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Contractor Training Management, Online Induction and Automated Compliance.

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1 Contractor Training Management, Online Induction and Automated Compliance



4 ON-BOARDING AND STAFF INDUCTION PORTALS Create custom groups for your induction courses Add managers to each Training Group Build your own or license our induction courses Automated Re-Induction Management of Contractor Licenses Create Induction Course categories Publishes induction certificates Integrates with your CRM

5 ONLINE INDUCTION TRAINING Automated Self Registration of Contractors and Contractor Businesses

6 INDUCTNOW CONTRACTOR SELF REGISTRATION Use InductNow to import your contractors or allow them to self-register: 1.Contractors self-register their details on your site 2.Upload their licenses and certificates 3.Upload insurances and other key documents 4.Designate expiry dates for each entry 5.Digitally sign to agree to your Terms and Conditions




10 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 1 After a business has been registered, the contractor searches for their business name in the Contractor System

11 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 2 The Contractor System will display all business entries with that name and the contractor selects their organisation

12 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 3 After selecting the business, a custom pop advises what information they will require to complete the registration

13 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 4 The Contractor completes your custom fields and clicks ‘Next’

14 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 5 The Contractor selects the areas that apply and upload documents and expiry dates

15 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STEP 6 There is also the option to avoid the file upload and simply ask your contractors to select the areas that are relevant to their job.

16 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION STAGE 7 The Contractor confirms the details, accepts your terms and conditions and signs a digital signature

17 CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION COMPLETE After completing the self-registration process, the contractor is sent an email and provided with the login details so that they can commence their course immediately

18 The contractor is automatically logged on and commences the induction and safety training courses CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION DASHBOARD

19 ONLINE INDUCTION TRAINING Re-Induction and Re-Certification of Contractors and Contractor Businesses

20 The InductNow Course Editor features a dedicated Re- Induction Settings Tab. This tool allows you to select which courses you would like to re- induct for your staff and contractors The tool gives you the option to select an annual or a recurring date for your re- induction. Once the re-induction is set, there is the option for the system to send email alerts one week prior and on the day that the course expires.

21 BUSINESS RECERTIFICATION There is the option to compel your contractor businesses to recertify automatically on your platform on your set date. The system allows you to set the recertification date and add an automated email alert. When a business receives an email alert they click the link and are asked to check boxes and complete a digital signature.

22 CONTRACTOR RECERTIFICATION There is the option to compel your contractors to recertify automatically on a date you select. The system allows you to set the recertification date and change the text in the email alert. When a contractor receives an email they click the link and are asked to check boxes and complete a digital signature to recertify.


24 ADMINISTRATION REPORTS The InductNow platform features a wide range of administration reports which export real-time data on aspects of your training program. The reports are exported in CSV format and if the API is enabled, the reporting data can write directly to your learner database

25 The Manager Portal The Home Page allows you to: Access the Manager Menu View the status of your staff View the progress of all courses Access certificates Access uploaded files View last login Search your staff users by name, training group and date fields The option to export the report in CSV format


27 VISUAL REPORTS The Visual Reports show real time reports on the completion level of all of your courses The data is presented directly under the visual data graph Use the drop down to view a detailed visual report on each course

28 VISUAL AND WORKPLACE REPORTS A second visual report displays the time taken to complete each course Use the drop down to view a detailed visual report on each course There are an additional 5 reports that allow the Manager to generate data reports on their staff at any time



31 PERSONAL TRAINING DASHBOARDS The Training Dashboard features: Personalised Training Profile Courses assigned to a learner Option to search for other courses Training Record / e-Portfolio View Results Page Access to Certificates Streaming news and alerts Profile based document libraries Workplace links Option to include events Option to include webinars

32 Login to access your dashboard The dashboard displays courses assigned to the learner. It shows progress bars for all courses. The learner can search and commence optional courses. The learner can view their results, view the e- Portfolio or Training Record, print certificates and edit their profile. The Learner’s Training Dashboard also features announcements, alerts, documents and links which are contextual to their profile in the organisation. Different profiles can have their own news and files. Select to view optional courses assigned to learner Select to View Progress Select to view personal Training Record showing all completed courses The e-Portfolio or Training Record displays all completed courses, webinars and events. There is also the option to select the pen icon to edit the training record by adding external training activities. The learner can print the record. Add external training

33 COURSE DASHBOARD The Course Dashboard features: Interactive Course Index Access to Course PDF Access to all Videos Shortcut to Test / Quiz Navigation tabs Mobile and Computer Access Ability to add all media and file types to your courses View Course Index Option for PDF download View all course videos from one page Shortcut access to quizzes Course page navigation

34 BUILD YOUR COURSES InductNow allows you to easily create and publish your own online courses and eBooks. Use the Course Editor to add content from PowerPoint and Word, upload documents, add text, images, video and audio. Use the Course Editor to build your own courses or import SCORM courses Add Tests to your courses with pre and post tests and section tests to assess your learners Add Course Categories Create Sequenced Learning Programmes

35 LICENSE OUR COURSES You have the option to license courses from our course library. The courses comprise of text, images, videos and tests and the course list includes: 1.Workplace Bullying 2.Working with Hazardous Chemicals 3.Working at Heights 4.Workplace Health & Safety 5.Manual Handling 6.Fire Emergency Course 7.Working in Confined Spaces 8.Fatigue Management Course 9.Courses customised for your business

36 THE ADMINISTRATION PORTAL Managing your Training Portal


38 CREATE YOUR TRAINING GROUPS The Group Function allows you to create unlimited Training Groups and activate the following options: 1.Name your group and provide a description (i.e. Diploma) 2.Assign your learners to a group (import or via API) 3.Assign specific courses, events and webinars to a group 4.Assign an Assessor / Trainer to a group 5.Assign a Learning Program or qualification to a group 6.Assign documents to a group 7.Publish training news specific to a group 8.Create and publish a completion certificate to a group

39 COURSE TESTS, QUIZZES AND SURVEYS The Test Editor allows you to: 1.Add multiple choice and True / False questions 2.Use question banks and randomise responses 3.Add video and image files to tests 4.Set pass rates 5.Use Question banks 6.Randomise responses 7.Provide feedback to members 8.Record test results on certificates

40 ASSESSMENT EDITOR The Assessment Editor features: Question Maker Wizard o Multiple choice and true |false o Open text questions o Rating responses o File upload question o Verifier criteria question Define pass rate for each course Apply question banks Randomise question order Randomise correct response order Set attempts Assessment Actions after fail

41 PERSONALISED CERTIFICATES The completed Training Certificates feature your logo, organisation colours, font and other stylesheet elements. The certificates are customised with the learner name, course title and date of completion, Certificates can print a learner’s transcript of results Certificates can also be assigned for webinars and events

42 INDUCTNOW MOBILE APP AND ACCESS Delivers seamlessly to all mobile devices Creates dynamic apps on iPads, iPhones, tablets and smartphones Option to add your icon to Mobile Home Screens Compatible in all browsers Delivers to mac and PC Html5 enabled

43 CLOUD BASED TRAINING PLATFORMS Mediasphere Products and Platforms Mediasphere is a leader in the development and delivery of cloud based learning applications for the online training and e-Learning sector. The Mediasphere Online Learning Management Suite provides cloud-based online learning applications for all e-Learning sectors. o Accredited Training; Continuing Professional Development; Selling Courses Online; Online Induction and Workplace compliance In addition to the Learning Management System, Mediasphere is a multi-award winner for the delivery of educational and corporate websites on our Content Management System.

44 CONTACT US TODAY Free Trials and Webinars Ph: 1300 787 611 +61 7 5555 0180

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