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Part I: An Introduction to Core Service Codes Wagner-Peyser Services in the Employ Florida Marketplace.

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1 Part I: An Introduction to Core Service Codes Wagner-Peyser Services in the Employ Florida Marketplace

2 Employ Florida Marketplace (EFM) EFM documents labor exchange activities Service codes are in sequential order Codes range from 000s-900s Codes differentiate self-services from staff- assisted services Assist with program association

3 000- System or Staff Generated Self Service

4 100 – Core Services Staff-assisted services Provided on-site at One-Stop Career Center Used by various programs Universally accessible

5 Self Services***(000) 006*** Self Service Job Search through VOS 005*** Self Service Labor Market Research 004*** Self Service Information on Training Providers, Performance Outcomes 090*** Skills Self-Assessment 007*** Self Service Résumé

6 099 511N Issued and Explained Required to be provided to MSFWs Document explains the services that can be provided by the one-stop center Does not commence or extend participation

7 100 Validate I-9 Provides information to staff that an I-9 has been validated May be requested as a requirement for referral to agricultural jobs or other orders Does not extend or commence participation

8 101 ***Orientation Structured, on-site session Acquaints customers with the One-Stop Career Center, available services and programs Session times may vary Provided by, or in conjunction with, One- Stop Career Center staff

9 102 *** Initial Assessment Initial analysis of a customer’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to: Education, work history, vocational skills Identify employment goals, barriers and services needed Information should be used to develop an employment plan

10 Initial Assessment Documentation Document results on the case notes screen If documentation is maintained by hard copy, case note the location Include sufficient detail for other staff to be able to follow Should list specific points analyzed

11 103 ***Information on Training Providers, Performance Outcomes Provision of specific training related information and resources Automatic system documentation in EFM

12 104 *** Job Search Workshop A short seminar to provide comprehensive job search techniques Must include: labor market information, application/résumé writing, interviewing techniques and how to find job openings Subjects may be provided individually Service cannot be recorded until all components have been provided

13 105 *** Job Finding Club Encompasses all elements of the Job Search Workshop Suggested duration of 1-2 weeks Structured, supervised individual and/or group support Ultimate goal is to obtain a job

14 106 *** Provided Internet Job Search Support/Training Worked with a job seeker to train on using the Internet for job search Using a search engine Using EFM

15 107 *** Provision of Labor Market Research Provides local labor market information relating to: Occupational staffing patterns, hiring patterns, working conditions and wage information May be provided to job seekers in person, by telephone or mail May be provided multiple times Duplication of the same specific LMI service should be avoided

16 Provision of Labor Market Information Documentation Record LMI on the case notes screen LMI entries should document specific information provided to the customer LMI services may be monitored

17 109 *** Case CoordinatedServices Veteran Program staff use this service to document coordination with community agencies and other federal, state and local governments who provide related services.

18 110 *** Attended Rapid Response Staff provide information at a Rapid Response event Enter the response event number, if available

19 111 TAP Workshop Documents attendance at a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshop for service members transitioning to civilian life after leaving the military Not a reportable service

20 112 *** Job Fair Structured gathering with individuals seeking work and employers seeking workers Location arranged in conjunction with the One- Stop Career Center Attendance logs should be available Retain for one-year after the program year of the event Referral to the event is not sufficient to obtain credit Must be verified by the attendance log

21 113 *** Job Search Plan A plan that focuses on how to look for a job May address the following questions:  What do you want to do?  What skills do you have that an employer would want?  How do you create a resume?  Where can you find out about open jobs?

22 114 *** Staff Assisted Job Search Staff provide job search services to job seekers Job search can be performed using EFM or any other job search site, such as: CareerBuilder Monster Indeed

23 115 *** Résumé Preparation Assistance Session providing résumé building information Provide instructions on the content and format of résumés and cover letters Includes assistance with the development and production of a résumé

24 116 *** Received Service From Staff Not Classified Staff provide a service not listed in EFM Document specific service on the ‘Notes’ screen  Identify the action and result of the action

25 117 Outreach Vet/MSFW Outreach performed on an individual job seeker May include providing information about available services for Veterans or MSFWs Does not commence or extend participation

26 118 Failed to Respond to Call-In Can be used to note a job seeker’s failure to respond to a request by staff

27 120 *** Use of One-Stop Resource Room/Equipment Job seeker utilizes the resource room Can be recorded for any variety of services in the resource room including:  Use of the telephone  Using the fax machine  Making copies of a résumé

28 123 *** Job Development Contacts “Process of securing a job interview with a public or private employer for a specific job seeker for whom the One-Stop center has no suitable opening on file.”

