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Red Red looks like the blazing sun across the lands. Red sounds like a raging bull in the wild. Red feels like the baking sun on my face. Red smells like.

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Presentation on theme: "Red Red looks like the blazing sun across the lands. Red sounds like a raging bull in the wild. Red feels like the baking sun on my face. Red smells like."— Presentation transcript:

1 Red Red looks like the blazing sun across the lands. Red sounds like a raging bull in the wild. Red feels like the baking sun on my face. Red smells like molten hot wings. Red taste like crispy, hot, sizzling, chicken.

2 Red Red tastes like hot pepper firing in my mouth. Red smells like red apples falling from Granny’s apple tree. Red looks like a boom from a really hot volcano. Red sounds like Auburn crushing red the Georgia Bulldogs. Red feels like hot fire burning my cute finger.

3 TURQUOISE Turquoise tastes like a squirty turquoise gusher in my mouth. Turquoise looks like the wavy ocean. Turquoise feels like the texture of the wavy ocean waters. Turquoise smells like an amazing ocean. Turquoise sound like the bluejay with a Turquoise coat of feathers.

4 RED Red looks like lipstick on my lips. Red feels like burning fire in a blazing fire pit. Red taste like a spicy mint and HOT pepper in my sweating mouth. Red smells like a rose from a fresh growing garden. Red sounds like popping fireworks in the night time sky.

5 RED continued Red makes me feel it makes me feel relaxed it makes me feel like I’m flying threw the sky and the wind is a touch of gold on my face I feel no pain when I fall. And I feel like I can do anything any thing is possible with red. I can forget everything. Red comes at Christmas and Valentine’s day as well.

6 Green Green looks like the bushes in my yard. Green smells like asparagus cooking. Green tastes like the cellery in my lunch. Green sounds like frogs croaking. Green feels like the hard shell of a turtle.

7 Blue Blue smells like a hot fiery furnace that is the most magnificent color blue. Blue sounds like a light blue macaw soaring across the peaceful sky. Blue look like a winding ocean stretching far and wide over the vast sand. Blue tastes like a blue lollipop the richest sweetest lollipop ever invented in the world. Blue feels like a blue snuggie wrapped around me warmly in the cold winter.

8 PURPLE Purple looks like a bird flying in the sky. Purple sounds like a peacock with purple feathers. Purple feels like a nice, shiny crystal. Purple smells like paint drying on a piece of paper. Purple tastes like a nice, juicy,plump grape.

9 Blue Blue is the color of the sky I see in the morning when my alarm clock wakes me up. Blue feels like I reach to the stars floating on air. Blue sounds like the birds I hear when I walk down to the bus stop. Blue is like my dream is talking to me. Blue smells like the pork chops my mom makes sometimes.

10 Green Green looks like grass swaying in the wind. Green sounds like the booming of apples hitting the ground. Green feels like sticky hard yummy jolly rancher in my hand. Green smells like a fresh peace of broccoli. Green tastes like sweet juicy gum.

11 Red Red sounds like a kick ball bouncing around. Red looks like the fire coming from the wood at a camp fire. Red feels like cherry flavored jello jiggling around. Red taste like a yucky red ripe tomato freshly picked Red smells like a red merker just being opened.

12 Blue Blue tastes like sugary cotton candy at the fair. Blue smells like the salty water at the beach. Blue looks like the gorgeous sky outside your house. Blue sounds like rain hitting a cement floor. Blue feels like a squishy pillow on my girly bed.

13 Yellow Yellow is a sweet sour banana popping in my mouth. Yellow feels like soft sand on the com loving beach. Yellow looks like Miss Stacy’s bright cool mustang. Yellow sounds like a bee buzzing around my ear on a hot day. Yellow smells like a sweet banana pie my grama makes.

14 Orange Orange sounds like fire blazing across the ground. Orange looks like the most prettiest flower in a field. Orange tastes like a hot pepper. Orange smells like the juiciest fruit in the whole wide world. Orange feels like a very rough leaf.

15 GREEN GREEN tastes like a juicy skittle. GREEN smells like tangy fruit juice. GREEN sounds like trees waving back and forth. GREEN feels like lots of money in my hand. GREEN looks like a M&M.

16 Green Green looks like the sun’s ray bouncing off a blade of grass. Green fells like a semi-sweet and sour apple on crabapple farm. Green tastes like a sour lime that burns your tongue. Green smells like freshly mown grass. Green sounds like grasshoppers in the night.

17 Blue Blue looks like a glittery moon falling from the sky. Blue Sounds like a blue jay wising in the wind. Blue feels like water rushing on my skin. Blue smells like my moms best blueberry muffins. Blue tastes like blue cotton candy melting in my mouth.

18 Purple Purple taste like a juicy grape I just picked. Purple feels like a shiny crystal glaring in my eyes. Purple looks like a pretty drape hanging down the window. Purple smells like a smelly marker floating in the air. Purple sounds like a loud chime ringing in my ear.

19 Red Red looks like a steaming blazing fire from my tall fire pit. Red sounds like a clown that is happy and makes balloon animals. Red feels like a cozy, warm blanket that helps me go to sleep. Red smells like hot Cheetos that touch my tongue. Red taste like a sweet, juicy squirts of juice touching my tongue from an apple.

20 Red Red looks like a fire steaming across the stove. Red sounds like a bird chirping across winter sky. Red feels like a soft, squishy pillow on my bed. Red smells like the biggest most beautiful rose. Red tastes like a ripe, juicy tomato.

21 Blue BLUE taces like soft gummy bears BLUE smells like Grandmas blueberry pie BLUE feels like fresh blueberries out of a garden BLUE looks like a whales splash BLUE sounds like birds chirping in the sky

22 Red Red feels like a chewy starburst. Red looks like a spicy pizza pie from pie in the sky. Red sounds like a beautiful tweet from a bird from a bird bath. Red smells like a lollipop felling your taste buds. Red taste like a tender sour cherry.

23 Magenta Magenta looks like a sunrise in the early morning. Magenta is like feeling a dinosaurs scaly skin. Magenta tastes like cake at a birthday party. Magenta is like smelling my moms best icing. Magenta sounds like makeup all over my face.

24 Green Green taste like a green lollipop dripping down your chin. Green feels like a prickly bosh in the summer. Green looks like tree’s swaying in the wend. Green smells like a sweet mouth watering skittle. Green sounds like a frog chirping in the night.

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