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UCSF Mission Bay Hospital

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1 UCSF Mission Bay Hospital

2 UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay: Women's, Cancer, and Benioff Children's Hospital

3 Sample “Freight Train” Drawing
Phase 1 deliverable Helipad Outpatient Building Entrance Loading Dock Women’s and Cancer Hospital Entrance 3rd Street Entrance Children’s Hospital Entrance ED & Ambulance Entrances

4 Mission Bay Clinical Programs

5 MB Guiding Principles: The following guiding principles should guide our operations and transition planning work and decision-making. Provide UCSF quality medical care to patients at all of our campuses (right provider for right patient) Design operations and workflows that support patient and family centered care models Remember that patient safety is at the center of everything that we do Create an outstanding environment and culture that fosters ownership, accountability, and open communications for all who work here Promote healing, new approaches to care, and innovation through the adaptive use of space and staff practices

6 MB Guiding Principles: The following guiding principles should guide our operations and transition planning work and decision-making. Encourage the incorporation of patient-oriented research into all aspects of care Support outstanding educational activities for students, house staff, staff, patients, and families Streamline operations, make full use of technology, and eliminate non-value tasks to ensure that resulting processes enable staff to perform as efficiently as possible and also allow flexibility as situations warrant Pilot new processes and technology at the Parnassus and Mt. Zion campuses to the extent possible and evaluate outcomes prior to Mission Bay campus deployment Be responsible financial stewards Involve the right stakeholders in activities and decision-making and minimize redundant representation Consider “the good of the enterprise” during planning and decision-making activities

Mission Bay Hospital Planning Team Mark Laret CEO Ken Jones COO Cindy Lima Executive Director Mission Bay Project Kim Scurr Executive Director Operations Planning MB IT EXEC STEERING COMMITTEE Jean Burns Core Infrastructure Telecommunications Application Configuration Nurse Call Telemetry Time and Attendance Telemedicine Audio/Visual Clinical Patient Experience OR Equipment Integration Real time location Unified communication and mobility Intercampus Integration MB FINANCE COMMITTEE James Bennan Operating Budget 2015 Expense Budget Staffing Model Review Labor Standards Review New Program Review Transition Budget MB PHYSICIAN STRATEGY Stacy Alexander Scott Soifer, MD Peter Carroll, MD Elena Gates, MD Program Refinement Volume projections Physician Coverage/Consult Faculty Recruitment Department Service Level Agreements Medical Model—Ambulatory/ED CLINICAL OPERATIONS PLANNING Brian Herriot Jennifer Hood Operational Readiness Patient Experience Process flows New Operations and programs Process Implementation Process redesign Workflow Staffing Requirements Transition Orientation/Education Policies/procedures Licensing/Regulatory Move Training Donor Tours/Opening

8 Operations Planning: Integrated Scope of Work

9 MB Physician Strategy

10 Physician Strategy: High Level Goals
Next steps Finalize Scope of Clinical Programs Relocating to Mission Bay; update Volume Assumptions Define cross campus interfaces and implications for those services where patients might receive treatment at more than one campus Quantify the scope, estimated volume and delivery mode of consultation services required to support all of the adult inpatient services at Mission Bay Interface with SOM Departments to develop coverage, delivery mode and costs Determine medical center’s strategic support model Look at telemedicine as potential consult method Develop operating model for the Mission Bay Emergency Department Separate ED operating group should be commenced Clarify scope of ED services provided to the adult population at the MB ED and how they will be delivered/covered Evening/night coverage arrangements for pediatric sub-specialty services covered by non- Pediatric dedicated services/Departments (Orthopedics, OHNS, Ophthalmology MD) Commence activity In progress Getting attention Not yet begun

11 Physician Strategy: High Level Goals
Next steps Coverage and monitoring implications of new ward configurations (private patient rooms, horizontal vs. vertical layouts, etc.) Commence activity Obstetric coverage requirements that remain at Parnassus (pregnant patient receiving inpatient care for acute (non-OB) problem) Adult ICU coverage model Process to facilitate straight-forward and quick access for community-based physicians visiting their patients Define call rooms/sleep room model with goal of rightsizing room demand. In progress Getting attention Not yet begun



14 Strategies for Care Delivery
Emergency Department New department at UCSF; Children's ED + adult coverage, deserves own study and workgroup High-risk OB services Need to maintain UCSF hallmark safety and quality of care including quick access to all adult specialists for a variety of specialized conditions (e.g., intracranial bleeding, organ failure, complex hematologic or autoimmune conditions). There are impacts to the Neonatal ICU.