29 123 *** Job Development Contacts Record the activity code Document JD contact on the case notes screen  Record employers name If job seeker is hired, create a JD job order  Take credit for the placement

30 124 *** Received Bonding Assistance Provides a federal fidelity bond to employers for hiring at-risk job seekers Document the employer’s name, job seeker’s start date, amount of the bond and who verified the information on the case notes screen Maintain a copy of the bonding form at the one-stop center

31 125 *** Job Search/Placement Asst., including Career Counseling May be used to identify Priority Re-employment Planning (PREP) Program Placement Services

32 126 *** Tax Credit Information Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program provides a tax incentive to private, for profit employers to hire individuals from certain target groups Service may be recorded for providing informational services regarding the program

33 127 *** Reportable Service From DVOP/LVER Service for veterans by a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP) or Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) Staff time expended providing a service which is not listed in EFM Document service on ‘Case Notes’ screen  List the action and result of the action

34 128 *** Assigned Case Manager Service code for veteran use only Identifies veterans who have been assigned a case manager (i.e. Chapter 31 VR&E) Document service on the case notes screen  Include the veteran representative’s name

35 129 *** Received Case Management Services Service code for veteran use only Identifies veterans who have received and completed intensive case management services Document service on the case notes screen  Include the veteran representative’s name

36 130 *** Proficiency Testing A proficiency test examines knowledge or skill in a particular area Code may be recorded if the One-Stop provides proficiency testing Document service on the activity service plan and list the type of test and outcome/results in a case note or assessment tab

37 131 *** Testing/ background check as required by employer Any testing an employer requires the One- Stop Career Center to provide May be a specific aptitude test, personality test, interest inventory, etc. Document the type of test and any pertinent information on the assessment tab or the case notes screen

38 132 *** Testing - Other Captures tests not otherwise listed in EFM Must be provided by One-Stop staff Documentation should be recorded in the assessments tab or the case notes screen  List the test’s name, type of test and results

39 134 *** Employer Pre-Screening Pre-screening means to examine before selection Staff can take this service when screening qualifications on a suppressed order does not result in a referral.

40 135 Local Office Contact Staff may use this code to note that a job seeker appeared at the One-Stop Career Center as a result of staff outreach Other reportable services may be more appropriate if additional services are provided

41 136 Follow-up Contact Denotes follow-up has been provided to a job seeker Can be used to notate any type of follow up ( i.e. following reemployment services, job referrals or soft exit report)

42 153***Computer Skills Workshop Provides instructions on how to use various computer applications May include keyboarding skills, how to use e- mail, use of the Microsoft Office Suite, etc. May be recorded for individual assistance or group workshops May be used to record varying levels of comprehension (basic to advanced)

43 154*** Social Networking Workshop Use of social networking sites to search for employment and networking opportunities May include addressing proper conduct while using these applications Including when contacting employers and networking with other job seekers May be used to document use of any social networking site Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.

44 155*** Interview Skills Workshop Reviews guidelines and best practices on how to successfully participate in an interview May address the following: Appropriate attire; Frequently asked questions; Mock interviews, etc.

45 156*** Soft Skills Workshop Identification and discussion of key soft skills that are useful in the workplace Soft skills include, but are not limited to: Interpersonal communication in the workplace Professionalism and work ethic Critical thinking and problem solving Teamwork Creating a self image and reputation maintenance

46 157*** Financial Management Workshop Provides customers with information on personal finances Topics may include: Basic financial terminology Assessing debt Consumer Credit Counseling services Building a budget, money management, saving, and retirement planning Service may be taken when providing financial management seminars hosted by partner organizations The One-Stop Career Center must have involvement

47 179 *** Outside Web-Link Job Referral System-generated service when performing a job search in EFM Linked only to spidered jobs Records when “Apply for this job” button is clicked

48 180 – 187 *** Supportive Services Supportive Services include:  Child/Dependent Care  Family Services  Transportation Assistance  Medical  Temporary Shelter

49 180 – 187 Supportive Services Provide information regarding the service provider, type of service, and how to access services Information may be provided in-person, phone, e-mail, or postal mail Customers have a choice whether to take advantage of the services offered

50 180 – 187 Supportive Services Documentation Document the service on the case notes screen at the time of service code entry  Include the type of supportive service and the name of the agency the referral was given for

51 Test your knowledge Quiz

52 Code 124, Federal Bonding Program, must be recorded at what time? A. The last day of each month B. Once the bond has been issued C. During an information session about the program D. Any time staff choose

53 True or False. A job development, code 123, should not be recorded until the job seeker has been hired. A. True B. False

54 What type of service code should be used to document a follow up service when no reportable service has been provided? A. 135 Local Office Contact B. 118 Failed to Respond to Call In C. 136 Follow Up Contact D. A or C

55 The federal bonding program service code should be recorded once a bond has been issued. A case note should accompany the use of this code and include what information? A. The employer’s name and amount of the bond B. The customer’s address C. The address where the bond will be sent D. A history of the customer’s previous employers

56 Which service code should be used to document a workshop which provides instruction on computer applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite? A. 153 B. 154 C. 106 D. 212

57 Labor Market Information, code 107, may be recorded if staff perform which of the following services? A. Mapping of the region workforce boards B. Wage information C. Occupational patterns D. B and C

58 True or False. Service codes are used to document labor exchange activities. These codes may be staff assisted or self services. A. True B. False

59 Core services fall within which of the following series? 1. 100s 2. 200s 3. 300s 4. 400s

60 Which service code best documents an initial analysis of a job seeker’s strengths, challenges and barriers in relation to employment, vocation and skills? A. 205 Develop Service Strategies B. 101 Orientation C. 116 Received Service Not Classified D. 102 Initial Assessment

61 Service codes help identify which of the following: A. Program association B. Activities provided C. Self and staff assisted services D. All of the above

62 For More Information Danielle McNeil (850)245-7498 Tammellia Bacon (850)921-3868

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