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Pi Gamma Mu 2009-2010 Service Projects. Induction Ceremony Food Drive Food Drive for the Claymont Community Center.

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1 Pi Gamma Mu 2009-2010 Service Projects

2 Induction Ceremony Food Drive Food Drive for the Claymont Community Center

3 Service Hours This past year changed to requiring service hours – Change driven by many campus locations – Service hours allowed BETA Chapter members to select a cause of their choice – Each contributed 10 hours

4 Cheryl Yard Easter Seals Volley Ball Tournament

5 Lisa Marich Helping prepare and serve dinner at the Annual Friends Meeting chicken pot-pie supper I will be making a difference in my community by lending a helping hand by donating 2 cakes, rolling dough in the AM and then setting tables, greeting guests, serving, cleaning up and prepare to sit with the committee to plan for next year's event! This donation of time and energy means so much to so many in the community and beyond. Since it is held on the same day as the Historic Homes Tour we generally seat around 200 guests each seating (there are 4 seatings and take outs are continual all day). The next service project will be the Spring Fling to be held in early May at a school in the community in which I live. This annual event invites parents and children to enjoy an evening filled with food, fun, games, bouncies, a petting zoo and prizes. We hold this event to raise money for new items around our school. Last year we raised enough $ to purchase new risers for our chorus!

6 Ryan Brinker I wanted to update everyone on my service project. I figured I would use my experience in life and the field of psychology so far to aid those in need of support through simply talking with them. I've had the opportunity over the past few months to visit with support groups at the Delaware Psychiatric Center, Gaudenzia House, Meadow Wood Hospital, and the Salvation Army to speak with patients who need consoling in order to give back to society as well as gain experience for my future. Although there is no absolute start or finish to this type of service project, the rewards and help I feel that I'm carrying is invaluable. This has only been about 4 or 5 hours of volunteer time, and I'm sure to continue as each opportunity arises.

7 Mary Stewart This Christmas for my service project my entire family and extended family did not give one another any gifts. Instead we all put how ever much money we could afford into an envelope and anonymously placed the envelopes in a jar. In another jar we each wrote down which charity we would like to give the money to in our family name. At the end of the night we picked out a charity from the jar. We donated around three thousand dollars to the Red Cross. With the earth quake in Haiti, red cross was a great choice because we were confident that the money was going somewhere it was needed. It worked out well and at the end of the Christmas season none of us missed giving and receiving gifts because it was rewarding helping others in need.

8 Ethel Vieira On March 19, 2010 I had the pleasure of volunteering (4 hours) at the Guardian Angel Childcare Center in Wilmington, DE. This facility is run by the Ministry of Caring and provides quality childcare for low income and homeless families. My daughter who is in the 8 th grade was working on her service project for school and asked me if I would like to come and volunteer as well. We spent the day reading, and singing and caring for some extraordinary children. The experience was exhilarating for me as well as my daughter. We are planning to go back and volunteer again in the near future. My upcoming service project will benefit the Bayard House in Wilmington (a residential facility serving young pregnant women). I would love to personally volunteer in the facility(currently in the process of arranging this); however after getting some ideas from their website, I have decided to throw a “baby shower” at my home and invite family and friends to donate baby items that can be donated to the Bayard House….

9 Margaret Yaeger Here is an update on my service projects efforts. Due to my hectic schedule I have not been able to commit to a large, on-going project, but I have been able to help different groups at various times. In November and December I helped the Social Concerns Committee at my church (St. John the Apostle in Milford) with their annual food and gifts drive. We collected turkeys and non- perishable food items and prepared holiday food boxes for more than 50 families. We also collected and distributed clothing and toys to these families for Christmas. I also belong the St. Joseph Columbiettes (a religious women's service organization). As a group we have held various fundraisers and we were able to donate $100 each to six different non-profit groups in December. We also prepared and served a reception for our 10th grade confirmation class in January. In March I volunteered at Calvary Methodist Church in Milford. They serve a free lunch every Saturday and they have a free clothing closet which is open two Saturdays per month. I worked in the clothing closet for a couple of hours, helping to fold and bag clothes after people had made their selections. Many of them were so grateful and it was very rewarding to be able to provide clothing to people who were in great need. I will continue to look for other service opportunities. I will be finished my classes at the end of this month and I look forward to having more time available to volunteer.

10 Donna Roye Hello! On Friday, May 7, I am cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington with a group of my co- workers. To make it a special evening, we are doing a baseball-themed dinner and serving "stadium" foods.

11 Katelyn Baker For my service project I dedicated over 10 hours of volunteer time to my brother's wrestling team. A lot of the kids on the team do not have enough money to get wrestling gear or travel to various tournaments. The team has fundraisers and frequently run concession stands in order to help benefit the team and help the kids be able to participate in the sport. I know a lot of kids on the team and since a lot of the parents don't participate in raising money, I decided to try and help them out. I helped set up and run three concession stands that each lasted three hours. I also stood outside of a local grocery store with the wrestlers to ask for donations from customers walking out. I enjoyed volunteering because it was nice to help out others.

