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Bio 27 October 17 Chapter 8: Sexual Behavior

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1 Bio 27 October 17 Chapter 8: Sexual Behavior

2 Celibacy Types of Celibacy:
Complete celibacy: no masturbation or sexual contact Partial celibacy: masturbation, but no sexual contact other reasons: health concerns, concerns about pregnancy, focusing on self, other priorities substance abuse recovery often counseled to be celibate

3 Controversy over celibate priests
Celibacy may tend to attract those with sexual issues Many say celibacy promotes homosexuality and pedophilia Catholic church says that priests do not have a higher rate of pedophilia

4 Erotic Dreams & Fantasies
93% of males, 86% of females Nocturnal orgasm can occur in both men & women Freud: having an erotic dream about someone is indicative of a feeling of closeness to that person that may or may not be sexual Erotic Fantasies: Can occur during daydreams, masturbation, or during sexual encounters 95% of women and men fantasize Fantasy content among heterosexual and non-heterosexual individuals are similar, except for sex of imagined partner

5 Sexual Fantasy Function of sexual fantasies
Source of pleasure and arousal Overcome sexual anxiety Acceptable expression of socially unacceptable behavior Gender similarities and differences Men’s tend to focus more on women’s bodies Women tend to have more emotional content Men more likely to fantasize about group sex & multiple partners Fantasies: Help or Hindrance? Most research points to helpful some women fantasize about forced sex but that does not mean they want to be raped

6 Masturbation Traditionally condemned due to the sex for procreation only legacy Erroneous health concerns Freud considered it immature Contemporary research has established that it is not harmful Why are laws against the sale of sex toys an example of a lack of sexual intelligence? Joycelyn Elders Surgeon General: 1st African American, ffired 1994 over this & statements on legalization of drugs Relieves sexual tension, allows you to get to know your own body, can help with physical relaxation

7 Who masturbates? People who masturbate are more likely to:
Have liberal views Be college educated Live with a sexual partner Be white (rather than African American or Hispanic American) Be male

8 Male Masturbation Some men prefer to use lotion or other lubricants and some do not Up & down motion of the hand on the penis with differing tempos and pressure is most common Can also rub penis against a pillow or other object May also enjoy touching the frenulum and scrotum Caption: Male masturbation.

9 Female Masturbation Most common is circular or back and forth movements of the hand against the mons and clitoris Can also rub the area against a pillow or other object Some women use insertion of fingers or objects into the vagina Caption: Female masturbation.

10 Masturbation aids & sex toys: vibrators and dildos
May be used for masturbation or during sex with another person Can be inserted into the vagina or anus Ben-wa balls from China and Japan are inserted into the vagina; one is hollow and one is filled with liquid and a woman lies in a hammock or swing that moves the balls around

11 1990s & 2000s: HIV increased focus on sex aids and masturbation
Previously, shops that sold sex aids were considered very sleazy Shops like Good Vibrations in the Bay Area catered to women and were clean and well-lit Shows like “Sex in the City” promoted the idea that it was OK for women to masturbate and use sex aids

12 Sex toys and the law Sex toys are illegal in Alabama
Several states have laws against them being seen by minors This means can’t be on drugstore shelves Some are marketed for other purposes as massage aids

13 sexual expression

14 Top 15 reasons given by men and women for having sex
I was attracted to the person I wanted to experience the physical pleasure It feels good I wanted to show my affection to the person I wanted to express my love for the person I was sexually aroused and wanted the release I was horny It’s fun I realized I was in love I was in “the heat of the moment” I wanted to please my partner I desired emotional closeness I wanted the pure pleasure I wanted to achieve an orgasm It’s exciting, adventurous Men I was attracted to the person It feels good I wanted to experience the physical pleasure It’s fun I wanted to show my affection to the person I was sexually aroused and wanted the release I was horny I wanted to express my love for the person I wanted to achieve an orgasm I wanted to please my partner The person’s physical appearance turned me on I wanted the pure pleasure I was in “the heat of the moment” I desired emotional closeness It’s exciting, adventurous men 11, women 9 out of 237 reasons given by college students

15 Maltz Levels of Sexual Expression
Idea of sexuality as a neutral force, but the intent and consequences of sexual behavior can be negative or positive Alcohol and drug use frequently associated with negative sexual interactions Sexual experiences can be positive or negative Wendy Maltz, sex therapist developed this hierarchy

16 Kissing and Touching Kissing Touching
Cross-cultural practices and attitudes toward kissing Touching Cornerstone of human sexuality Important for non-sexual bonding, as well Whole body is responsive, but specific erogenous zones Personal preferences Tribadism: rubbing genitals against another person’s body or genitals

17 Kissing and touching in same-sex relationships
Comparison of Lesbians’ and Heterosexual Women’s Last Sexual Experience (Table 8.4 from Our Sexuality) Experience During Last Sexual Contact Lesbians (%) Heterosexual Women (%) Had more than one orgasm 32 19 Received oral sex 48 20 Lasted 15 minutes or less 4 14 Lasted more than 1 hour 39 15 Gay and straight couples both report that touching is important; even gay men

18 Manual Stimulation of Genitals
Individual differences with regard to manual stimulation for both men and women Clitoris is very sensitive and many women do not enjoy direct touch Lubrication can make manual stimulation of female and male genitals more comfortable Men may not like to be touched just after orgasm

19 Oral-Genital Stimulation
Mouth and genitals are both primary erogenous zones Types: cunnilingus and fellatio; can both be performed simultaneously, “69” Acceptance varies More unmarried people engaging in oral sex now than reported in Kinsey’s survey Teenagers today often have oral sex before they have had intercourse; was previously considered more intimate than intercourse STDs can spread through oral-genital intercourse

20 Sources of Unpleasant or Bitter-Tasting Ejaculate
Ejaculate may be spit or swallowed

21 Anal Stimulation Prevalence is lower than other forms of sexual activity Health risk (HIV, other infections); should never precede vaginal intercourse due to high risk of bacterial infection Lubricants and gentle insertion needed Anilingus/ Rimming: can spread many types of infections; dental dams can prevent

22 What Is Your Favorite Intercourse Position?
Caption: College students answer the question: “What is your favorite intercourse position?”

23 Man on top, face-to-face intercourse position.
Caption: Man-above, face-to-face intercourse position.

24 Woman on top Caption: The woman above intercourse position.

25 Face-to-face side lying
Caption: Face-to-face, side-lying intercourse position.

26 Rear entry Caption: The rear-entry intercourse position can be a comfortable during pregnancy.

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