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CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA) Project Kick-Off IM&T AND CASS Dan Miller| Project Manager 17 July 2014.

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1 CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA) Project Kick-Off IM&T AND CASS Dan Miller| Project Manager 17 July 2014

2 Welcome & Background

3 Background The CSIRO Australian Square Kilometre Array (ASKAP) project requires a Science Data Archive to store, manage, and make available for discovery & access the data that is generated by ASKAP operations. The CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive will provide the long term storage for CSIRO ASKAP data products and the hardware and software facilities that enable astronomers to make use of these. The archive will be an integrated system consisting of hardware, software, supporting operations, and new service offerings. CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 3 |

4 Target Outcomes

5 Increased radio-astronomy research undertaken using ASKAP as part of the Australia Telescope National Facility; Increased quantity of radio-astronomy research data discovered and used via the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Research Data Australia (RDA) system. CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 5 |

6 Outputs

7 Hardware infrastructure at both Pawsey and Canberra Data Centre; Software to manage the deposit and archiving of ASKAP data; Functions to enable validation and release of incoming ASKAP data; CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 7 |

8 Outputs Descriptive information to ANDS Research Data Australia portal; Integration of new software components in the CSIRO Data Access Portal to support the discovery and access of ASKAP data; Implementation of Virtual Observatory protocols; CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 8 |

9 Outputs Functions to enable access to subsets of ASKAP data; Integration with Pawsey High Performance Computing facilities; Establishment of supporting operational process & documentation. CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 9 |

10 Who is involved?

11 Stakeholders CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 11 |

12 Leadership Euan Sangster: CSIRO Chief Information Officer A/g, Co-sponsor Angus Vickery: IM&T Exec. Manager, Primary Supplier- Infrastructure Douglas Bock: CASS Assistant Director, Co-sponsor CASS Project Review Board: Chaired by Phil Crosby Sarah Pearce: CASS Deputy Chief, Project Business Owner Jessica Chapman: CASS Data Management Leader, Project Leader Ian Heywood: CASS Project Scientist George Beckett: Primary Supplier, iVEC Alf Uhlerr: IM&T Scientific Computing CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 12 |

13 Reference ASKAP Science Reference Group: Champions and early adopters of CASDA selected to have scientific expertise using astronomy data archives ASKAP Program: Key input in terms of ASKAP science & operations IM&T essentially all areas: consultation and expertise in high performance, data intensive scientific computing systems; ICRAR: Sharing of knowledge between MWA and ASKAP data archive groups. CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 13 |

14 Teams IM&T: Provision of technical team members for production of deliverables Business Analysis Infrastructure & systems integration Software development Databases Functional Testing Performance Testing Security Testing Operations & system administration User Support Research Data Service Pawsey Supercomputing Centre: Provision of technical team members and establishment of CASDA infrastructure CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 14 |

15 Future operations/owner CASS Software and Computing Group: Responsible for delivery of all ASKAP related software including telescope operations, data processing and data management CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 15 |

16 The approach

17 Architecture Drafted over the past year (CASDA Stage 0) Internal testing undertaken External consultation currently planned CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 17 |

18 Requirements Gathered over the past year Documented priority as agile ‘user stories’, supplemented by ‘non-functional’ requirements Verified with the CASDA Science Reference Group Prioritised by CASS Business Owners CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 18 |

19 Development method: Agile-scrum This stage of the CASDA project will follow an Agile Scrum approach to the production of project deliverables. This essentially involves a repeated series of three-week iterations. Each will commence with confirmation of priorities and will conclude with demonstrations of completed work. Consultation will be undertaken with reference groups to gain feedback on solution fit. CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 19 |

20 Supporting Tools and Procedures Project Wiki (Confluence) Project work, issue and risk tracking (Jira) Existing procedures to work with: IM&T Software services analysis/development/testing process IM&T Infrastructure services platform establishment process IM&T Change management CASS Operations IM&T Production operations and support CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 20 |

21 Timing

22 Schedule Start: July 2014; Aiming for a system release candidate to commence evaluation with Early Science: April 2015 Estimated End: June 2015. CASDA Stage1 Summary Milestone Schedule CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 22 |

23 Key Risks

24 Key risks Technical complexity Scale (up to 5PB per year) Throughput (up to 16TB per day) Platform Multi-organisation integration Operational processes Capacity/time Stakeholder focus CASDA Stage 1 Kick-off 24 |

25 Questions/Discussion

26 IM&T AND CASS Thank you

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