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Andrew Eastick Manager economic development & marketing Business improvement district.

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1 Andrew Eastick Manager economic development & marketing Business improvement district

2 Concept Clearly defined geographic area Majority of business and property owners vote to invest collectively in local improvements to their trading environment and attract more customers Business ratepayers decide which new or expanded services are required, funded by a special rate levy 1,700 BIDs now established world-wide

3 Potential activities Management and organisation Responsibility and accountability for the street Promoting a clean and safe environment Providing strategic direction Providing a valuable link between council and stakeholders Building and encouraging partnerships Measuring results and outcomes Business improvement district

4 Potential activities Marketing and promotion Communicating with customers Delivering a consistent message and brand Building a positive customer perception Coordinating promotions and events Gaining positive publicity Business improvement district

5 Potential activities Business and economic development Improving the business environment Attracting new business, retaining current business Building a business community through networking Business improvement district

6 Potential activities Urban design and streetscape Improving the appearance and presentation of the street Encouraging property owners to improve shop fronts and buildings Providing advice to council regarding physical infrastructure projects Maintaining a wish list of future projects and priorities Business improvement district

7 For example Additional cleaning On street security patrols Crime reduction initiatives Retail marketing Tourist marketing Business improvement district Additional events Christmas lights Signage Physical streetscaping Street ambassadors

8 Business improvement district Workplan Establish steering committee Determine BID area (differential rate area?) Determine management structure and resource requirement Commence communication with businesses – The BID proposal Conduct meetings/workshops Conduct business survey to ascertain needs and priorities Council develop policy for supporting the introduction of the BID Steering group and City to develop agreement about the guaranteed level of service provision by the City when the BID commences

9 Business improvement district Workplan Draft BID business plan and develop budget –How BID will work –Services provided by BID –Anticipated benefits and measurable outcomes –Funding Further meetings/workshops Establish KPIs and performance monitoring methods Businesses within proposed BID area vote Election of BID board of directors BID commences 1 July 2012?

10 Business improvement district Steering committee John Dornan: Director, Love in Tokyo Eddie Watling: Precinct manager, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Zane Mckercher: Director, Key Sole Group Jeremy Njo: Store manager, Myer Ivan Dzeba: Manager, Benny’s James Calligaro: Director, New Edition Bookshop Andrew Eastick: Manager economic development and marketing Lionel Nicholson: Manager city works First meeting: Thursday 28 July 2011

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