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Brought to you by: Steph Covey and Ashley Zawacki.

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1 Brought to you by: Steph Covey and Ashley Zawacki

2 Order: Phthiraptera Suborder: Anoplura (sucking lice)  Pediculus humanus capitis  Common name: head lice  Pediculus humanus humanus  Common name: body lice  Obligate ectoparasites of humans  Direct Life Cycle

3 Both Head and Body Lice found worldwide

4  Definitive Host: both head and body lice infest humans  Head Lice most commonly infests:  Children ages 3-11  Females  Body Lice most commonly infests:  all races and ages, especially those with poor hygiene  Intermediate Host: none (direct lifecycle)

5  Nits (eggs)  Oval-shaped  0.8 mm by 0.3 mm  Nymphs  Look like the adult form about the size of a pin head  Adults  About size of sesame seed  Six legs (each with claws)  Wingless, dorsoventrally flattened  Eyes – reduced or none

6  Head Lice  Males mm  Females 1.8-2mm  Body Lice  Males 2-3 mm  Females 2-4 mm

7  Direct contact with person already infested  Contact with infested fomites:  Wearing clothing worn by infested person  Using infested combs, brushes, towels  Lying on a bed, couch, pillow, etc that was recently in contact with an infested person


9  Not life threatening unless the lice carries a disease-causing organism  Progression of Symptoms  Bite causes a red papule to develop at the site  Rash caused by reaction to bite  Pruritis (intense itching)  Itching can lead to open sore and secondary bacterial infection

10 Head Lice Bites Rash from lice infestation Abscess caused by lice infestation

11  Head Lice  Causes: plica polonica  Tangled, matted hair shafts  Hair becomes moist and sticky  Body Lice  Causes: Vagabond’s Disease  Dark and thickened skin  Results from chronic, heavy infestation

12  Three diseases transmitted by body lice:  Typhus  Fatal disease for louse  Passed in feces of louse and enter when skin scratched  Trench fever  Not pathogenic to louse so carry for life  Passed in feces of louse and enter when skin scratched  Relapsing fever  Only enter human when louse is crushed during scratching

13  Head lice  Live nymphs or adults on the scalp or in the hair  Numerous nits within 6 mm of scalp  Shine light on scalp, nits and lice appear as yellow- green fluorescent spots  Body lice  Nits or crawling lice on seams of clothing  Usually can be seen with the naked eye, but sometimes a magnifying glass is necessary

14 Body Lice Head louse

15  Apply Pediculicide to hair, then comb through hair with fine-toothed nit comb  Over the counter medications:  Pyrethrins and Permethrin lotion - only kills lice not nits  Prescription strength:  Malathion lotion  Lindane shampoo

16  Improving personal hygiene  regular change of clean clothes  Clothing, bedding, etc washed in hot water and dried on high setting  Sometimes use pediculicide

17  Head lice  Don’t share hair items  Avoid head-on-head contact  Body lice  Bathe regularly  Change into properly washed clothes at least once a week  DO NOT SHARE ITEMS WITH AN INFESTED PERSON!!!!!!!

18  e.htm    

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