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The Crucible By Arthur Miller.

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1 The Crucible By Arthur Miller

2 Comprehension Check 1. What is wrong with Betty Parris?
She is sick of unknown causes; lies in a coma-like state.

3 2. How does Tituba react to Betty’s condition?
She is very worried about her – almost panicked.

4 3. What news does Susanna bring from the doctor?
There is no “natural” cause for her condition.

5 4. What rumor is circulating about Betty?
That she has been touched by witchcraft; that she has been trying to fly.

6 5. How does Abigail initially defend the girls’ behavior in the woods?
They were only dancing; it was “sport.”

7 6. Why is Reverend Parris so worried about his reputation?
He knows he is not well-liked; there is a group that wants him fired.

8 7. What did Parris see in the woods?
A girl running and dancing naked.

9 8. What does Abigail claim is the reason she was discharged from the Proctor household?
She would not be Elizabeth Proctor’s slave; that Elizabeth is evil and “sniveling.”

10 9. In what condition is Ruth Putnam?
She is in the same condition as Betty; in a coma-like trance.

11 10. Briefly describe Thomas Putnam.
He is a self-centered man who is always getting into fights with others in the community; thinks there are witches at work; quick to place blame on others; thinks everyone is cheating him or out to get something from him.

12 11. Why did Mrs. Putnam enlist Tituba’s help?
She asked Tituba to find out why her children have always died at birth; she knew Tituba knew black magic.

13 12. Why did Abigail drink blood?
It was a “charm” to kill Elizabeth Proctor so that Abigail could be with John.

14 13. How does Abigail threaten the other girls?
She says she will kill them if they talk, just like her parents were killed.

15 14. Briefly describe John Proctor.
A hardworking farmer; had an affair with Abigail that he swears is over; he is strong, but wrought with guilt; he is a loner.

16 15. What happens when John and Abigail are left alone?
Abigail comes on to John – tried to seduce him.

17 16. What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty and Ruth’s sickness?
That they are fine and will get over it; there is no witchcraft at work.

18 17. Why is Reverend Parris dissatisfied with his job in Salem?
He doesn’t get paid enough; he feels he is being taken advantage of.

19 18. About what are Proctor and Putnam fighting?
Land ownership; Putnam believes part of Proctor’s land is rightfully his.

20 19. Describe Reverend Hale. For what reason has he been called to Salem?
He is an expert at detecting witchcraft. He has been called to Salem to find out what has been happening to the girls.

21 20. What is Giles Corey’s complaint about his wife?
That she reads “strange” books and he is unable to pray when she is reading.

22 21. Why does Tituba finally “confess”? What do you think of her actions? What do you think will happen as a result? She is threatened; they say they will whip and beat her until she confesses.

23 22. Why do you think the girls begin their accusations when they could have just let Tituba take the blame for everything? They can get attention.

24 23. What does the girls’ behavior tell you about the youth of Salem?
They are not used to the attention they are getting.

25 The Crucible Act I Characters

26 Reverend Parris The minister of Salem’s church.

27 John Proctor Local farmer who hates hypocrisy; carries a hidden sin.

28 Giles Corey An elderly but feisty farmer; famous for filing lawsuits.

29 Tituba Reverend Parris’ slave from Barbados.

30 Ruth Putnam Putnam’s lone surviving daughter out of eight; she is “sick” also.

31 Abigail Williams Parris’ niece, she has a capacity for dissembling.

32 Ann Putnam Sends her daughter to Tituba to find out who “murdered” her babies.

33 Betty Parris Reverend Parris’ daughter; her sickness fuels the first rumors of witchcraft.

34 Rebecca Nurse The voice of reason in Salem; she disapproves of the talk of witchcraft.

35 Thomas Putnam A wealthy, influential citizen of Salem; he holds a grudge because his brother-in-law was not appointed minister of Salem.

36 Reverend Hale A young minister reputed to be an expert on witchcraft.

37 Act I Quotations The Crucible

38 Abigail Williams “I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine, and I have seen some reddish work done at night, and I can make you wish you had never seen the sun go down!”

39 Ann Putnam “You think it God’s work you should never lose a child, nor grandchild either, and I bury all but one?”

40 Giles Corey “Last night-mark this- I tried and tried and could not say my prayers.”

41 Reverend Parris “But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must know it now, for surely my enemies will, and they will ruin me with it.”

42 Reverend Hale “Have no fear now – we shall find him out if he has come among us, and I mean to crush him utterly if he has shown his face!”

43 John Proctor “But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again.”

44 Tituba “He say Mr. Parris must be kill! Mr. Parris no goodly man, Mr. Parris mean man . . .”

45 Abigail Williams “A wild thing may say wild things. But not so wild, I think.”

46 John Proctor “I’ve heard you be a sensible man, Mr. Hale. I hope you’ll leave some of it in Salem.”

47 Rebecca Nurse “This will set us all to arguin’ again in the society, and we thought to have peace this year. I think we ought rely on the doctor now, and good prayer.”

48 Abigail Williams “I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near!”

49 Reverend Hale “We cannot look to superstition in this. The Devil is precise.”

50 John Proctor “I mean it solemnly, Rebecca; I like not the smell of this ‘authority’.”

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