12 Johanna Bishop This year I have decided to donate my time to serve as my community's civic association president. I really don't have the time to do this, but, since you all are doing such a great job donating your time, and you are all such busy people as well, I was inspired to do the same! So far it's been a challenge-- we've had a record breaking winter and so managing snow removal from the neighborhood has been a big item on the agenda, and now the entrance sign to the neighborhood has been stolen and the remaining wall that holds the entrance sign has been vandalized! Of course, all of this comes on top of calls from neighbors about this, that, and the other...on the plus side, I am getting to know my neighbors better and find many of them really interesting people! Guess there are many ways of giving back to society and this is one of them! :)

13 Christina Arkainno In about 3 weeks, I'll be leaving for Waveland, Mississippi to volunteer a week at the Christian Life Center (reconstruction, while isn't so intense anymore, is still occurring due to Hurricane Katrina). The current project that the center is working on will include the community's Thrift Store. I'm not sure yet what my assignment will be, but they are doing some reconstructing. I may also volunteer time in the kitchen for cooking and cleanup or assist the prayer team and hit the community to offer support! I hope everyone is doing well :).

14 Cynthia Carbonetti Finishing up my last semester at Wilmington University and applying to grad school has kept my life insanely busy. However, after next week is over, I plan to start helping out at Nativity Prep. This is a school for young boys in the city of Wilmington. They are enrolled in catholic middle school and there tuition is free, it is offered to low income families in the city of Wilmington. The students that are enrolled here are faced with rigorous course work in order to prepare them for catholic high school. In the evenings there is an opportunity to volunteer and help the students with their homework. I have volunteered here in the past, and the students are always extremely thankful for any help and assistance in learning. I have gone in the past, and the teachers and priests are extremely thankful as well. It feels great knowing your helping an organization that is running off of donations to help these children achieve a higher education. I also work at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. There is a strong need at the hospital for blood donations. They just opened a clinic where you can walk in and donated blood at any time and the blood will be used to treat someone here at the hospital. Working here, we receive units of blood for patients all the time. Realizing that were are in a shortage and people in need may not receive the blood they need makes me feel like i need to do something. I typically pass out from getting my blood drawn, even just for labs. This is going to be a big personal victory for me to overcome as well as helping someone in the community!! Hopefully I don't pass out!!

15 Stephanie Sczcerba Hello... On Friday, 5/7, I spent five hours at the Ronald McDonald House (Wilmington, DE) prepping, cooking and serving a meal to the families staying at the "House." Several of my co-workers were "guest chefs" with me. We took advantage of the warm weather and had a cookout. One of my co-workers, BJ, brought her cd player and played Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album. She danced with some of the children and taught them to moondance. I have volunteered many times at the House. It gives you a fresh perspective on just how lucky you are.

16 Kimberly Edge Hello everyone! Well, I finally figured out a great idea for my service project that fit into my crazy schedule! I was spending so time surfing the internet to find a project that I could do from home when my mom told me about a project that she was thinking of doing. The organization is called ConKerr Cancer. The idea is to make pillow cases for children who are in the hospital for cancer treatment. The pillow cases in the hospital are plain white and it brightens up their room and helps to cheer them up a little by having a handmade pillow case in colors or patterns. I fell in love with the idea and my grandmother did too! Since both of us sew, we decided to work on it together. I was able to complete the project for Pi Gamma Mu, help sick children to maybe fell a little better, and spend time with my grandmother! We got a little carried away but it was worth it. We made a total of 15 pillow cases! I will attach some pictures of the process. I really enjoyed it and hope to do more in the future. If anyone is interested and knows how to sew they are on the web at It was a fun and flexible way to do something good for someone. You can even do it in your pajamas if you wanted!

17 Latasha Knock-Brinkley Tonight, I'll be volunteering (3 hours) at the Blue Rock's Frawley Stadium for the American Cancer Society's Annual Relay for Life. I've had the distinct pleasure of working with them for the past five years now of volunteering and raising money for more advance research and cancer awareness programs. This event runs all night into the next day!! It's truly an awesome fun filled event for everyone! The most touching part for me is walking and helping others who are still fighting the battle and seeing those at the illumination ceremony remembering loved ones who lost their battle. I will take pictures tonight and place them up as soon as possible. Latasha

18 Deirdre Rhoades Today my daughter and I will be walking at the Tails and Trails benefit for the SPCA. My daughter adopted an abused pitbull from the shelter a few years ago and she has been the most loving and gentle dog we have ever owned. We have supported the shelter by donating bones and blankets and this year we decided to sponsor two fundraisers. This summer we will organize Rita's Water Ice and Friendly's fundraisers with all proceeds supporting the SPCA.

19 Amy Panicelli Hi Everyone! I recently donated my time to The Moose Lodge in Vineland, NJ. I assisted in their weekly bingo night. The Moose Lodge is a wonderful organization that helps children, disabled individuals, and anyone in need. The reason I chose to do my service at the Moose Lodge is because they donate so much to my place of work (Easter Seals). Over the past year they have donated money, lockers, clothes, tv sets, picnic tables and they cater our annual Christmas party and summer picnic. I thought that donating my time to the Moose Lodge would be a great way to give back to the community since they do so much!

