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ABOUT US Agape Private Limited is one of the UK’s upcoming and fast growing provider of homecare services as well as nursing and allied healthcare staffing.

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2 ABOUT US Agape Private Limited is one of the UK’s upcoming and fast growing provider of homecare services as well as nursing and allied healthcare staffing solutions to NHS and private healthcare organisations. Established in 2010, we have gained extensive experience in providing high quality care services to individuals in their own homes. With a dedicated care team in our branches, we are able to offer a national service whilst maintaining local expertise and knowledge. Our care at home service offers you the choice to remain independent in the comfort of your own home, without compromising on quality of care and our services include: 1. Live-in Care 2. Complex Care 3. Hospital-to-Home 4. Palliative Care 5. Personal Care 6. Holiday Care 7. Social Companionship Our care at home services are delivered by a large workforce of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals including Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers, all with previous experience of working within our client’s own homes. We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that all of our workers are compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS). This enables us to supply our clients with only the highest quality healthcare professionals.

3 LIVE-IN CARE For many of us our home is a treasure trove of memories, where we watched our children grow up, where we laughed and where we cried. Home to so many precious memories, the thought of ever leaving can be worrying, particularly when faced with reduced independence and the belief that nursing or residential home admission is your only viable option to remain safe. With Agape’s live-in care service, a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker can move in to your home with you to provide a bespoke care service, supporting you to remain independent in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have complex nursing care needs or just require some support in doing everyday tasks, we can provide a service tailored to your needs. Our live-in care service affords your family and friends peace of mind, knowing that you are benefiting from the expert care of highly skilled healthcare professionals, in the place where you are most comfortable. Unlike a care home where many individuals have to be considered, live-in care is a personal one-to-one service that is tailored to the needs of each individual. A flexible care service is provided, accommodating your regular routine and specific needs, as well as adapting to your changing circumstances. We understand that having someone share your home can be a very personal matter. For this reason, we take extra care to match our staff sympathetically with your situation and personality, as well as your clinical needs. We also ensure that all of our live-in care staff are fully briefed on your expectations and personal preferences. Why Choose Live-In Care? Our live-in care service offers you a high level of flexibility, from simple things such as choosing your meals and watching your favourite programmes on television, through to having the freedom to be active each day knowing there is someone there to support your care requirements. These may seem simple requests, but such things can have a profound effect on an individual’s well-being. The benefits of allowing someone to retain their individuality and independence throughout illness should not be overlooked; this is particularly true for dementia conditions where maintaining continuity and familiarity of routine is especially important.

4 time suitable to you. Both Carers will be able to support you with any personal care requirements that you may have, as well as lending a helping hand with household chores. To find out more about our Live-in Care service, please contact our dedicated Care at Home Team on 0845 5280 895 or you can request or download a free brochure. COMPLEX CARE As a specialist provider of complex care services, we understand that living with a long-term condition and suffering from a lack of independence can be extremely challenging. You may fear that as your condition progresses, your only option will be to move in to a nursing or residential home. Agape is able to supply a wide range of Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers with specific skills, tailored to your complex care requirements, to support you to remain living in your own home. We have a sustained record of success in providing high quality bespoke care in almost all clinical and social settings, providing care for individuals with a range of needs including: 1. Complex Care - Adults, Children and Young People 2. Palliative Care 3. Head and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation 4. Home Ventilation and Respiratory Support 5. Renal Care 6. 24 hour Live-in Care 7. Mental Health Support 8. Learning Disabilities Support We will develop a detailed person-centred care plan for you which will identify all of your requirements, enabling us to implement a highly effective care service. We regularly review this document with you to ensure that we continuously adapt our care service to meet your changing needs and preferences. Our service is outcome based, supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you to have choice and control over your care. We adopt a partnership approach, working closely with you and your family and other healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure that a consistent approach is employed. Our high quality care service can be a cost-effective alternative to nursing or residential home admission. Once we have carried out an assessment of your care requirements, we will provide you with a no obligation estimated cost for your proposed care package.

5 Who is it for? Our complex care service is most suited to individuals who: 1. Have been discharged from hospital and have significant nursing and clinical care needs that need to be continually monitored. 2. Are in hospital wards such as intensive care or high dependency units and are due to return home, faced with a long-term recovery process. 3. Suffer from degenerative conditions and have on-going care needs. 4. Have physical or learning disabilities and require long-term support in the home. 5. Have complex care needs and are dependent on life sustaining technology. If you are unsure whether this service is suited to you, please contact a member of our Care at Home Team who will be able to discuss your specific requirements with you and advise you of your most suitable service. Supporting your needs Our Nurses and Carers are able to support with a range of conditions and care requirements including respiratory management, gastrostomy and nasogastric feeding, administering medication, bowel management and epilepsy management. Where required, we can recruit healthcare professionals with specific skills needed to deliver your specialised care. In addition to assisting adults with complex clinical needs, we are also able to support children and young people. We have a specialised team of Children’s Nurses and Carers who can provide care to those in need of extra support. We have a highly experienced Quality and Development Team, which comprises Complex Care Specialists, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Quality and Development Managers. They support the implementation of complex care packages, mentor our Care Teams, complete clinical assessments and ensure that all of our clinical tasks are undertaken in accordance with internal policies and NMC guidelines. The team undertake internal audits and monitor service feedback to ensure that the service delivered is of the highest quality at all times.

