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Nesslake Bible Campout Ness Lake Bible Campout By Chase Pidherny.

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1 Nesslake Bible Campout Ness Lake Bible Campout By Chase Pidherny

2 Jay chowing down on his pasta Tyson making hot chocolate and sam making dinner Nike, Dave & Joel making pizza and Mr. T scraping the black off his toast/pizza Zoe and Taryn working out Where are slept Day 1

3 Chase learning how to canoe Zoe drying her pants Zoe learning how to canoe Rebekah & Issy heading out Zoe, Alli, Felix & Chase Day 2

4 Playing sardines Learning how to put up a tent Learning how to switch spots in a canoe from stern to bow 3 things I liked

5 Waking up to my pillow being soaking wet Being cold all the time Always being last in finding people in sardines 3 things I disliked

6 Bring warmer cloths Bring less food J- stroke 3 things I need to improve on

7 Bowron Bowron Lakes -Miranda By Chase Pidherny/ chasing chase

8 Zoe, Alli and Me in front of our cabin Miranda and Me planking, Zoe and Taryn being land sharks, and Cody being an owl Zoe and Me Miranda, Jay and Cody Sam, Jay, Tyson, Cody, Miranda, Taryn, Chase, AND….. Zoe DAY 1

9 Our first raft up -Taryn & Josh Packing up the canoes -Everyone Heading out from Becker’s Lodge -Zoe & Alli Arriving at the point -Everyone on our way -chase Day 2

10 Day 3 Zoe, Tyson. Darryon & Josh Alli & Nick Miranda & Me walking through mud Cody, Zoe, Josh, Miranda, Tyson & Me Rafting up again Miranda doing the J- stroke

11 Zoe & Sam Miranda dressed up at the big feast Jiffy Pop, Banic & Smores -Zoe, Sam Cody, Miranda & Taryn On our way to the big feast -Miranda, Taryn, & Zoe Taking down the TP sauna - Zoe Day 4

12 Heading back to Becker’s Lodge - Zoe, Cody, Sam, Miranda, Jay & Josh Zoe being Zoe First clear sight of Becker’s Lodge Tyson doing the J stroke Zoe and Miranda relaxing while we wait to head back Day 5 Becker’s

13 Making a TP sauna Having a nap on the beach in the warm sun Hanging with my amazing new family + my dad Going under the canoes when we were cleaning them 4 things I liked

14 Wet and cold feet The being sore Walking down the rocky, freezing cold stream with no shoes 3 things I disliked

15 Practice being in the stern Pack more wool socks More and better snacks Bring better shoes 4 things I need to improve

16 The End September 22-26 2012

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