20 Patricia Spratley My volunteer time is split between 2 events. 1.I volunteered to be a DE Teen Idol Audition Judge. This statewide competition is coordinated by Frank Hawkins of AIDS DE. The teenage competitors compose rap, songs, dance, poetry about abstinence, stop the violence, teenage pregnacy, etc. DE youth have awesome and original talent. The winners from the 4 statewide auditions will compete in a final Teen Idol Competition on 8/6 follow by Duffy's Hope, Day of Fun for the Entire Family on 8/7 @ Frawley Stadium. 2. I volunteered to be an Assistant Teacher at a faith- based summer program for two weeks. The children I help with are ages 12-14 and it has been a real pleasure talking with and getting to know them. Considering I am from PA and inner city, I really feel that this program is giving back to my hometown, keeping kids off the streets in the evenings and educating them in a faith sense. Of course, they learn - but then there's food, fun, singing and we will close with a Fun Day (water ice, moon bounce, prizes and competitions).

21 Latasha Nock-Brinkley- 2 My second part of my service project that I just completed on Saturday August 14th was cooking breakfast for families at the Ronald McDonald House. It was definitely one of the service project where you truly had to count your blessings. Just to see the look on their faces to see that we did the smallest thing, but it was a big thing for them, truly made my day!! My third service project is scheduled for Saturday August 28th. My church and I are helping one of the neediest areas in the whole state of Delaware. When I first took on this project, I thought it would be somewhere in Wilmington or New Castle. However, it's a community just only down the street my from church. I've already interacted with these kids and believe me they truly need TLC. These kids have already been through so much. We just found out that the young men were being molested by older women. Truly keep us in your prayers to help this community!!

22 Summer Post For my service project I have been volunteering at Freedom Worship Center's nursery. I get to watch the children as their parents attend the service. Due to the fact that I am watching others children, I cannot post pictures. This is because it is a violation of their privacy and I do not have permission from their parents.

23 Helene Jones On May 22, 2010 and May 23, 2010 Rachel Thompson and I volunteered and participated in the First State 19th Century Baseball tournament. Rachel and I ran the information booth where individuals would come to find information on the day's schedule, what teams were included, scores on the games, history on Fort DuPont and much more. This tournament was in effect to drive awareness for Delaware's history. Delaware's history, as well as, the forts is not of great awareness. By hosting the tournament on Fort DuPont the Delaware Diamond State Baseball Club was hoping to raise awareness and make a name for the state of Delaware. Teams Participated from various surrounding states. All of the teams were vintage baseball clubs that played by 19th century baseball rules. It was a good turn out! Spectators from other states were interested in the fort's history, as well as, the Delaware Diamond State Baseball Club. It was a very interesting experience. It felt good to give back to our state and help to raise awareness for it's history and current standing.

24 Malgorzata Stachnik Hello name is Maggie and the service project I completed was at a local carnival that is organized by my church. I did the volunteer work with the help of my sister and we worked a game booth on Aug. 17 and 18 from 5 pm to 10 pm. We were pretty much in charge of the game, collecting money, and giving out prizes. It was a fun experience..

25 Donna Roye The organization I chose to do my community service at is near and dear to my heart. My grandmother (Ms. Ernestine Morris) was legally blind. She passed away in 1997, however, she was a strong member of the Philadelphia Corporation for the Blind. Since her passing I have dedicated my time to volunteer work and sponsorship through this organization. Once a month I spend 5 hours of service to the needs of this population. One of the many things my grandmother needed as person with a disability (like loss of sight) needed was someone to help her with maintaining her bills, going to the grocery store and general homecare activities like reading the newspaper to her. In her honor the organization created a group of training volunteers, like myself, to go to various homes of their clients a perform the above noted duties. For the month October I went to my regular two clients homes and assisted them with getting their monthly bills organized and out the door. One client has a cat that needed to be seen by the vet, I located and scheduled a vet visit for her so that she could have a piece of mind that her pet was being medically attended to. With my other client, I simply spent time with him by reading the newspaper to him (he likes current events) ordering his spoken worked books from the local library and contacting his family regarding his need for transportation to and from church. I maintain the same clients and may add one here or there as the need arises.

26 Stephanie Szczerba To finish my 2010 service project, I volunteered as a guest chef on 10/1 at the Ronald McDonald House. I organized and planned the meal, wrote the shopping list but had a "helper" (a co-worker) split the shopping duties with me. Our theme for this dinner was an Italian meal. 100's of Beanie Babies, huh? I am not mother was a huge Beanie Baby fanatic when they hit stores...for some time, she has wanted to sell them. Like her, everyone has Beanie Babies, and there is not a market for them. I suggested we donate them to an organization. I know participating as a guest chef at the Ronald McDonald House does make a difference. I hope the Beanie Babies bring some comfort and a smile, too.

27 One Person Can Make A Difference! 2010- 2011 Service projects: Food drive this evening 2011 Polar Bear Plunge 10 Service Hours to a project/ cause of choice

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