6 HOLIDAY CARE We know that there is nothing quite like a holiday to recharge your batteries and, just because you need regular care, doesn’t mean you should have to go without a break. Our holiday care service allows you the flexibility to take your care with you, wherever you go, in the UK or abroad, for work or pleasure. Our holiday care service supports individuals who find it difficult to go on holiday due to the level of care and support that they require whilst away from home, often resulting in them not getting the break they need. We can provide a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to accompany you on holiday in the UK or abroad, to support you with your activities of daily living. This can be with you individually, or with your family and friends. Having the support of a professional Carer allows you and your family to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the personal attention and support that you need to get the most out of your holiday. Our service is tailored to your individual care requirements. Whether you have complex medical care requirements, personal care needs, or are looking for social companionship, we are confident in offering you a high quality care service. In-Flight Care Should you wish to travel abroad and can’t travel without a qualified Nurse, or if you simply feel more comfortable having a trained specialist with you when you fly, our staff will accompany you on your flight, making regular checks if you need them to, to take care of you every step of your journey. Your Carer will also be able to stay with you whilst you holiday abroad, not only flying with you, but continuing to support you in your chosen destination; being on hand should you need them at anytime during your stay. Call-Out Service If you are holidaying in the UK, near to one of regional branch locations and require care assistance, we can provide a hotel call-out service, arranging for a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to provide you with care and support including the administering of medication, during the day or night.

7 Carer Respite Agape’s respite care service allows primary carers, family members or friends to take time away from their everyday duties to relax, go on holiday or just have a few hours break. We understand that being a regular Carer for a loved one can make it difficult to arrange some respite for yourself and you may feel apprehensive about going away. Agape can provide a high quality care service, affording you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your loved one will continue to receive the care and support they need. Should you wish to have a shorter period of respite, for example, just an afternoon break twice a week where you’re free to spend time with friends, start a hobby or just have some time to yourself, Agape can provide a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker who can look after all of your dependent’s care needs. Other Considerations We understand that having a new Carer can seem quite daunting; we aim to ease this transition by carrying out a comprehensive care assessment prior to your care package commencing. Your Carers will be selected to match their qualifications and experience with your care requirements. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your potential Carers before the care package commences. Whilst we do manage all aspects of your care, we do not assist with the booking process of your holiday. In order for a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to come away with you, you will need provide separate sleeping arrangements, food provision and provide an adequate level of holiday insurance.

8 HOSPITAL TO HOME When admitted to hospital, you may look forward to returning to your own home, to recuperate in the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. With increased care requirements, you may fear that you will not be able to go home, and instead will need to move in to a nursing or residential home. Our hospital to home service can enable you to return home after a stay in hospital, we can help you to settle back in to your familiar surroundings. Whether you require a high level of care, or just some support with activities of daily living during your recuperation period, we can provide a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to assist you. Is this service the right one for me? Our high quality hospital to home service is most suited to an individual who is: 1. Currently an in-patient in hospital, wishing to return home immediately after being discharged 2. Due to be admitted to hospital and will require support after they have been discharged 3. In need of practical help or advice about returning home after leaving hospital 4. Already at home and in need of extra support following a recent stay in hospital Whatever your circumstance, we can offer a service tailored to meet your individual needs. Post-Operative Care Our post-operative care is usually planned in advance of your hospital admission. This ensures that every element of your care package is organised to commence from the moment that you are discharged from hospital. Transport As part of our hospital to home service, we will support you with your transfer from hospital, making sure you feel comfortable at all times. We can arrange for a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to meet you at the hospital and, where required, can organise transport on your behalf.