15 Strategies for Care Delivery
Right Care for the Right Patients and Pedi/Adult and Consults Relationship between adult and pediatric specialties at Mission Bay and the role of pediatric specialists in adult care, cancer and OB/GYN, and of adult specialists in the care of pediatric patients. Pediatric Services Provided by Adult Departments Ortho, Neuro, ENT, Transplant. Adult Cancer Outpatient cancer clinics at Mount Zion with cancer surgery at Mission Bay; difficult logistics for surgeons

16 Strategies for Care Delivery
Adult ICU Composition Telemedicine/Central Monitoring Connecting all hospitals and campus New Model of Care Delivery Given private and double rooms (ICNs) and increased geography, determine medical delivery model for Mission Bay Patient media wall Innovations: entertainment, education, workflow, logistics

17 Strategies for Care Delivery
Adult Congenital Heart Patients, CT Surgery Patients Treated in PCICU or in Adult ICU? Physician Operations Community MDs, Faculty Practice changes, collaboration with SFGH based faculty Other Clinical Services Radiology, Endoscopy, Helipad, Research Conference Center Management Local vs. shared management of operations at MB Organizational Structure

18 Physician Strategy: Timeline of Activities

19 Clinical Operations Planning

20 Perioperative Services & ED planning
Periop Scope Peri-Op Patient Throughput Transport Process Anesthesia Workflow Pharmacy Workflow Assess Communication Processes Hybrid OR and Specialty ORs Implant Service and Implant Room Workflow Scheduling of Cases SPD Workflow Specimen Process and Pathology Blood Bank Workflow Lab Workflow Radiology Materials Management Health Screenings for Patients Presenting General Scopes of Service Room Turnover Process Surgical Waiting Area ED Scope Patient Flow through ED, ED Access, and Patient Registration Scopes of Service Room Utilization and Staffing Transport Hazmat and Disaster Patient Flow Communication Processes Plan for Family Waiting Area, Family Room and Amenities Plan for Staff Amenities, Lockers, Lounge and Conference Room Workspace Utilization and Staff Assignments Equipment Placement Nutrition & Food Services Labs-POCT ED Supplies Process for Repairs Security Join us for Stand & Deliver #2 on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Perioperative Services Emergency Department 8:00-9:30am 2:30-2:00pm Cole Hall LP-190

21 Operations Planning: Timeline of Activities
In progress Getting attention Not yet begun

22 MB Finance Subcommittee

23 MB Finance: High Level Goals
Next steps Capacity analysis: validate capacity requirements given current utilization profile and growth assumptions from the strategic planning office By 4/30/12 finalize capacity analysis given project volumes to determine opportunities for not equipping certain rooms Mission Bay labor budget: develop data model to summarize the utilization profile of the cohort of patients that will be treated at each location Review FY15 fixed FTE net adds with managers/directors Incorporate operations planning considerations into estimates Transition budget planning: estimate one time charges for set up and moving operations into the Mission Bay medical campus Launch transition budget planning on 4/30/12 First step is to confirm approach and budget target In progress Getting attention Not yet begun

24 MB Finance: High Level Timeline
Operating and transition budgets to be developed separately, but in parallel In progress Getting attention Not yet begun

25 MB Information Technology

26 New specialty hospitals for children’s, women’s, and cancer services
An Integrated Campus Mission Bay New specialty hospitals for children’s, women’s, and cancer services Parnassus Renewed campus focused on high-end adult surgical and medical services and emergency medicine Mount Zion Remaining the major outpatient hub with a diagnostic and therapeutic focus, and women’s health services

27 Mission Bay Information Technology Scope

28 MB IT Priorities for 2012 Cooperative work group planning with Operational Planning/HTS Work together to incorporate IT requirements into workgroups to avoid numerous meetings and accelerate decision making Integrate Common Nursing and Clinical Practice workgroups to technology capabilities. Standardize IT tools. IT Equipment Review Review location and basis of designs. IT Budget Management Rationalize “need-to-have,” baseline IT needs. Role based staffing requirements Identify “nice-to-have” gap analysis based on current understandings Manage expectations to budget constraints. Resource Plan Sourcing Ramp-up/down Specific Vendor usage Plans and Approach for: Voice Servers, personalized communications Patient Empowerment Audio visual, peripherals Telemetry Locations, standards, devices Telemedicine/Telehealth Audio visual, storage, video, peripherals, mobility Network Integrated network for ease of management and scalability Rolling forecast for IT budget based on rationalized/emerging needs. This is an iterative process. Technology Roadmap and Gap Analysis Business, Application, Technology, Data Architectures Mission Bay interoperability Intercampus integration

29 Physicians/Specialists
Telemedicine/Telehealth Interdependencies Telemedicine (provider) & Telehealth (patient) is UCSF-wide and will impact all aspects of care delivery. Clinical Impact Care Delivery Models Physicians/Specialists Nursing Staff Workflows/ New Roles Research Patient Impact Relationship Quality Home Health Devices Support APeX Integration Mobility Data UCSF Telemedicine Telehealth IT Impact Hardware & Devices Data and Storage Communications Mobility Support Financial Impact Billing and Fees Legal & Regulatory Labor Relations Vendor Management Business Drivers School of Medicine Branding/Marketing Community Referrals/Outreach


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