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Wolves By Lauren Court.

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1 Wolves By Lauren Court

2 Life cycle of a wolf.

3 DIAGRAM/ FOOD. What do wolves eat?Wolves eat Deer,Elk,Caribou,and Moose. Wolves are omnvores.If a Wolf can not find food,the Wolves eat birds,lizards,snakes,fruit, and mammals. The wolves eat the herbavore,the herbavore eats the grass,and the grass gets energy from the sun. If there are no grass, the herbavore would die because there is no food, and if the wolf has no food,then the wolf dies too.

4 Intresting facts Did you know that the some wolves have 2 or 4 layers of fur? It is because when they shed there fur, the fur grows back and if it did not have 2 or 4 layers, all of its fur will be gone and it will be a hairless wolf. Also it keeps the wolf warm all winter long. Did you that there different wolves in the world ? EXAM: Timber wolves, red wolf, and gray wolves . I just forgot one . Artic wolves. There is tons of different wolves in the world.

5 ! WHAT THE WOLF HAS! Did you know that wolves have fangs?
The canine teeth help the wolf rip out the meat out of there prey. The canine teeth help to Wolf take much bigger bites. The muscles help a wild dog catch and kill its prey. The muscles that are in the neck help the wolf wack its prey down.The wolf has a keen sense of smell. The nose can smell things like fire,prey,danger,predadors.

6 adaptations The adaptations of a wolf. ADAPTATION 1:The wolf changes the white in the winter time. The wolf changes the same color as the snow. The fur changes white because that way the prey does not see the wolf. It is called camofloge.ADAPTATION 2:The wolf has Large ears and a Long bushy tail.The tail helps the wolf sleep better.The tail is also like a pillow.the ears help the wolf hear its prey under grass and snow.

7 Animal My animal is a wolf. Wolves are black, white, brown ,or red . Wolves have long, curvy tails like a German Shepherd.

8 HABITAT The habitat of a wolf is called a den.A den A den is home.Some dens are rocks that are making a pit that they can go in and out all the time.Some dens are under ground.The dens are under because if there any trouble,he/she will go under ground that way the danger doesn’t hurt he/she.Dens are protective because if it snowing or raining,a wolf can be really nice and warm.Somtimes wolves use other animals den.Also the den be used again and again by the same wolf.If the home is unstable,it can kill a wolf.Example: lightnig,bolders, hurricanes,and other dangerous things. On the map,the red is were wolves live now.The orange is were wolves don’t live now.

9 the end

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