as administrator” option

4 Installation Double click here If program does not run, right click on it and select “run as administrator “ option

5 Windows 8, 7 & Vista Install SQLite

6 Click “Next”

7 Click on “close”

8 Human histology installation Human Histology installation will commence. Click “Next”

9 Fill in CD Key (DVD key) exactly as you see it including the hyphen (-) between the codes Example A1B2C-XYZ-456MK

10 Installation complete. Click “Finish”

11 Installation completed Close all programs. Remove DVD from Disk drive. Restart Computer. Locate Human Histology icon “H” on your desktop screen. Double click on icon

12 How to get your Registration Key ? Open program on your computer Note down your registration key Registration key is the same as registration number.

13 Open program on your computer. Click on “Enter”

14 Note down your REGISTRATION KEY correctly This pop up box will appear Registration key is same as registration number

15 Activation of software Log in to your account at If new user, register at website. User ID Password: sent to your email

16 Scroll down to bottom of home page. Locate link “Express Activation”

17 Click on Express Activation Link

18 Click Here Fill All Relevant Fields Valid e mail ID required. Activation key will be sent to your email ID Type key exactly as you see it. Example 65ABC7-T12G3-789HJ Type Registration key correctly. Example 3458763241 Click “Submit”

19 Account login details & Activation key sent to your registered email ID instantly > retrieve details from your email. Open program on your computer. Click on “Enter” Fill in your DVD Key and Activation Key Click “Register” Your are DONE. No need to ever redo these steps again!!

20 Fill in CD (DVD) Key & Activation key received by email. Click Register ‘Software activated successfully”

21 Human Histology Up & Running !! Please use good quality audio speakers. We hope you liked “interactive Human Histology” We would be delighted to hear from you. Message us from our website or write in to us at

22 Please bear with our Activation Procedure Help us prevent Piracy Piracy and Unauthorized duplication is a cause of concern to us.

23 Still have a problem? e mail us at or We will revert to you and resolve the issue at the earliest. If required, one of our support executives will call you up on phone and help you with installation and


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