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Chris Webster Office of Information Technology North Carolina State University.

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1 Chris Webster Office of Information Technology North Carolina State University

2 About NC State 33,000 students total 23,000 undergraduate students 8,000 graduate students 8,000 faculty and staff Largest of the 16 University of North Carolina schools 12 colleges

3 Connectivity Typically 2 ports per room Each port connected to 10/100 switch port No wireless coverage is currently provided in the residence hall rooms Campus has a 10Gb/s link to our ISP, who provides connections to: All University of North Carolina system schools Many K-12 schools around North Carolina Internet2 National LambdaRail

4 Restrictions on access ResNet access control handled with Cisco Clean Access Anyone with an active university computing account can log on (including faculty and staff) No restrictions on what type of devices are connected (computers, IP phones, game consoles)

5 Traffic management ResNet total bandwidth capped at ~400Mb/s No per-user or per-application bandwidth limit (no traffic shaping) Application restrictions: Outgoing access to SMTP restricted to a ResNet-only SMTP server No access to campus software licensing servers

6 What can they do? In short, just about anything! Each connected device receives a public IP address Running servers is permitted (except SMTP servers) Students can run their own wireless access points, as long as the APs don’t cause network problems or interfere with University-managed access points

7 George Casper Bucknell University Library & IT

8 About Bucknell University 3500 undergrads 150 graduate students 330+ faculty Largest private liberal arts university in US College of Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering, currently working towards a College of Management

9 Connectivity 1 port/pillow, 1 additional in shared common rooms 10/100 ports Campus-wide wireless coverage* Campus has a 600 Mb/s connection to our ISP Founding member of PennREN * yeah, there’s some dead spots

10 Restrictions on access ResNet access control handled by ImpulsePoint Safeconnect – applies to anyone connecting from ResNet VLANs or identified as students on wireless Secure wireless (WPA2 Enterprise) requires a University computing account; anyone can use unsecured guest wireless No restrictions on what can connect, though not everything is supported

11 A Brief History of Bandwidth 1998 – 1.5Mbit 2002 – 3Mbit 2004 – 25Mbit of a T3 2006 – 70Mbit 2007 – 70Mbit maxed out (Thanks, Charlie the Unicorn!), genesis of RBZ and P2P limits Fall 2007 – 100Mbit Spring 2008 – 2 nd 100Mbit connection from different ISP. Stopped P2P restrictions June 2009 – 600Mbit connection. Raised RBZ limits through the roof

12 Traffic Management Internet bandwidth is shaped with Packeteer, provides servers a 25% bandwidth guarantee and labs a 25% guarantee Historically, RBZ limited 10GB/down & 3GB/up over 3 days & 10% bandwidth to P2P limit. Wacky hijinx ensued! With the move to 600Mbit, P2P cap was removed and RBZ limits have been raised so high they’ve never been hit Application restrictions: off-campus SMTP, Skype (formerly), some apps are Keyed

13 What Can They Do? Most things! No limits on number of devices or servers, with the exception of SMTP servers. Occasionally, other servers (the Hub, rooted FTP, RIP) have been shut down on a case by case basis Student owned wireless access points are officially prohibited, but ones that A) use WPA2 and B) don’t broadcast SSID are generally ignored

14 Paul Morrison Computing Services Coordinator University of Toronto

15 About U of T Largest University in Canada in Canada’s Largest City 57,200 Undergraduate Students 16,000 Graduate and Medical/Prof Students 20,236 Staff and Faculty 7500 Students in Residence Many Independently Managed Parts, Central Connectivity Provided

16 About U of T 1 Gb/s Provided to the Internet via an ISP 1 Gb/s Out to Research Network GTANET, ORION, CA*Net, I2 - (not accessible from residence networks) Shared between admin and residence network – either can use entire connection Largely wired 100mb connections in residence rooms

17 Shaping Strategy Limit Student Connections to the Speed of a Typical Cable-modem Connection 5mbit down/384kbit up 2.9 Gbps UP / 37.5 Gbps DOWN Theoretical Max!! Daily transfer limits of 8GB/16GB No protocol shaping of any kind

18 Shaper Failure

19 New Shaper Sandvine Same shaping policies as before, but more capacity and enhanced monitoring and data gathering ability Surprising traffic breakdown results High traffic levels may not be illegitimate content

20 Legal Differences No DMCA (for now) – Bill C-32 Blank Media Levy and Music Downloading Privacy laws and the absence of lawsuits

21 Sheila Crowe Montana State University ResNet

22 About Montana State University Fall 2009 enrollment: 12,764 students 10,840 Undergraduate students 1,924 Graduate students About 3,000 students live on campus in residence halls or apartment-style Family and Graduate Housing About 1,500 staff and faculty

23 Port per pillow in the residence halls Port per apartment in Family and Graduate Housing Almost ubiquitous wireless access in the residence halls Campus shares 2.4 Gb/s with ResNet 300 Mb/s commodity Internet Lion’s share is Internet2 Connectivity

24 Homegrown registration system that compares registrant with room/apt assignments Currently working out the details on our wireless registration… – Authenticate or not? – How do we restrict wireless access to residents only? – How we will we track offenders? Restrictions on Access

25 ResNet users are currently limited to 2.0 Mb/s per connection. Procera PL10K NO Skype! Torrents not blocked but shaped to a “trickle”. Traffic Management

26 They are pretty limited with a 1.5 Mb/s connection but we still get DMCA complaints (~about 20 per semester). They want to do so much more. Lost customers, especially international students What can they do?

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