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LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEES Presentation to Kildare County Councillors March 31 st 2014.

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1 LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEES Presentation to Kildare County Councillors March 31 st 2014

2 1. Content Context Local Community Development Committees- Role, Structure Timeline- Next Steps Glossary

3 2. Context Putting People First Local Government Reform Act 2014 Dissolution of County Development Boards Establishment of Local Community Development Committees (LCDC) in 31 local authorities Builds on but not the same as CDB Final guidelines expected in April

4 3. Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) Role Develop six year economic and community plan Implement, monitor and review community plan Co-ordinate, manage, oversee local and community development programmes Seek to ensure effectiveness, co-ordination-avoid duplication Responsible for Local Community Development Programme –social inclusion (from July 2014) Responsible for local action group (LAG) to submit and oversee Rural Development Programme While economic element of the plan under local authority (SPC), required to dovetail and compliment community plan as part of an overall Local Economic and Community Plan

5 4. Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) Membership Elected representatives (2/3) Local authority (1) State agencies (3) Private sector interests (8) from the following -Partnership Companies -Community and Voluntary interests -Social Inclusion interests -Other civic interests including- business/employer interests -Farming and agriculture interests -Trade union interests -Environmental interests -Community development bodies.

6 5. LCDC Membership continued Qualities Respect Professional approach and commitment to the LCDC Ability to make decisions on behalf of organisation/group/sector Team player, an ability to work collaboratively Committed to supporting local communities to develop sustainably Empathy and understanding of social inclusion causes and outcomes Advocacy and negotiation skills Action and follow through on commitments given Ability to think, work and act strategically on behalf of the whole county

7 6. Next steps (from docs available) MarchApril/MayJulyOctoberDecember -Dissolution of CDB -Final guidelines available outlining the governance of the LCDC -Final guidelines available to prepare the community element of the local economic and community plan -National draft submission to Europe for rural development programme -Review of LCDP underway -NUIM- NIRSA commissioned to provide profile for the county -Establish LCDC -Membership agreed in consultation with CPG -Resolution passed by council to establish the LCDC -First meeting of LCDC April/early May -Commence work on preparation of community element of Local Economic and Community plan -LCDC takes responsibility for of contracts and funding under the current Local community development programme (LCDP) -Local Action Group submit plan for Kildare rural development programme under LCDC -Community elements of community and economic plan complete -New Local Community Development Programme plan 2015-2016 complete -Tender process for LCDP commence 2015-2016 -Agree delivery mechanism for LCDP 2015/2016

8 7. Glossary Glossary of Terms -Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government DECLP -Department of Public Expenditure and Reform DPER -Local Community Development Committees LCDC -Local Community Development Programme LCDP (social inclusion programme currently run through Partnership Companies) -Local Action Group LAG -Local Enterprise Office LEO -National University of Ireland Maynooth NUIM -Rural Development Programme RDP (rural development programme currently run through LEADER Partnership Companies)

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