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Michael Lepine Agile2013 Recap. What is DevOps?

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1 Michael Lepine Agile2013 Recap


3 What is DevOps?

4 Why DevOps?

5 Benefits of DevOps Teams

6 Releasing Software Time spent deploying new software releases:

7 Improve Deployments Here are some common things that DevOps teams do to improve software releases: Increase efficiency – less waste Decrease time to commit software changes Automate tests Identify defects/issues quickly Automate the build process Simplify the deployment process Make deployments reproducible Automate as much as possible

8 Welcome Continuous Integration

9 Principles of Continuous Integration Maintain a code repository Automate the build Make the build self-testing Everyone commits to the baseline every day Every commit (to baseline) should be built Keep the build fast Test in a clone of the production environment Make it easy to get the latest deliverables Everyone can see the results of the latest build Facilitate automated deployments

10 How CI Improves Efficiency Simplify Merges Rapid Feedback Identify problems early Makes bugs easier to find Reduce bug accumulation Visibility (team and stakeholders) Builds Automated minimizes manual intervention plug-ins (i.e. for static code analysis, gathering metrics) Precursor to Continuous Delivery & Deployment

11 And…Continuous Delivery/Deployment

12 Keys to Continuous Delivery Process should be automated Reduces the number of features introduced per release, minimizing shock to users Will reduce the standard release cycle Changes approach to releasing software from an event to a non-event Helps to avoid off-hour, high risk, expensive deployments Know your rollback plan (do you rollback or roll forward only) Build in health checks

13 Potential Concerns to Implementing Continuous Delivery - Data

14 CI/CD Tools

15 What Is an Ideal Work Environment?



18 Ready to Solve Problems and Make Decisions?

19 Improve Productivity & Problem Solving Skills

20 Ostrich Pillow – Power Nap Anywhere Research at NASA demonstrated that power naps increased alertness by 54% and improved performance by 34%.

21 Agile 2013 Sessions: Lean DevOps with Karthik Gaekwad at Mentor Graphics Embedded Continuous Delivery with Steve Stolt & Steve Neely at Rally Software Agile Logistics Better Problem-Solving and Decision-Making with Linda Rising

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