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Through shade upon shade of aquamarine and sapphire,

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2 Through shade upon shade of aquamarine and sapphire,
Set below burnished gold, Hand upon helpful fin, and skin to silky skin, In joyful oneness with their graceful strength, I swam with gentle dolphins. What do you think this verse is about? The writer’s favorite colors, gold, aquamarine and sapphire. Swimming in the sea with dolphins. Feeling happy and strong. 2. Which words in the poem are talking about sunlight? Burnished gold Aquamarine and sapphire Silky skin 1-B- dolphins are mentioned only in the last line however in the 3rd line ‘fin’ gives a clue as to what the verse is about. 2-A

3 Trudging and staggering, coldly determined,
Through whirling white and glacial glitter, Across crystal chasms and frozen floes, Ploughing through shifting drifts of snow upon snow, I journeyed to the pole. What is ‘whirling white and glacial glitter’ describing? A huge, spinning ice berg Cave full of ice The snow and the icy landscape. 2. What is a ‘ crystal chasm’? A deep, icy crack in the ground. A huge crystal with a crack in it. A deep crack made out of crystal. Trudge- to walk or plod heavily or wearily 1-c 2-a

4 As I blasted off to the violet vastness of space
It came for me, creeping on stealthy feet, Drawing me back to my shadowed pillow. A stricken shadow of terror. Shaken by my heart’s tumultuous beat. What does ‘shadowed pillow’ tell us about what’s going on in the poem? The writer is in a comfortable spacecraft. The ‘shadowed pillow’ represents clouds which the writer is falling through It’s a hint that the poem is about a dream and the writer is still in the bed. 2. What does tumultuous mean? Loud and confused Lots of Piled up in a heap. tumultuous uproarious, riotous, or turbulent greatly agitated, confused, or disturbed making a loud or unruly disturbance 1-c The writer is hinting that he is still in the bed 2-a

5 A Sighing drone, a grumbling groan, A growling voice-trying to talk?
A rattling, rumbling drawn – out moan (Good morning ! It’s time for my walk!) What is a sighing drone? An unhappy robot A moaning sound A wistful bee 2. Why does the writer change the mood in the last line? Because they want to rhyme ‘walk’ with ‘talk’ Because they want to return to the happy mood in the first verse Because they want to give a hint that there’s a surprise waiting in the last verse 1-b 2-c

6 With a jump and a bump and a slithering slump,
I could feel his hot breath on my head! Not a ghoul with a curse, not a monster, or worse… Just my dog, jumping up on my bed! 1.What feature of poetry do the words ‘head’ and ‘bed’ at the ends of the 2nd and 4th lines use? Metaphor Chorus Rhyme 2. Whom is the poet talking about? Monster dream dog 1-c 2-c

7 Now, listen close, the future calls
Now, listen close, the future calls... Build your bridges and tear down walls! For time has taught and so it seems Realities are born of DREAMS! 1. What does ‘tear down walls’ mean? 2. What is the gist of the poem?

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