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Al-Azawi, Anas Fahad Berdova, Maria Jannatul, Susoma Mutanen, Ilkka Key Issues In Purchasing DRIE system.

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1 Al-Azawi, Anas Fahad Berdova, Maria Jannatul, Susoma Mutanen, Ilkka Key Issues In Purchasing DRIE system

2 Begin to conduct active interdisciplinary research within 6-7 months Delivery Oxford Instruments Plasma Pro 100 Estrelas Acceptence Other tasks Main Goal Key Steps in purchasing DRIE system Installation

3 Delivery TasksResponsibilities -Delivery deadline is not met -Transportation of the equipment to the installation site ( in case of delivery to the installation site at Oxford Instrument expense is not part of the contract ) -Inspecting that all items are not broken upon delivery Aalto lawyers are involved to ensure refund upon late delivery ( Price compensation should be mentioned in the contract) The head of the fabrication group must find the most convienient company for transportation Defect parts are exchanged at the company expense Delivery of the Equipment to Finland by Company, at Company's sole cost and expense, shall be made within twenty (12) weeks after receipt of a purchase order

4 Installation Resposibilities -Site Preparation ( Clearing obstacles removing walls etc) - Purchasing gases and other consumables -Installation of gas pipes, cooling pipes, vacuum pumps, power supply, waste handling, gas alarms -Installing the equipment at the site -Testing and Certification ( Powering up the system and verifying the proper functioning of all hardware and software of the equipment besides that test runs have to be conducted ) Hired workers under supervision of the clean room engineer and his/her assistants Clean room engineer ( Paula ) Micronova engineers (Erkki Halonen, Antti Peltonen, Jukka Huhtala ) Oxford engineers Oxford Instrument is responsible for powering up and verification of proper working equiment. Oxford enginners together with Aalto engineers ( Ali Shah and Alex Perros) shall verify that process results of test runs are in agreement with the given specifications and test runs conducted at the manufacturer/seller Tasks The buyer (Aalto University) is responsible for having the site fully ready to recieve the equipment on the estimated delivery date

5 Acceptance -Training in operation and use of the equipment -Interpretation of the test results (SEM analysis, Etch rate measurement, …, etc.) -The initiation of Warranty to Aalto University By Oxford instruments upon final acceptance - Possible reclamations if the equipment does not fulfill the specifications Oxford Instruments shuold provide at no cost to Aalto university trainig in using the machine. The training should be conducted. Experienced main user ( Ali Shah) and PhD student shall recieve the training Ali Shah, PhD students and other main users Company warrants that the Equipment shall be free from defects in material and manufacturing and that the Equipment will operate in conformance with the Specifications Aalto lawyers are involved to insure that the provided warranty will first commence after the acceptence has been approved Acceptance of the Equipment shall be deemed to occur on the date when, in the reasonable opinion of Aalto University, the Equipment conforms to the Specifications, and has continuously operated in compliance with the specifications for thirty (30) days after Equipment Turnover TasksResposibilities

6 -Payment ( 30% of the system price on order, 60 % on delivery and 10 % on final acceptance ) -Ownership of licensed processes, software and documentation -Accommodation of Oxford Instruments employees -Right to use the equipment ( different levels to different users) -Warning signs and instructions Aalto University’s financial department Oxford Instruments warrants that it owns licensed processes, system software Aalto University is responsible for providing the accomodation ( Jenni Ståhl) Only main users have the right to modify the gas recipes Clean room engineer (Paula) must ensure that warning signs and instructions are clear and visible. Furthermore easy to read user guide should be provided by the main user ( Ali Shah) Other Tasks Resposibilities

7 Time line Choosing The equipment Asking for quotation Site preparationInstallation Testing and Verifications (Acceptance) 23 6 14 24 Signing the Contract and purchasing 18 weeks

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