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Presented by : Coordinator of Undergraduate Programmes: Dr. Fred Kwan 1.

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1 Presented by : Coordinator of Undergraduate Programmes: Dr. Fred Kwan 1

2  Three EF majors  BBA Business Economics  BBA Finance (two streams)  Finance  Quantitative Finance and Risk Management  BBA Banking and Financial Services  Four EF minors  Business Economics (BE)  Finance (FIN)  Personal Financial Planning (PFP)  Quantitative Finance (QF) 2 EF website

3 Nurture the next generation of financial executives, professional economists, and analysts for Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other Asia-Pacific economies

4  Prepare students for career development or further study, according to individual goals and interest  Joint Bachelor’s degree programmes with Columbia University in New York and National Taiwan University  Individual choice of specialization 4

5  Choose two areas Applied Business Economics Regional Economic Studies International Trade and Finance Urban & Property Market Analysis Business and Financial Markets Elective courses 5

6 Columbia UniversityNational Taiwan University CommencementSeptember 2014 (commence 3 rd year of study) September 2014 (commence 2 nd year of study) EnrollmentUp to 5 students per year Requirement Completed at least 60 credit units CGPA: 3.3 or above IELTS: 7.0 or above TOEFL: 100.0 or above Completed at least one year of full-study GPA: 3.0 or above Fees (in years at host university) Pay the regular fees to host university Pay the regular fees to home university Note: Students will spend 2 years in the host university in each programme. After completion of the programme, students will have two certificates from the participating universities (i.e. City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University/National Taiwan University). 6

7  4 BE students are studying in Columbia University under the CityU/Columbia U joint program.  After the first semester in Columbia, all of them are in Dean’s list with GPA above 3.8 for last semester.

8  2 BE students are studying in National Taiwan University under the CityU/ NTU joint programme.  After the first semester in NTU, one of them got a GPA above 4.0 for the last semester.

9  Economic Consultant  Economic Analyst  Economic Researcher  Management Trainee  Corporate Manager  Investment Advisor 9

10  AIA, Bank of China (HK), Cathay Pacific, Cheung Kong (Holdings), China Construction Bank (Asia), Citibank HK, DBS Bank, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Groupon, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial, Bank of China (Asia), KPMG, Standard Chartered Bank, Wells Fargo Bank

11 Dick WU (2010 Graduate in BBA Business Economics) Analyst Barclays Capital Lina WONG (2000 Graduate in BBA Business Economics) Morgan Stanley Elaine HU (2009 Graduate in BBA Business Economics) Risk Modelling, Barclays

12  Prepare students for key financial management and analyst positions  Two steams of specialization: ◦ (1) Finance  More broad-based, for students interested in managerial positions ◦ (2) Quantitative Finance and Risk Management  More technical, for students interested in financial engineering positions 12

13  Commercial or Investment or Private Banker  Corporate Strategist  Credit Analyst  Portfolio Manager  Risk Manager for financial institutions or non-financial corporations  Securities (Debt and Equity) Analyst 13

14  ANZ Banking, AXA China Region, Bank Consortium Trust (BCT), Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi, China Construction Bank (Asia), Credit Suisse, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia), JPMorgan Chase Bank, KPMG, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services HK, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Standard Chartered Bank

15 Tom AI (2010 Graduate in BBA Finance) BNP Paribas, Japan Simon LIU (2010 Graduate in BBA Finance) Investment Banking Analyst Citigroup Rita XIAO (2009 Graduate in BBA Finance) Consultant Stirling Finance Limited Vitas LI (2009 Graduate in BBA Finance) UBS AG 15 Jacky CHIANG (2014 Graduate in BBA Finance) Analyst, Barclays Capital Angie CHU (2008 Graduate in BBA Finance) Compliance, JPMorgan Linyi XU (2009 Graduate in BBA Finance) Analyst, Credit Suisse Dora HUANG (2014 Graduate in BBA Finance) Graduate Trainee, UBS

16 Calvin CHENG (2013 Graduate in BBA QFRM) Global Marketing & Solution Dep’t (East Asia Region), Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi UFJ Arthur NAM (2014 Graduate in BBA QFRM) International Graduate, Standard Chartered Bank Kristy PANG (2014 Graduate in BBA QFRM) BNP Paribas

17 Kitty WU (2013 Graduate in BBA Finance) Ms Managerial and Financial Economics, HEC Paris Hang LI (2012 Graduate in BBA Finance) Ms Financial Engineering, UC Berkeley Zhan LUO (2012 Graduate in BBA Finance) MSc Finance, Imperial College London Jill WANG (2014 Graduate in BBA Finance) MSc Finance, Oxford University

18 Ken WU (2014 Graduate in BBA QFRM) Carnegie Mellon University Bei YE (2012 Graduate in BBA QFRM) MPhil Finance, Cambridge Jerry SHU (2013 Graduate in BBA QFRM) Master in Finance, MIT

19 Qin WANG (2013 Graduate in BBA QFRM) Corporate Finance, LSE Ya LI (2012 Graduate in BBA QFRM) Risk Management and Financial Engineering, Imperial College London Dan ZHAO (2013 Graduate in BBA QFRM) PhD Business Economics, University of Michigan

20  Train students to be financial service professionals in fund management, insurance, commercial banking, and real estate finance.  This programme was launched in 2012-13 and the first cohort will graduate in 2016. 20

21  Bank/ Insurance Risk Manager  Business Development Manager  Commercial/ Private Banker  Credit Analyst  Investment Advisor  Portfolio Manager  Corporate Risk Manager  Institutional Sales for Debt and Equity Securities  Real Estate Valuer  Wealth Managers 21

22  Dedicated staff to manage and organize student development activities ◦ Scholarship ◦ Career preparation workshops ◦ EF Professional mentoring ◦ Student exchange & internship (over 65% of our graduates had participated) ◦ Language immersion ◦ EF co-curricular activities ◦ Professional competitions

23  Mentoring Schemes Staff mentor, Student mentor, Professional mentor  Study Tours  Exchange Programme  Internship  Career Preparation  BEST (Business Elites Seminar Talk)  Databases (Bloomberg, PACAP, DataStream, IMF, etc.) 31

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31 Year of graduationDepartmental average (HK$) 201313,700 201212,300 201112,900 201012,700 200910,200

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37 37

38 We welcome you to CityU EF! Thank you 38

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