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Joel Weintraub M.Ed, B.S. Physiology Health Education

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1 Joel Weintraub M.Ed, B.S. Physiology Health Education 610-825-2179 610-825-2179

2 Quality by Design

3 Reduce Stress & Increase Focus Positive and negative stress Positive and negative stress Work related stress Work related stress Type A and B personalities Type A and B personalities Reframing stressful situations Reframing stressful situations

4 Exercise Posture Behavior Modification Tips to Improve Compliance

5 Five Minute Workout

6 Supercharge your Calorie Burn Interval Training

7 Motivation Tips Use a pedometer Color your calendar Recreate Don’t call it exercise Synergism Link diverse activities together

8 Nutrition Foods that induce relaxation Reducing food cravings Improving Nutrition Compliance

9 Food and it’s Effect on Attitude

10 Nutrition Foods that induce relaxation Reducing food cravings Improving Nutrition Compliance

11 How to Eat as Much as you want and not Gain Weight

12 The Danger of Eating in Restaurants Hidden Calories Splitting the Check Boredom

13 The Relationship Between Food and Past Experiences

14 What Does the Shape of a Glass Have to Do with How Much You Will Drink? Why you Shouldn’t Pass Around more than one Tray of Turkey on Thanksgiving

15 What is so Comforting about Comfort Foods? Learn how to make healthy foods just as comforting as high fat and sugar treats

16 When you should go Cold Turkey People with true physical addictions People who have trouble moderating their behavior

17 Give yourself a forced choice Metamucil Oatmeal Beans

18 Slow Down your Eating Put your fork down while eating

19 Switch Salad for Dinner Plates Small Dinner Plate Large Salad

20 How to Control Eating at Night Shift calories to earlier in the day Set limits on the amounts of snacks in the house Close the kitchen at a set time every night

21 Sleep and it’s Effect on Overeating How does Cortisol effect appetite? How does Ghrelin effect appetite? How does Leptin effect appetite?

22 Psychological Persuasion Don’t think of it as living longer Think of it as living healthier

23 Five stress reduction techniques Breathing exercises Progressive muscle relaxation Autogenic Training Visual Imagery Mental Hypnosis

24 Science behind stress reduction techniques Passive observation Letting go of control

25 Depression to Happiness

26 Rational Thought

27 Anatomy of Emotion

28 Getting Along with Difficult People

29 Content Emotion Power Focus on the goal, Acknowledge Feelings but Ignore the emotional Interference

30 Three Levels of Communication Content Content Emotion Emotion Power Power

31 Resilience Do you view outside stressors as a threat or a challenge? View challenges from many angles Stress increases tunnel vision Passion and commitment

32 Resilience Continued Personal mastery Close inner circle Understand the patterns in life

33 Resilience Continued They are playful Ask why Experiment Find the humor Pick their battles Take Care of Themselves Exercise, nutrition and stress reduction

34 Sleep Body temperature Exercise Don’t associate your bed with too many activities Worry 25 hour sleep/wake cycle Go to bed the same time every nigh

35 Sleep Naps Don’t stay up late Diet Warm bath Three stages of sleep Tossing and Turning REM Deep Sleep

36 Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

37 Daylight = Adenosine builds up Sleep = Adenosine + Phosphorous = ATP Adenosine gets used up = You wake up Groggy for first ½ hour before you are fully functional Awake Body cells derive energy from burning ATP Adenosine builds up Sleepy around 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

38 Caffeine Blocks the Adenosine Receptor Adenosine can no longer cause sleepiness

39 Our Internal Clock Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Darkness Temperature drops Melatonin is released Light Increase in temperature Melatonin is suppressed Cortisol is released

40 Pineal Gland

41 Pineal Gland Secretes Melatonin Melatonin is released at night

42 Additional Sleep Tips Flat paint Lavender 45 watt bulb Dimmer switch Replace pillow one-two years

43 Determine Type of Pillow Stomach Sleepers Soft with little elevation Back Sleepers Medium with moderate elevation Side Sleepers Firmer with higher elevation

44 The Myth of Multi- tasking Multi-Failing

45 You can’t to two things at once Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London Workers distracted by phone calls and e-mail Workers distracted by phone calls and e-mail Fall in IQ twice that of marijuana smokers Fall in IQ twice that of marijuana smokers

