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A Word a Day Grade 3 Week 4. DAY 1 Week 4 increase.

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1 A Word a Day Grade 3 Week 4

2 DAY 1 Week 4 increase

3 Say the Word increase

4 verb You increase something when you make or get more of it.

5 increase

6 My dad said he’d increase my allowance if I started doing more chores.

7 In which of these situations is something being increased?

8 What would you like to increase at school so you could have more of it?

9 increase

10 DAY 2 Week 4 annual

11 adjective An annual event happens every year.

12 Say the Word annual

13 Our family gathers every June for the annual family reunion.

14 annual Which of the following are annual events? Saturday a rainy day your birthday New Year’s Day the Fourth of July

15 What is your favorite annual event? What do you like about it?

16 annual

17 DAY 3 Week 4 orbit

18 Say the Word orbit

19 noun The path that the Earth or another planet travels around the sun is its orbit.

20 orbit

21 Scientists learn more about a planet by observing its orbit.

22 Which of these have an orbit?

23 What tools might scientists use to follow a planet’s orbit?

24 orbit

25 DAY 4 Week 4 commence

26 Say the Word commence

27 verb When you commence, you begin something.

28 commence

29 When the players have finished warming up, the ballgame will commence.

30 Which of these mean about the same as commence.

31 When do you commence getting ready for bed on school nights?

32 commence

33 Review Week 4 Increase * annual * orbit * commence

34 increase * annual * orbit * commence If something happens once a year, it is this kind of event. Earth has one of these, and Mars has one, too. You do this when you begin doing something. To go faster, you must do this to your speed.

35 increase * annual * orbit * commence The Harvest Festival is an ______ event that our town celebrates in October. Each planet’s ________ takes it around the sun. Thousands of fans waited for the baseball game to _______. Don’t ________ the amount of sugar in the recipe, or the pie will be too sweet.

36 Start Week 4 Vocabulary Quiz

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