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Unusual gadgets The presentation was made by 7 B, Lyceum №1.

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1 Unusual gadgets The presentation was made by 7 B, Lyceum №1

2 Unusual gadgets The presentation was made by Tatiana Aleksanryonok 7 B, Lyceum №1

3 Hand Reflexology Massager People, who spend much time at the computer, definitely feel the strain that occurs in the fingers and hands. You can use the gadget, which is called Hand Reflexology Massager to avoid problems and various diseases.It will allow you to relax a bit and feel the relief in your hands.

4 Elusive alarm clock Clocky is designed for people, who like to stay in bed even after the alarm sounds. For this reason, dormice is often late for work.Clocky is different from usual alarm clocks that he has special wheels that can turn even when they hit the wall. Service not shut up until the host will not rise and turn it off

5 Music pillow «Mu Space» Pillow Mu Space will appreciate traveling fans. It occupies a small space in a travel bag, and can perform two functions. So, fall asleep to music lovers can turn on the player and enjoy bedtime. Those who love peace, just transforme a small bag into a pillow.

6 UNUSUAL DEVICE Makarova Daria,7 B class

7 MAPTOR - FLASHLIGHT WITH GPS Device Maptor will allow you not to get lost in unfamiliar places, even at night. Because, firstly, it is a flashlight. And, secondly, a GPS Navigator can show map and your position on a projector.

8 Two designer-engineers from South Korea Sean Kun Park and gin-San invented the flashlight of the 21st century. The sleek device has enough powerful light, the light from it is projected onto any flat surface, but the result is not a banal bright spot, but the map.

9 The gadget is unique and equipped with a module Bluetooth to download maps for Wi-Fi and GPS for positioning «on the ground».

10 Service - riding the tram Work performed Lazareva Arina 7B class

11 Service as a tram, but it is not as simple as it seems - it will make up the bed of any dormouse, because when he calls - he starts to ride !

12 If a table or nightstand where he will stand no disturbances, it will move on it as soon as you come on value specified time.

13 He will never fall off the table as soon as it will reach to the edge, he will feel it, turn around and go the other way! He also will flash lights and attract attention, making getting out of bed.

14 Riding a tram Service - a great gift to family members or friends!

15 Unusual gadget Hello Gloves Work performed Apalkova Viktoria 7B.

16 Hello Gloves Hello Gloves – have a hidden inside the glove headset that works with any mobile phone with Bluetooth technology.

17 Hello Gloves The speaker, the microphone, and the battery are neatly sewn into the gloves in order to enable you to make and receive calls using the glove.

18 Stress Ball Vsevolod Surkont 7b

19 A stress ball is a malleable toy, usually not more than 7 cm in diameter.

20 It is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers, either to help relieve stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand.

21 Stress balls, especially those used in physical therapy, can also contain gel of different densities inside a rubber or cloth skin. Another type uses a thin rubber membrane surrounding a fine powder. The latter type can be made at home by filling a balloon with baking soda. Some balls similar to a footbag are marketed and used as stress balls.

22 Ring Clock A Ring That Gives You Time On Your Hands Shamarin Rostislav, 7b

23 Ring Clock is a beautiful marriage of the ring and the watch. You will be rewarded with the time, when you play with this wonderful gadget.

24 Why is it so cool? simple and clean design unique clock aspect around the ring’s band eco-friendly and playful - the time is displayed when you rotate the ring cutting edge technology (wireless charging, ultrathin battery, energy-saving LEDs)

25 Google glass Sasha Kizimov 7b

26 What is it ? Glass - headset for smartphones (or baptismal computer that is somewhat closer to a functional set of devices) based on Android, developed by Google. The device uses a transparent display that is attached to the head (English HMD - head-mounted display) and is located just above the right eye and the camera, capable of recording high quality video.

27 How Google glass see


29 Gritsuk Liza, 7b Sleep Art

30 Ibis hotel chain offers to spend the night with the robot, which represents a manipulator with a fixed brush on the end. It collect information, interpreting data from 80 sensors, which hide in a mattress. Sensors monitor temperature, motion and sound. I want to tell you about robot, which can draw an abstract picture of your sleep.

31 The name of the project is: «Sleep Art.»

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