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Town Hall Budget Forum February 9 & 10, 2015. Please hold questions to the end! Town Hall Budget Forum.

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1 Town Hall Budget Forum February 9 & 10, 2015

2 Please hold questions to the end! Town Hall Budget Forum

3 Governor’s Budget Proposal Major Dimensions Proposed Public Authority - effective July 2016 Proposed Budget Cuts – Tuition Freeze and GPR Reduction

4  Governance  Most Provisions in Chapter 36 moved to Board Policy (including shared governance and tenure)  Authority empowered to make own rules  Tuition/Pricing  Undergraduate resident tuition frozen  Capital Planning/Construction  Procurement  Human Resources/Personnel  Board oversees pay plan; developing personnel structure and policies  No supplemental funding from compensation reserve  Health insurance and retirement benefits will remain unchanged  Budget  Starting in , the Authority’s GPR adjusted by prior year’s Consumer Price Index  Authority pays for municipal services  Authority will oversee deposits and investments Public Authority

5 The Budget Cut for Biennium  Proposed $300 million cut to GPR funding to UW System.  This cut is too big.  This cut is applied too fast.

6 Inside the Numbers … Funding UW System GPR reduction is being talked about as a $300 million cut over the two-year biennium.  Biennial Math: When $150 million in the first year is continued in the second year, there is a combined total of $300 million. UW Oshkosh Legislative Fiscal Bureau early estimates show UW Oshkosh could receive a 4.9 percent base reduction if based on our institution’s percentage of total UW System GPR. UW SystemUW Oshkosh FY Base Reduction $32,844,300$1,608, GPR Budget $1,178,197,283 ($933,087,183 less debt service) $46,520,356 ($33,469,952 less debt service) FY Base Reduction $150,000,000$7,346,600 Potential Base Reduction as % of GPR less debt service -16.1%-21.9%

7 OPERATING BUDGET UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN OSHKOSH OPERATING BUDGET $265,464,029 total [$207,464,029 without Direct Lending] Federal Funds $86,205,188 Gifts, Grants & Contracts $4,798,716 Auxiliaries $50,508, % 43 % GPR $46,520,356 Tuition $66,931,102 GPR + Tuition/Fees Total: $113,451,458 Program Revenue $10,500,000 4%4% Base

8 OPERATING BUDGET UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN OSHKOSH OPERATING BUDGET Available funds to manage the cuts GPR $29,486,654 Tuition $66,931,102 GPR + Tuition/Fees Total: $96,417, % 90 % Program Revenue $10,500,000 Base

9  Payroll Expenses – Salaries plus benefits  $95,974,762  Non-Payroll Expenses – Everything else  $10,942, OPERATING BUDGET UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN OSHKOSH OPERATING BUDGET What do we spend?


11 The Way Forward …  This will be a very challenging budget.  We must consider serious changes in programs, operations, services and staffing.  We will need great transparency, communication, and campus engagement to manage this level of cuts.

12 The Way Forward …  Reduce Staffing Levels  Hiring Freeze  Attrition – Separations, Voluntary Departures  Retirements  Layoffs  Program, Organization & Structure  Academic and Non-Academic Program Changes  Administrative & Organizational Changes  Review Existing Services: Centralized v. Decentralized  Reassignments

13  Revenue  We must increase revenue from all sources possible.  We must make investments in Admissions and Enrollment Management. The Way Forward …

14  Strategic Planning  Provost Lane Earns will lead  Will commence immediately  Must be complete by end of Fall 2015  New Budget Structure  Chancellor’s Study Group – Budget Structure  Lori Worm, Ryan Haley, Fred Yeo, John Koker The Way Forward …

15 Leadership Council Shared Governance Leadership 1.Faculty Senate President 2.Senate of Academic Staff President 3.Oshkosh Student Association President 4.University Staff Council President Chancellor’s Office 5.Chancellor 6.Special Assistant to the Chancellor 7.Director of Equity and Affirmative Action Division of Academic Affairs 8.Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 9.Dean of the College of Letters & Science 10.Dean of the College of Education & Human Services 11.Dean of the College of Nursing 12.Dean of the College of Business 13.Dean of Graduate Studies 14.Dean/Assistant Vice Chancellor of Lifelong Learning & Community Engagement Division of Student Affairs 15.Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 16.Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement & Success/Dean of Students Division of University Advancement 17.Vice Chancellor for University Advancement & President of the UWO Foundation, Inc. 18.Assistant Vice Chancellor for Integrated Marketing Communications Division of Administrative Services 19.Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services 20.Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

16 Leadership Council Shared Governance Leadership 1.Kay Neal 2.Lisa Szromba 3.Jordan Schettle 4.Jill Reichenberger Chancellor’s Office 5.Andrew Leavitt 6.Tom Grogan 7.Ameerah McBride Division of Academic Affairs 8.Lane Earns 9. John Koker 10. Fred Yeo 11.Suzanne Marnocha 12.Bill Tallon 13.Susan Cramer 14.Karen Heikel Division of Student Affairs 15.Petra Roter 16.Sharon Kipetz Division of University Advancement 17.Art Rathjen 18.Jamie Ceman Division of Administrative Services 19.Tom Sonnleitner 20.Lori Worm

17  We must continue to be a functioning university  Continuation of essential travel policy  Title changes, progressions, re-classifications, equity increases will proceed in the normal way.  LTE positions in the current year are permitted as this year's budget allows.  This will be a collaborative and transparent process. A website will be created.  Everything is on the table to help move us forward. We have options. Stay Positive!

18 What can you do?  We need:  Your ideas and input  Your continued level-headedness  Your constructive advocacy  Help build a transformed university

19 Key Dates…  State-Level  Board of Regents Meeting: March 5, 2015  Review by the Joint Finance Committee into March  Completion by July 1, 2015  Campus-Based  Town Hall Sessions (February)  Breakfast Forums (February-April)  Leadership Council (February-on)  Administrative & Organizational Leaders  Shared Governance Leaders


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