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SAQIF AHMED JAWAD (1030053 0 30) SANTUNU GHOSH (1030052 0 30) RIFAT AREFIN (1030253 0 30) FARHANA ASHRAFEE DILSHAD (1030082 0 30) Suzana Amberin (1030635.

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2 SAQIF AHMED JAWAD (1030053 0 30) SANTUNU GHOSH (1030052 0 30) RIFAT AREFIN (1030253 0 30) FARHANA ASHRAFEE DILSHAD (1030082 0 30) Suzana Amberin (1030635 0 30)

3 Business details Mission: To provide best quality travel pillow. Vision: We would make travel pillow for a well rested arrival at your destination. Services: We would make sure that our travel pillows are sized correctly for the customers and ensure comfort. Core Benefits: We have travel pillows of all shapes and size. Our pillows are compact as well as versatile. Our travel pillows are inflatable Our pillow is also convenient for orthopedic patients.

4 POSITIONING STRAEGY Positioning Strategy The “Most Comfortable Travel Pillow in Bangladesh”! Our company Bliss Pvt. Ltd. Produces the most comfortable travel pillow in Bangladesh. Bliss travel pillow will protect you from the pain and other travel neck syndrome and provide complete comfort for your neck. Designed with comfort as the goal.

5 Positioning Strategy There are some reasons why one should use travel pillow during traveling- ensure complete support for head and neck will soothe muscle tensions, offer relief from shoulder/neck tightness and pain prevent headaches prevent long term neck hazards So, Say good-bye to Travel Neck Syndrome and embrace the only travel pillow that delivers Complete Support.

6 Target market profile Geographic segmentations: City people Demographic segmentation: Age- 6-above Gender-Male, female and others. Income- 45000-above. Psychographic segmentation: Social Class- Upper middle class and upper uppers. Lifestyle- People who have to spend a lot of time in the vehicles or who have to travel a lot. Behavioral segmentation: Benefits- Convenience User Status- First time user User rates- Medium user.

7 DIFFERENTIATION STRAEGY PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION Product: The product is luxurious and also an innovation on the market. Personnel that interact with the customer: The customers can interact with us with the help of toll-free online calling and also the video calling if anything found defective. Image: The image of our product is very reputed and also through the worldwide market. Quality: The quality of the product will be on the demand of the customers and also on the demand

8 SERVICE DIFFERENTIATION Complain: We have the complain boxes for the customers so that they can submit written objection there. Feedback through Website: we have a website where the customers and registered member will post their feedbacks. The customers will be able to write their feedback easily and it will also save their time.

9 Product strategy PRODUCTS  Inflatable Neck Pillows  Contour Type Pillows  Buckwheat Hull travel Pillow  Doreamon Pillows

10 PRICING STRATEGY PRODUCT PRICING  Skimmed Pricing for B2C business  Penetration Pricing for B2B Business

11 PRICING STRATEGY PRODUCT PRICING CategoryUsersCost(TK.)Price (TK.) Classic PillowsAdults400-10001000-2500 DoremonChildren400-110001100-2600

12 Pricing strategy PackageQuantityDiscount Family pack2 classic+1 doraemon10% Couple pack2 classic pillows7% Kiddy pack3 Doraemon8% Volume Discounts

13 Distribution strategy  Degree of Directness of Channel  Criteria in Selection of Channel Members – Reputation, – Services provided, – Solvency, – Warehouse facility and – Past experience.

14 Distribution strategy  Distribution Channel Dealer Sales agent Retail stores Sales Team

15 Distribution strategy TRANSPORTATION We will transport our bliss travel pillow to our dealers and outlets via our own vehicles.

16 PROTOMOTION STRATEGY ADVERTISING Billboards Radio Stickers Newspaper advertisement Magazines


18 PROTOMOTION STRATEGY SALES PROMOTION Discounts on buying more than two pillows, bonus memory foam ear plugs a water-proof compact carrying bag for each pillow Offering caps, Exotic stickers for vehicles Toys for children

19 SWOT ANALYSIS s TRENGTHS w EAKNESSES T HREATS O PPORTUNITIES Monopoly market condition lower production and labor costs Availability of cotton industries User manual with product huge target market No competitors New product lack of regular travelers mobility Short run profit heath issue

20 CONCLUSION Ease of access Meet expectation Better market strategy Worldwide stability Youth Motivation Personnel by reportable segment December 31, 2010


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