9 Equipment We can liaise with the hospital Discharge team to ensure that any required equipment has been installed in your home, for example hoisting equipment. In addition, we will ensure that a full risk assessment is carried out in your home to make sure it is completely safe for your return. Training Our service is tailored to meet your individual requirements. Should you have any specific care needs, we can ensure that your Carers have received bespoke training in preparation for your discharge from hospital. Emergency Response We understand that hospitals are not always able to give substantial notice before arranging your discharge. Should you need us to respond quickly, our service can often commence within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. Our Care at Home Team can liaise and work closely with your G.P, hospital Doctors, Nurses, Discharge Teams and Social Workers to ensure you have a smooth transition from hospital to home. PERSONAL CARE When faced with illness or immobility, it can be a struggle to carry out everyday activities that you may have once performed with ease. Our discreet personal care service is designed to support you with your day-to-day living, as well as providing you with the encouragement and emotional support that you may need to remain living independently. Our personal care service can support you with getting in and out of your bed, dressing, administering medication, bathing and continence care, at a time to suit your convenience. Maintaining your dignity is of paramount importance to us, which is why our Carers will ensure you feel comfortable at all times. Bathing Your Carer is able to fully support you with your bathing requirements. They can assist you in getting in and out of the bath or shower safely, as well as washing and drying your hair and body, if required. Should you be able to bathe independently, they are able to sit with you and offer support when needed; giving you peace of mind that someone is there to ensure your safety.

10 Dressing Fastening buttons and zips, and tying laces are simple processes to most however, for many individuals such things can become impossible tasks. If you need help getting dressed and undressed, you can rely on our Carers to provide support to make things easier for you. Bed Routine Our Carers are able to assist you getting in and out of bed, at a time which suits your own routine. In addition, we can also provide support with hoisting, as required. Continence We are able to support both your urinary and faecal continence whilst preserving your dignity, at all times. Your Carer can help you to get to and from the toilet and, where required, will monitor your personal hygiene in order to ensure your health and comfort. This can include changing catheter and stoma bags, incontinence pads and sheets, and help with bathing and changing clothing. Meal Times As part of our personal care service, our Carers are able to support you with all aspects of meal times. This can include assisting with your weekly shop, helping with the preparation of your meals, and managing the food in your house. Household Tasks Our Carers can assist you with light household duties as part of your personal care service and will help with tasks such as laundry, vacuuming and washing up. If you are able to complete these tasks yourself, in order to maintain your independence our Carers can just be on hand to offer support where required. Medication Assistance You may sometimes forget to take your prescribed medication, or may struggle to take it the correct way, which could put your health at serious risk. Our Carers are able to alleviate this worry by prompting you to take your medication and ensure you’re taking the right dosage, at the right time.

11 If remembering to take your medication is not a problem, but you’re unable to physically take it due to your condition, our Carers may be able to help administer your medication, provided there is a clear prescription to follow. Complex Medication Should you have more complex medication needs, such as the administering of drugs through intravenous methods (IV) or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), or need to take a controlled substance such as morphine, you may initially require assistance from one of our Registered Nurses. Once your medication requirements have been firmly established with your Nurse, it may then be possible to delegate the process to a Carer. This will not only ensure that you are receiving excellent care, but also provide you with a cost-effective service. We will conduct a full assessment of your needs before we determine whether a Nurse or Carer will be the most suitable option for you. Should your needs be more complex, we offer a fully bespoke complex care service which will support your continuing care requirements. Tailored To Meet Your Needs Everyone is unique and will have different preferences regarding the level of support that they will need. As a result, wherever possible, our Carers will encourage you to make your own choices about your daily needs and support requirements. In order to provide you with a care service which matches your care requirements exactly, we will arrange for a member of our Care Team to visit you and carry out a full assessment of your individual circumstances and needs. Following this visit, we will be able to provide you with a full cost proposal for your care

12 SOCIAL COMPANIONSHIP The comfort we feel in our home is like no other. It is the place that you feel most relaxed and happy. However, as family members grow up and move in to their own homes, you may find your house isn’t as busy as it once was, and there aren’t as many people around to give you that extra hand when you need it. Agape’s social companionship service gives you the support you need to live independently, providing you with the assistance of a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker at times to suit your convenience. Our social companionship service is most suited to individuals who will benefit from having the reassurance that someone is there with them to offer support when it is needed. It also provides peace of mind for family members who are unable to regularly visit, as they know their loved one is being cared for. Our Carers, who are carefully selected to match your personality and requirements, will provide company and conversation, as well as providing support with household and social activities. Your service is tailored to your requirements and can be adapted to meet your changing needs. We will also arrange for you to meet your Carer before your care package commences to ensure that you are happy. What is Included in the Service? Company As part of our social companionship service, your Carer will spend time with you, whether that is spent sitting and chatting, looking through old family albums, watching television, or going out for short walks, they will be able to provide the company and reassurance that you need. Having someone to sit and reminisce with may be just the thing you need to brighten up your day. Household Activities If you have reduced independence, our Carers can assist you with light house keeping tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, washing, ironing, and changing bed linen. In addition, they can support with meal preparation, taking into account your food preferences and desired meal times. They can also assist with your food shopping where required.