46 Multi-Tasking Causes a Bottleneck Brain is confused at which direction to take –Stress hormones rise –Short term memory is affected –Information is processed in the Striatum as opposed to the hippocampus Striatum specializes in learning motor skills Reduced ability to learn new information Reduced ability to fully understand new information

47 Hippocampus Overseas the development of declarative memory –Learn a fact –Retrieve it –Apply it to a new situation

48 Striatum Information is more difficult to use out of context More difficult to learn the civil war backward and forward

49 Striatum & Hippocampus Striatum

50 How to Multitask Effectively Do not perform activities that use the same section of the brain –Reading and music Perform activities that use different sections of the brain –Folding clothes and TV Synergism –Exercise and music

51 Next Generation Natural Selection May yield to the multi-taskers

52 How to Approach your Department  So no one feels defensive  Group Meeting  Open Ended Questions on how to solve problems  So they feel receptive to change  Human beings are receptive to ideas they create  Sales and infomercials

53 Brainstorming Ideas to Reduce Patient Errors Most effective time No pressure situations Listen to your inner voice Hear the whisper of advice you may overlook

54 Creativity Brainstorming ideas – Determine what could go wrong – What needs to be done to prevent mistakes

55 Checklists  Minimize mistakes with proper order  Financial Industry ATM customers – who will forget their cash  1. Customers who receive cash first and then card  2. Customers who receive card first and then cash

56 Checklists  Doctor is not king Dental assistants follow guidelines  Reduces hierarchy of power

57 Link what Always gets done with What gets Forgotten  Continuously forgetting a procedure?  Link what you may forget with what is considered procedure

58 Dealing with Mistakes  Responsibility  Insight  Perspective

59 Mistakes  Mistakes are not failure … they are feedback  I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work  Thomas Edison

60 Parallel Thinking  Facts  Positive Thinking  Creative Thinking  Reversal  Juxtaposition  Negative Thinking  Emotional Thinking  Overview

61 Lateral Thinking Reversal  Jokes  Credit Card Companies and Creativity  Insurance Companies  Ketchup Bottles  Preventing Crime

62 Lateral Thinking & Creativity  Creativity while talking or e-mailing  Influenced by who you are talking to or e- mailing

63 What Does Comedy, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving have in Common?  Jokes  Credit Card Companies and Creativity  Insurance Companies and Creativity  Ketchup Bottles and Creativity  Preventing Crime with Creativity  Problem Solving at Work  Health Promotion Program  Reversal

64 Lateral Thinking Juxtaposition  Joke  Stop Highway from Drivers Going the Wrong Way  Making Money on Post Office Stamps

65 Nudging the Public Back to Health The Power of Simple Steps  Put Parks in the Middle of Town Centers  Why Disney puts Trash Cans 27 Feet Away  Problem Solving at Work

66 The Power of the Nudge  In Schools  Put carrot sticks at eye level instead of Dorito’s  Put carrot sticks in a fry box  Beware law of unintended consequences  Sign in a Mall in Coventry England  Taking the stairs protects your heart  Doubled the # of Stair Walkers

67 Synergism  Link with Community Partners  Fitness Center  Restaurant  Movie Theater  Police  Fitness Center

68 Don’t Let Creative Ideas Die  Stepping Stones  The Netherlands had a Trash Problem  First step  Cash comes out of a trash can  Second step  Substitute a joke for cash

69 Synergism  Link with Community Partners  Fitness Center  YMCA’s  Restaurant  Movie Theater  Police  Hospital  Health Centers

70 Mistakes are Opportunities for Creativity  Rogaine

71 Creative Ways to Change Behavior  Getting employees to pick up after themselves  Promoting enthusiasm  Weight loss and creative thinking  Creative ways to deal with your children

72 Relationships Increased healing power Increased healing power Decrease in interleukin 6 Decrease in interleukin 6 Improved wound healing Improved wound healing

73 Humor Improved immune system Improved immune system –Increased immunoglobulin A Memory enhancement Memory enhancement –Decreased Cortisol Turn frustration into humorous dramatizations Turn frustration into humorous dramatizations The power behind a smile The power behind a smile

74 Review Foods that Induce Relaxation Five Stress Reduction Techniques Put your Shoulders Back and Smile Resilience Healing Power of Relationships The Benefits of Laughter

75 Contact Information www.healthhumor.com610-825-2179

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