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Bellringer What similarities does the US share with Mexico, our neighbor to the South?

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1 Bellringer What similarities does the US share with Mexico, our neighbor to the South?

2 WOD: Fracture To break or cleave “Many Olympians take special care not to fracture any bones while competing”

3 Medal Count! GOLDSILVERBRONZETOT: USA – 1236 Germany – 1304 France – 2013 Canada – 1113



6 Landforms Mexico = –3 times the size of Texas! –land bridge: narrow strip of land that joins two larger landmasses. –peninsula: piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides.

7 Mountains Sierra Madres –Oriental, Occidental, del Sur


9 Valley of Mexico –Low area, contains Mexico City (Capital)

10 Yucatan Peninsula –Flat area, prone to sinkholes




14 Climate Deserts in North, Tropics in South Most rain comes in the highland/mountain areas


16 History Early Indians: Maya, Olmec, Toltec, Zapotec –Advanced Civilizations, warfare, temples 1519 – Spanish Conquistadors (conquerors) arrive






22 European diseases killed many natives –‘Haciendas’ = larges estates owned by wealthy Spanish –Priests converted natives

23 Mexicans  independence in 1821 –Set up democracy, but gap b/w rich and poor caused conflict

24 Culture Most Mexicans = Roman Catholic Mestizo’s: mixture of Spanish and native peoples Follow American entertainment/culture


26 People Population: 103,400,165 (July 2002 est.) Age structure: 0-14 years: 32.8% (male 17,310,230; female 16,630,935) 15-64 years: 62.7% (male 31,552,877; female 33,246,668) 65 years and over: 4.5% (male 2,069,826; female 2,589,629) (2002 est.)

27 Economy Mineral Resources – World’s leading silver producer –Also Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury Today – Petroleum (oil) MVP of resources –Most exported to USA





32 The indigenous heritage: The cactus, the eagle and the snake The symbol of the eagle standing on a cactus plant and devouring a snake comes from the times of the Aztecs. –The Aztec people were guided by their God Huitzilopochtli to seek a place where an eagle landed on a prickly-pear cactus, devouring a snake. –After hundreds of years of wandering they found the sign on a small swampy island in Lake Texcoco. –Their new home they named Tenochtitlan ("Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus"). In A.D. 1325 they built a city on the site of the island in the lake; which is now Mexico City

33 MEXICAN FLAG Green: The Independence Movement Hope White: The purity of the Catholic faith. Red: The Spaniards that joined in the quest for Independence. The blood of the National Heroes Union

34 Mexico's National Anthem Mexicans, at the cry of battle prepare your swords and bridle; and let the earth tremble at its center at the roar of the cannon. Oh fatherland Your forehead shall be girded with olive garlands, by the divine archangel of peace For in heaven your eternal destiny has been written by the hand of God. But should a foreign enemy dale to profane your land with his sole, Think, beloved fatherland, that heaven gave you a soldier in each son.

35 Holidays January 1st Año Nuevo, New Year's Day January 6 Los Santos Reyes, Three Wise Men February 2 Día de la Candelaria, Candelmas Day February 5 Día de la Constitución, Constitution Day February 14 Día del Amor y la Amistad, Valentine's February 24 Día de la Bandera, Flag Day March 21 Benito Juárez, Birth of Benito Juárez March-April Semana Santa, Holy Week April 30 Día del Niño, Children's Day May 1 Día del Trabajo, Labor Day May 3 Día de la Santa Cruz, Holy Cross Day May 5 Cinco de Mayo, May 10 Día de las Madres, Mother's Day May 15 Día del Maestro, Teacher's Day September 16 El Grito, Independence Day October 12 Día de la Raza, Columbus Day November 1 Día de Todos los Santos, All Saints Day November 2 Día de los Fieles Difuntos, Day of the Dead November 20 Día de la Revolución Mexicana, Revolution Day December 12 V irgen de Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe December 16- December 24 Las Posadas, 9 Posadas December 25 Navidad, Christmas Day December 28 Día de los Santos Inocentes, The Holy Innocents Day

36 Quinceanera Central American teens have a large birthday bash on their 15 th Birthday Many spend on one party what takes them years to make Coming of age ritual




40 Classwork Page 233, Review # 1 - 5

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