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An Overview of HRCI Certifications, Recertification Process, Provider Programs and Helpful Resources Presented by the HR Certification Institute Team February.

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1 An Overview of HRCI Certifications, Recertification Process, Provider Programs and Helpful Resources Presented by the HR Certification Institute Team February 19, 2014 Katie Batten Alexis Chng-Castor Maggie Cortez Janee Nouet-Morales Stephanie Runyan Ann Vorabutr

2 Agenda About the HR Certification Institute Certification o What is HR Certification? o Value of HR Certification o HR Certification Exams o A Global Certified Community Recertification Pre-Approved Programs Resources Connect with us Contact us

3 ABOUT THE HR CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE MISSION Develop and deliver the highest quality certification programs that validate mastery in the field of human resource management and contribute to the continued improvement of individual and organizational performance. HISTORY 1976Began certifying HR professionals (PHR ® and SPHR ® ) 2004GPHR ® exam launched 2005Online recertification process started 2007California exam introduced 2008Online approved provider directory launched 2010Final year under old exam eligibility requirements 2011New exam eligibility requirements commence 2012Launch of global credentials – HRBP and HRMP

4 Certification is made of 4 key components: » Eligibility through a combination of professional HR experience and formal education; » Adherence to a professional ethical standard; » Demonstrated applied knowledge and skills through exam; » Ongoing professional development through recertification. WHAT IS HR CERTIFICATION?

5 Certification is achieved and maintained by: Meeting work and education requirements Passing an experience based exam Meeting recertification requirements by staying current in the field (60 credits in a three year cycle) WHAT IS HR CERTIFICATION?

6 ON HIRING of employers state that a certified job applicant has a greater hiring advantage than a non-certified job applicant. of employers state that a certified HR professional is more likely to be considered for promotion than a non- certified HR professional. of employers believe that a certified HR professional has greater job security than a non-certified HR professional. VALUE OF HR CERTIFICATION 96% 91% ON PROMOTION ON JOB SECURITY 81%

7 HR certification exams offered: PHR® - Professional in Human Resources SPHR® - Senior Professional in Human Resources GPHR® - Global Professional in Human Resources PHR-CA/ SPHR-CA - California certification (needs to be PHR- or SPHR- certified to take the exam) HRBP SM - Human Resource Business Professional HRMP SM - Human Resource Management Professional HR CERTIFICATION EXAMS

8 Certificants are growing in numbers A GLOBAL CERTIFIED COMMUNITY 130,000+ 100 countries PHR 70,526 SPHR 50,053 GPHR 1,440 CA 911 HRBP 229 HRMP 344 MULTI 1,377

9 RECERTIFICATION 60 recertification credits are required every three years to maintain use of credential(s) Helps achieve HR knowledge and skills Stays current with the changing HR trends, policies and practices in HR field Recertification categories:  Continuing Education (no max.)  Instruction  On-the-Job Experience  Research/Publishing  Leadership  Professional Membership Or retake the exam!

10 RECERTIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS GPHR Body of Knowledge updated The Birthday Rule – Recertification ends in birthday month Recertification Fee Change - $150 Specified Credit Terminology Changes  General to “HR”  Business Management and Strategy to “Business”  International to “Global” “Suspended” status  No more “Lapsed” status, enters into “Suspended” mode immediately- add’l $100 fee  Can earn into next recertification cycle- next cycle then shortened to two (2) years to earn 60 credits


12 Recertification System (Learning Builder) Recertification Learning Plan – Allows certificant to build out recertification activities in advance Email address as user ID – Certificants have to use their email addresses to log in Immediate notification for audit selection – Notification of audit is immediate with the system (instead of a six (6) months wait) Visit for videos and step-by-step guides. Go to Recert Connection blog to learn more about the recertification updates.

13 PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM Purpose of the program Allows SHRM Affiliate Provider the ability to establish organizational accounts to submit events Allows the provider to check the status of events Assigns a unique program ID for all pre-approved events Allows providers to request specified credit hours for events Integrates the organization and certificant management systems for immediate approval of pre-approved events for recertification candidates using the online profile Provides the providers with our pre-approved seal (for approved courses) Allows providers to utilize our seal on Marketing materials to drive attendance for events Pre-approved programs fall under the Continuing Education category for recertification candidates

14 PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM Online submission of new and renewal applications and documentation - All required steps for submitting an Approved Provider application will now be completed online.

15 PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM Program Requirements Programs must be submitted for review at least 4 weeks prior to the event start date Programs must be at least 1 hour in duration Programs must focus on professional development, not personal development such as stress, time management, etc. Programs must have a direct tie to the HR Certification Institute’s Knowledge Bases Programs must have clear learning HR objectives Programs lasting over 3 hours, must have a detailed agenda included in the submission

16 PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM Program Requirements (continued…) Remember – if the provider knows their event has been pre- approved in the past or by another organization – reference this information during the submission process Programs are only valid during the year they are submitted – if there is a popular event that is offered each year, make sure it is submitted early Make sure attendees are provided with documentation of the program/program ID, in the event their recertification application is audited. A certificate of completion or email confirmation from the provider will work for audit documentation.

17 PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM Conferences Reminders Conferences must be submitted for review at least 4 weeks prior to the event start date All Conference components should be entered as separate submissions – Pre, Main, Post All Conferences should be submitted utilizing the Conference Submission Grid and Recertification Credit Template for review. All Conferences should be submitted for overall general credit – the Institute provides a breakdown of specified credit for your event

18 RESOURCES Current HR Knowledge bases (PHR/SPHR, GPHR, HRMP, HRBP and CA) Exam Eligibility Requirements and other Exam information Certification Handbook Recertification Handbook Informational pages on Specified Credit Pre-approved Program policies and procedures Blogs (Certification Matters and Recert Connection) All are available on our website: and

19 CONNECT WITH US: LinkedIn Follow the LinkedIn company page: Follow for updates, Institute news, and information on our certifications Recommend the certifications

20 CONNECT WITH US: LinkedIn Join our LinkedIn groups: Join HRCI Certification Leaders to connect with fellow leaders and share ideas about promoting certification Start discussions about certification and recertification on our other group, HR Certification Institute - HRCI

21 CONNECT WITH US: Twitter Follow us on Twitter: @HRCertInstitute Regular updates, Institute news, HR-related content Relatively quick response time to general customer service inquiries

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23 CONNECT WITH US +1 us on Google+ - Follow us on Pinterest - Subscribe to us on YouTube -

24 CONTACT US 1800 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, USA +1.703.535.6000 +1-866-898-4724 (Toll-Free Line)

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