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Presentation of Tank Terminal Europoort West (TEW) Project in the Port of Rotterdam SHTANDART TT BV October 20, 2011 Moscow, Russia.

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1 Presentation of Tank Terminal Europoort West (TEW) Project in the Port of Rotterdam SHTANDART TT BV October 20, 2011 Moscow, Russia

2 2 SHTANDART TT BV What is TEW? The Port of Rotterdam launched last year an open tender to build a terminal called Tank terminal Europoort West (TEW) at prime location in the port. Shtandart TT BV submitted proposal and was selected by the Port of Rotterdam to develop the proposed project. Some facts about TEW: Opportunity to develop a world scale liquid bulk terminal Greenfield location strategically located in North- Western Europe Prime location at the entrance of the port Plot size: approximately 55 hectares Deepwater access up to VLCC draft Potential hinterland connections - pipeline connection, inland shipping. Timeline - after the initial permitting and design process, the construction work for the new terminal will commence during 2013 resulting in an operational start- up in North Sea

3 3 SHTANDART TT BV Who is Shtandart TT BV? SHTANDART TT BV Company to realize TEW Project, registered in the Netherlands Summa Group Summa Group is a diversified private holding with significant investments in port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunications, upstream. Third in Europe port operator VTTI BV Leading international Terminal operating company, registered in the Netherlands Vitol Principal oil trading company with worldwide presence MISC Berhad International shipping and terminal operating corporation. PETRONAS is the largest shareholder. 75 %25 % 50 %

4 4 SHTANDART TT BV Who is Summa Group? Ports and Logistics Engineering and Construction Oil and Gas Power Utilities Metals and Mining Telecommunications Russia’s largest (and third in Europe) port operator in terms of cargo turnover Infrastructure projects in the field of industrial and civil construction Design preparation and organization, construction and construction management Construction of oil and gas facilities One of Russian's largest independent gas production companies and the main gas supplier of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Engineering services related to the construction and operation of electric power facilities Zinc and lead deposits in Russia Integrated provider covering 11 Russian cities and holding licenses to provide telecommunication services in Kazakhstan and Ukraine International ports and logistics

5 5 SHTANDART TT BV Who is VTTI? Joint venture storage and terminal business with current storage capacity of nearly 6 million cbm. 50/50 company between Vitol and MISC Berhad, a leading Malaysian-based company. Ambitions to grow to 8 million cbm by Focus on oil products. Highest standards of HSE management, as well as customer service. Background Growth Strategy & Capability Grow the terminal network at the crossroads of major trading and shipping lanes. Directly manage projects from conception to completion, applying the VTTI standards throughout the design, construction and operations phases – regardless of geography or size. Terminals Vassiliko, Cyprus340,000 cbm ETT 3, Netherlands 465,000 cbm ETA, Netherlands 75,000 cbm ATB, Malaysia841,000 cbm Mombasa, Kenya 111,000 cbm Total Future Capacity 1,832,000 cbm Future Projects

6 6 SHTANDART TT BV Primorsk Port is an important link for TEW PTP Key clientsPrimorsk Port highlights Key RF Crude Oil Outlets, 2009 (MMTA)Primorsk Berths Nos. 1 and 2 Primorsk Trade Port (PTP) handles today more then 40% of Russian crude oil export by sea. Primorsk Trade Port has significant growth potential for oil products and bulk cargo (port expansion is not geographically constrained). Experienced management and proven track record of operational excellence. Full compliance with international standards - ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO (Environment Management System), OHSAS (production health and security) as well as the member of OCIMF since Collectively NCSP and PTP transship around 70 % of Russian crude

7 7 SHTANDART TT BV Shtandart’s vision at a glance Strategic export chain for Baltic crude oil and products TEW Key Mile Stones Focus on developing TEW to an “Open” Urals Crude Oil Hub. Development of TEW as a new market pricing point supported by involvement of sellers and buyers. TEW volume will grow from reliability. Enhancing competitive advantages for Russian and eventually other crude oils as well as oil products. Through operational and logistical efficiencies secure advantages for Baltic oil shipments to TEW and from there re- export to the broader markets, benefiting producers, sellers and as well as buyers. TEW’s strategic location and limited weather impacts ensure reliable supply source for refineries and other customers. Prestigious new Crude Oil market pricing point concept beneficial for everybody. Technical and Environmental Features Around 3 mill. m3 storage capacity and sufficient berth capacity allowing to work with any modern sizes of vessels. Highest HSE and Quality standards. Minimized environmental footprint. Dedicated marine infrastructure. Full electronic documentation processes.

8 8 SHTANDART TT BV Artist’s impression of the TEW

9 9 SHTANDART TT BV Why Shtandart TT BV? Develop TEW as an “open” crude hub for Urals crude oil in Northwest Europe, supported by the following elements: The terminal will be open to ANY supplier and lifter of Urals crude oil and oil products. Dedicated, sustainable, low cost and highly efficient link from the Baltic to customers. Throughput rather than storage based revenue model. State of the art infrastructure built to the highest environmental standards. With development of forwards and futures market, Urals FOB Rotterdam may become one of the world’s main crude oil price benchmarks. Partnership and long-term relationships with the Port of Rotterdam in working together to develop TEW as a major success story! Thank you for your attention!

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