13 Daily Routine If you have trouble keeping track of what you need to do and when, your Carer can support you with your daily routine. They can provide you with reminders to do things, such as when to take your medication, to attend Doctor’s appointments, to write Birthday cards, to feed the dog and many other useful things that help you to remain independent. Day Trips Out In addition to helping you with short day-to-day outings, your Carer will be happy to accompany you on day trips, allowing you and your family to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the personal attention you require whilst out on your trip. Whether you are planning a trip to a museum or a trip to a local park, our carers will support you whilst you are out of your home. They can also assist you with making travel arrangements and transporting mobility equipment, should you need it. Social Activities Wherever possible, we will encourage you to engage in social activities. That may be to attend a local club, or to meet with friends for a chat and a cup of tea. Your Carer will be on hand to support you whenever needed. PALLIATIVE CARE When you are suffering from a life-threatening illness, it can be a painful time for both you and your loved ones. Our palliative care service aims to support you during this difficult time, making life more comfortable for everyone involved. Our palliative care service supports adults, young people or children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, whether that is terminal or curable, who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own homes. This service can be provided at all possible stages of illness, including pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment, cure, death and bereavement.

14 The main objective of our service is to achieve the best quality of life for you, as well as your family. We understand that your family and friends may have strong feelings about your condition and it may be difficult for you to express your feelings for fear of upsetting them. We can help you and your loved ones to discuss your feelings and provide extra support, should your loved ones need to take a break. In addition, we can provide support through periods of bereavement. As part of our sensitive palliative care service, we ensure that you are treated as an individual, with dignity and respect. We will provide you with a personalised care plan that will take into account your needs, preferences and choices. We also like to ensure continuity of care, which is why we only select a small amount of Carers to work with you and get to know your personality and preferences. On-going Support Caring for someone with a long-term condition or illness can last for a short period of time or can continue for many years. In the initial stages of your diagnosis, our Nurses and Carers can assist you when attending hospital appointments, being there to support you when you receive good or bad news, and supporting you every step of the way through the stages that follow. We are able to provide support following treatments for your illness and can provide a wide range of services to ensure you are comfortable and are able to remain as active as possible, this includes personal care, social companionship and complex care. This can be provided at intervals to suit your convenience from shorter calls through to 24 hour care. Personal Care Our personal care service supports you with your morning and evening routines, bathing, dressing, continence care, medication prompts and meal preparation. Complex Care Should you have complex care requirements, such as support with administering complex medication, we can provide the support of highly skilled healthcare professionals, with specific skills, tailored to meet your complex requirements.

15 Social Companionship We can provide a Nurse, Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker to sit, chat and read with you, providing the company you need to make you feel comfortable and at ease. 24 Hour Care As your condition deteriorates, you may need 24 hour attention and care. We can provide healthcare professionals to provide you with round the clock one-to-one care. Partnership Approach If you currently receive palliative care support from other organisations, such as Social Services, Local Authorities or charitable bodies, we are able to work in partnership with them to ensure a consistent approach to your care is adopted. Emergency Response We offer an emergency response service to support patients with a terminal illness during times of crisis. We understand that in a crisis situation you need us to react quickly and you may need a care package to start immediately. In such circumstances we will carry out an emergency assessment in order to facilitate a faster response, so that you are able to return home as quickly as possible. We will work in partnership with other healthcare professionals such as GPs and hospital Doctors, to ensure that all of your care needs are met. QUALITY ASSURANCE We have a large workforce of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals including Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers who all have previous experience of working within clients’ own homes. We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that all of our workers are compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS). This enables us to supply our clients with the highest quality healthcare professionals, at all times.

16 We are proud of our comprehensive internal quality assurance systems, which are continually reviewed and monitored. We undertake rigorous compliance reviews to ensure that all of our Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers have the relevant qualifications and experience necessary for the service that they will provide. This includes: 1. Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. 2. A full health declaration. 3. Full working history, along with detailed reference checks. 4. Annual reviews with relevant registration bodies to ensure fitness to practice. We provide regular supervision for all of our care staff, including recorded one-to-one meetings every twelve weeks, observations and annual appraisals. This ensures that our care staff continuously advance their skills whilst continuing to deliver an excellent standard of care. Training A strong focus on continued staff training and development is central in our pursuit of excellence. Our healthcare professionals are trained to the National Standards upon joining the company and all workers complete a comprehensive mandatory training programme which includes manual handling, infection control, basic life support, fire safety and medication modules. In addition, as part of our Care at Home service, we create bespoke training courses based upon the actual needs of each client.

17 Agape Private Limited Unit 1, Leicester Business Centre 111 Ross Walk Leicester LE4 5HH T: 0116 2669 646 T: 0845 5280 895 F: 0845 8340 364 E:

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